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  Perfect Circle: A TBL Amigademo for Mekka&Symposium 2001

  Fixed version released on 2001-07-05


This demo is designed for 68060 processors.  It is very slow -- hardly 
  even enjoyable -- on lesser CPUs.  If you don't have an 060, please
  consider watching the DivX encoded movie instead (available from and other places).

In order to get the demo to run at all, you should at least
  have the following configuration:

  68030, FPU, 15MB free fastram, 500kB free chipram



Big thanks must go to...

E-Moon for the LightWave exporter used in the forest-zoomer
Gemini/Blind for modifying the module to work with our XM player
Leia/Squirrelz for keeping our spirits high during the final development
  days at MS2k1
Robert Gurgel for lending Kalms an A4000/060 when making the fixed version


This is the first test of our new demosystem.  Unsurprisingly, it turned out
  to have a wealth of bugs...  Some have been nailed down, others remain.
  After running the demo, a clean boot would be wise. 

Omni faeces.