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»CL0:                           Symphony 2001 Party Report

                     Written by »CL5:Makak »CL6:of »CL5:Madwizards »CL6:& »CL5:Reason

»CL1:We  used  to say that the situation in
Poland was very good. »CL6:We had many good
parties and  our meetings were  filled
with a friendly  atmosphere and  had a
fantastic   climate.»CL1:    However,   the
situation is not as  bright as it used
to be and even  in  Poland, one of the
most  important  scene  countries, the
time   span   between    the   parties
increases     considerately.     After
Satellite  2000, which   was  held  in
November  2000, the  first opportunity
to  at end  a  real  scene  party  was

Symphony  2001,  that  was   held   on
Sep. 14-16th 2001  in  a small  Polish
town called Trzcianka.  (Hey guys, try
to spell it!)

As always, the  journey  was  long and
hard.  I   am   in    the  unfortunate
situation  that  I  live  in Northeast
Poland,  more  precisely in »CL7:Bialystok,
and although there  were some talented
sceners in  my  city in the past, e.g.»CL1:
Animal or Ranger, Bialystok  is now an
almost scene-free area. The only Amiga
sceners who  live  there  are Emers of
Appendix,  Codi of Appendix,  and I. I
guess I do not  have  to tell you what
this means! »CL8:Even though  Poland is not
a big country, I always have to travel
a lot to get to a party. This time was
no exception.»CL1:  I  was travelling on my
own,  so I  decided  to  take  another
train and meet Noxis of Mawi, Hakon of
Whelpz, Cahir of Whelpz, and Fenek  of
Arise in Olsztyn. The trip was  long -
it took 13 hours  by different trains.
We did not want to booze on the train,
so we arrived in Trzcianka without any
troubles. We were quite surprised when
we realized that there  were  about 30
other sceners on "our"  train, whom we
had not  yet  meet.  Anyway ,  in this
numerous team, we  reached  the  party
It was really hard to find  the  party
hall, but finally, after a 1-hour walk
around the town, we  entered the party
hall. The building  housed  one of the
biggest Discos  in the city, so it was
the perfect place for the scene party.
In  addition,  the  surroundings  were
wonderful -   forest,   lake,  camping
houses - everything an ordinary scener
needs. »CL7:The hall was nice and had a bar
with  very  low  prices  (only 3 PLN,
about 1.50 DM, for good beer!), a nice
room to  sleep  in (the bars kitchen),
and tables in  the  main  party  hall.»CL1:
Those who had  more money could  sleep
in the camping houses, which were very
nice  and  cheap.  The organizers  had
done a  very good job here, and in the
beginning,      everything      looked
The party started as usual, there were
not that  many  people  yet, since  we
were the first  to arrive, except  for
those  who   had   been   there  since
Thursday to help organize the meeting,
of course. Walking  through  the party
hall, I met my mates one by one. »CL6:I had
to  talk  with  everyone  for a while,
drink a  beer, or  just have a hug.»CL1: We
spent  most  of  the  time outside the
hall,  boozing,  near  the   entrance.
Somehow,  it  became a bit boring, but
soon someone  was  struck  with a good
idea. We  saw Silents  car outside the
hall and began abusing  a rather drunk
Azzaro: "Hey,  you  would  not jump on
top  of  that car,  would you?". After
all  Azzaro   said:  "Would  I  not?",
climbed on top  of the car and started
jumping  on  it. Then  he  intended to
from  the  roof  onto the bonnet,  but
being  rather  drunk, he  did not have
full control of  his  balancing skills
and hit the  windscreen instead of the
bonnet. He was  a bit confused, so  he
took a branch  from  the nearest tree,
and  put  it  BEHIND  the  wiper!  Not
surprisingly »CLB:Silent was rather unhappy
when  he  saw  the  damage  Azzaro had
caused his car.»CL1: Therefore , we  made a
quick  collection, and  donated  money
for  the  new windscreen to Silent. It
is now a  very  famous  story  in  the
Polish scene; notice that at Delirium,
the next party, a  wild demo  appeared
with Azzaro on a bonnet...

