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»CL0:                            Spoletium 4 Party Report

                          Written by »CL5:Rigel »CL6:of »CL5:Trinity

»CL1:Unlike the previous years,  the  party
was  held  in  a  big  room  that  was
'donated' by  the  local  church (that
was not  such  a  big  problem though,
we had fun anyway). »CL8:About 20-25 people
attended  this  year's  edition, which
was also  the   expected   number   of
visitors.»CL1:  There  was  also  an  Amiga
coder  from  Mankind,   (Krabob),  who
drove  all  the  way  from  France  to
Spoleto  just  to  bring  a  couple of
productions :) Although all the coding
entries that  were submitted were only

for Amiga, there were  people from the
Linux  scene (myself),  the  PC  scene
(3 guys), and  the rest were all Amiga
sceners/enthusiasts, Most  of the time
was  spent  socializing  and  enjoying
the  all-Amiga  demoshow  directed  by
Mod3m of Darkage (and  a  few others).
»CL7:There was a  hopefully reliable source
of alcoholic  beverages (beer), and no
kind of LAN»CL1: as  the only connection to
the Internet  was  someone's GSM phone
(and  that   connection  was  used  to
update  the  'live event'  section  of
»CL1:Spoletium's website).  Just before the
competitions started,  most of us went
to a  local pizzeria, pizza  and white
wine  simply  rock ;)),  where  we had
quite a good  time (and it  was rather
cheap, by  the way).   Another   small
detail, there were *lots* of  girls in
that pizzeria ;). Back  to  the  party
place, another  round  of  beers,  and
the compos started, (the party results
are at the  very  end  of  this  small
»PIC:4.iff»             »PIC:4.iff»             »PIC:4.iff»

The  4  channel  Mod music competition
was the first, with a few good entries
and  a ripped song. This compo had the
highest number of entries, by the way.
»CL8:Then the  graphics  compo,  where  the
overall quality  of the  entries was a
bit  higher  than  usual  for  such  a
party,»CL1: and the flash competition  with
just  one  entry,  guess  who  won ;).
The   wild   compo   followed  shortly
thereafter    with   a   diskmag   and
a music  disk, and  the 4k compo  took
place with just one entry as well. The
winning entry for  the intro compo was
quite  nice, the  other  one  was some
kind of  joke  intro.  »CL6:The  demo compo
featured an  intro from DCS&RNO (which
should have  been  shown with the wild
demo entries, imho)»CL1: and  a  joke  demo
that was  quite  funny (too bad it was
»CL1:not 100% in English). The compos ended
and it was time for.. Free Beer. Yeah,
one  of  Spoletium's  sponsors  was  a
local  pub  located  in Spoleto, which
kindly donated  all that beer, once we
all moved to the pub :).

»CL8:It was a  fun  party to attend, mostly
because  of the small number of people
involved  and   maybe    because   the
organizing   team    planned    almost
everything,»CL1: just  to  ensure  a smooth
scene experience.

I  look forward to  attend next year's
edition, how about you?

         --- »CL8:Party results »CL6:---

»CL7:Demo Compo:

»CL1:1. »CL6:Figa Prod.   "»CL1:Vita di Merda»CL6:"     »CL1:47
»CL1:2. »CL6:RNO-DCS      "»CL1:Lobotomy Inv.»CL6:"     »CL1:30

»CL7:64kb Compo:

»CL1:1. »CL6:Mankind      "»CL1:Volta10000»CL6:"        »CL1:53
»CL1:2. »CL6:ChipMunks    "»CL1:Alvin»CL6:"             »CL1:30

»CL7:4Kb Compo:

»CL1:1. »CL6:Morbid Visions "»CL1:Suxxime»CL6:"


»CL1:1. »CL6:DarkAge      "»CL1:Jurassic Pack 8»CL6:"   »CL1:41
»CL1:2. »CL6:Trinity      "»CL1:Chipmunks»CL6:"         »CL1:37

»CL1:1. »CL6:Z3k^Trinity

»CL7:Gfx Compo:

»CL1:1. »CL6:Lanch^Trinity                    »CL1:47
»CL1:2. »CL6:Z3k^Trinity                      »CL1:28
»CL1:3. »CL6:Unreal                           »CL1:14
»CL1:4. »CL6:Mustafa - Alan                   »CL1:10
»CL1:5. »CL6:Exocet                           »CL1: 5
»CL1:6. »CL6:Kfd^Trinity                      »CL1: 4
»CL1:7. »CL6:Da Freak                         »CL1: 2
»CL1:8. »CL6:SubBass                          »CL1: 1

»CL7:Mod Compo:

»CL1:1. »CL6:DjMohax                          »CL1:28
»CL1:2. »CL6:Moris^R+                         »CL1:24
»CL1:3. »CL6:Mice                             »CL1:17
»CL1:4. »CL6:Tripper                          »CL1:12
»CL1:4. »CL6:Castor                           »CL1:12
»CL1:6. »CL6:Lanch^Trinity                    »CL1: 9
»CL1:7. »CL6:Dj Dazoff                        »CL1: 4
»CL1:8. »CL6:Psycho                           »CL1: 3
»CL1:9. »CL6:djinn^MAYhEM                     »CL1: 1
»CL1:9. »CL6:ThonkBros                        »CL1: 1
»CL1:11.»CL6:Doc Mime                         »CL1: 0

»CL7:Scener del futuro:

»CL1:1. »CL6:Surfing^Rj^Flt^Dms               »CL1: 4
»CL1:2. »CL6:Gino^FDS                         »CL1: 2
»CL1:2. »CL6:Krabob^Mankind                   »CL1: 2
»CL1:2. »CL6:Metal Designer                   »CL1: 2
»CL1:2. »CL6:Moris^R+                         »CL1: 2
»CL1:3. »CL6:Froyd                            »CL1: 1
»CL1:3. »CL6:Lanch^Trinity                    »CL1: 1