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  • EPH-BRUS.X 3.80K
  • MS2001.NFO 314B
  • README 631B



This music disk requires interaction while showing it.
When it loads and precalcs the first time, it will start to play
after a while :)

press LEFT mouse button to change song. (it will precalc a bit before playing)
press RIGHT mouse button to exit.

there are 8 songs in total.
Play each song as long as its a bit interesting :) If the crowd
and you like it, play it longer, if not, play about a minute of it
before skipping..

If you play all the songs till the end, it will last for 20 minutes.
We dont want to bore the crowd please :)

dos4gw/abyss sucks. we rule!!!
contact us if you dissagree.