The rest of the day went with constant
boozing.   Many    people    appeared,
Jimi'che  had   to   leave   and   the
organizers were  showing various scene
productions on  bigscreen. After  some
hours, I  decided  to  go   to  sleep.
Usually I do not sleep  on parties, as
I find that  two  days are too short a
period to be missing even a little bit
of the action  by  sleeping. This time
the party lasted 3 days  so I  decided
to take a short nap.

»CL7:I was  awoken  by  a  horrible  noise,
caused by  the  organizers,  who  were
showing Taxi 2 on  the  bigscreen.»CL1:  It
could  have  been nice, if  it was not
for  the  fact  that  the  huge  thing
standing  next  to   my  sleeping  bag
turned out  to be a giant loudspeaker.
In silence, I  cursed  the  organizers
and  started  next  day of party. Many
new people like  Lothar, Juen, Embeat,
Piolek, and  Stazi,  appeared  and  as
usual, we had to talk for a while.

Then the first  crazy compos  started.
»CL8:Azzaro and Borys had prepared about 70
crazy competitions! About half of them
were  carried  out.»CL1: I  cannot remember
all the  competitions, so I am  basing
this on  Azzaros article for  the next
Excess. We tried to hit a monitor with
a rock,  we  arranged  a  modem-throw,
firefighters' compo (»CLB:when we found  an
old fire  extinguisher  we  decided to
test if it was operational»CL1:), a  hazard
compo, the unnecessary  thing  on  the
party,   where   the  organizers  were
chosen  as  winners ;).  Many  of  the
competitions  failed  due  to  various
reasons.  The   shopping  cart   compo
failed,   because    there    was   no
supermarket  to steal  the  carts. The
2000 peso compo, where  one should get
2000  Columbian  peso  from  anywhere,
failed due  to  lack  of that kind  of
money  in   both  banks  and  exchange
points.  »CL7:Because  the  party  was held
just after the attacks on WTC, we also
planned  to  make  an "Osama Bin Laden
compo".»CL1: The  intension  was  to create
two towers from  empty  beer  cans and
then destroy  them  by  throwing paper
planes into them.  Unfortunately, this
compo failed because there were no can
beers in the bar only plastic mugs....
Since many of these compos failed,  we
arranged  many  new  compos. There was
the "flatron  compo" (who  can make  a
monitor  as   flat   as   possible  by
kicking), the "GSM compo"  (destroying
a  public   phone   until   only   the
microphone is working) that was won by
Grogon/PSL, the "Injury compo" (won by
Qix/Nah-Kolor  after  falling into the
lake, cutting his hand with glass  and
hitting his teeth). Many may  say that
these  compos  are  stupid   and  have
nothing in  common  with the so-called
"scene". In  my   opinion,   they  are
always welcome at the parties, because
they make people feel relaxed and full
of scene motivation...

Soon it became dark, meaning  that  it
was time for the serious competitions.
»CL8:We were expecting many  nice releases,
as there  had  not been any parties in
Poland   since   Satellite   2000.»CL1:  Of
course ,  there had  been the Abstract
and Addict anniversary, but those were
small PC events, which only few  Amiga
sceners  had  visited. The  music  was
rather nice, in fact so nice that many
people started to dance on  the scene.
I was there as well and I had a lot of
fun. »CL6:It is sad, that  some  people got
mad at  us,  supposedly  because  they
were not having as much fun as we, and
started  to shout "get off the scene".»CL1:
Although that slogan  is great, it  is
sad that some people get  furious with
others just  because  they  are having
more fun. After  the  music compo, the
gfx  compo  was  held.  Most  of   the
pictures were nice, but  there was too
much  new-wave 24bit, huge  resolution
pictures,  and  too  less  good,   old
low- res  8bit  pictures. The pictures
that are shown get  worse and worse at
each  party.  Where  did   all   those
graphicians, like  Dzordan  or Ra, go?

Finally, the intro compo  started. The
Amiga compo  had  two productions,  an
intro by Decree, and  a short intro by
Appendix. Decrees production was nice,
and Appendix' was just an announcement
of Psychol pack, which Flapjack should
have on  the  scene, after a few years
of  silence. »CL8:We  were  very  surprised
that Mavey did not show anything, when
I asked him about  it a day earlier, I
did not  think  that he  was  serious,
when  he  told  me  he  did  not  have
anything.»CL1: That is too bad; we all hope
it is caused by the work he is putting
into a new, stunning  demo for PowerPC
and 3D gfx cards. Last, but not least,
it was time for the demo compo. First,
the PC  productions  were shown. I  do
not like  those  demos much.  Although
they look great with  3D-acceleration,
they have no individual character. The
same  3D  scenes,  music  ripped  from
commercial   songs   (Grogon   noticed
stolen   music  in   two   demos,  and
suspected  a  third  soundtrack  to be
ripped as well). Then  came  the  most
important compo, the Amiga demo compo.
There  were  four   entries   in  this
category. »CL7: "Dog Star  Descends"   from
Amnesty was the  first big  production
coded  by Crust.»CL1: I can still  remember
his crappy intro from  Satellite 2000,
and  was  perhaps  expecting something
similar,  but  this  was  a   »CL8:stunning
piece  of  work.»CL1: Even  though the demo
was   not   as   good   as  e.g.   the
productions of  Mavey or Kierownik, it
would  be  great  if  every new coders
debut  looked  like this! The demo was
filled with a  dark atmosphere,  it is
hard  to tell, and  you simply have to
watch it! The second demo was a rather
crazy  production  by  a  group called
WFMS. It was  made  as a joke, so best
if we do not talk about it. Now it was
time for the best two  entries in this
compo. »CL8:The  first  was  a demo made in
cooperation    between    Encore   and
Nah-Kolor.»CL1: Those  who has seen some of
Encores    productions,     was    not
surprised.  The  demo  looked  exactly
like all of Encores  other productions
meaning  both  good  and  bad  things,
still  too  dark  objects, and a  dark
atmosphere.  Then  something  appeared
which  shocked people. After the  warm
up  at  Assembly,  where "Cool Bazzar"
was  placed  as  no. 11,  Mawi  showed
something    stunning.   "Cruel  Karma
»CL1:Forms", a demo running on PowerPC  and
3D gfx cards,  Permedia2  and probably
most of the  Voodoo family,  beat  all
others without a  doubt and most of us
agreed that it  had also beaten the PC
demos,  thanks  to  its  great design.
»CL8:Kierownik showed some  completely  new
effects, MP3 music &  640x480 hi/true-
colour resolution. Every  scener  MUST
see this demo. »CL1:Although  I  was  not a
great  enthusiast  of "Mawis School of
Design", I have made an exception with
this  demo.  Azzaros  design  combined
with  24-bit  gfx  and  hi  resolution
looks really nice. It is enough to say
that   something   unusual   happened,
people  demanded  that  the  demo  was
shown  one  more  time  just after the
compo. This does not happen often. The
last   time   something   like    this
happened, to  my knowledge, was at the
Intel Outside party. Kierownik  showed
us that  he  is  now  one  of the best
coders in the scene;  only  Mavey  and
Diamond  can  compete   with   him  in

Time  passed  nice  and   slowly,  but
eventually we had  to leave  Trzcianka
and go  back home. »CL8:The party  was good
and there were not too many PC lamers.»CL1:
Although it  was  mainly  a  PC party,
only good & active  guys  from  the PC
scene  were  present  and   »CL8:not   some
12-year-old        "internet-swapper".»CL1:
Everyone, who attended  the meeting in
Trzcianka  should  be  satisfied,  and
those,  who  stayed  at  home   should
regret their decision. »CL6:I  have written
this party  report for "Eurochart"  to
encourage  all  the Western sceners to
visit a Polish party.»CL1: It is definitely
worth the  couple  of zloty, you  will
have  to  spend  on   travelling   and
entrance  fees.  I  hope to attend the
meeting in Trzcianka next year, and to
see all you Western sceners in Poland.

»CLB:  CYONCP - this time Satellite 2002!