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                        ANYTIME CHANGE ANYTHING HEREIN!

 _______  :    | ___________/\ :____ ________ _______   :_________  _________
|       |||    |/    /    _/  \|    |   ._   \_  ___/___|  ._    ///         |
|         |    /    /.    |    \    |   |/    /  __/    /  |/  _/__          |
:         |____\_____|____|___\     |________/__ \     /___/      /          :
                              ¬\____|          ¬\_____/   ¬\_____/
          ________:________: __________:________ _______    /\ :____
:        /   .    |   _    ||  ._     /|   ._   \_  ___/____  \|    |        :
|       /    |_   |   _    |   |/   _/__   |/    /  __/    /   \    |        |
|_____\\\_____/   |___/    |___/       /________/__ \     /___\     |||______|
          ¬\______| ¬\_____|  ¬\______/  ·zS!^lP· ¬\_____/    ¬\____|
                   ..(( k i n d e r g a r d e n  2017-16 ))..

                     1 .................... Where and When
                     2 ...................... Entrance Fee
                     3 .......................... Features
                     4 .................. How to get there
                     5 ...................... Competitions
                     6 ............. Rules and Regulations
                     7 .................. Kindergarden FAQ
                     8 ........... Staff/How to Contact us

1. Where and When
   Kindergarden 2017-16 will be arranged at Haga Samfunnshus just outside of 
   Oslo, Norway. This is the same party location as Kindergarden 5.
   We were forced to choose another location than Hellerud this year since
   the owners has raised the rent to a zillion NOK and only allow 0.1
   happenings like KG to be held in the locations every year.
   The doors open at 18:00 on Friday the 9th of November.

   The doors close at 16:00 on Sunday the 11th of November.

2. Entrance fee 
   The entrance fee will be 150 NOK. Girls get free entrance and the fee for 
   foreigners will be 100 NOK.  That's roughly about 11$

3. Features
   The partyplace:

    · There is space for about 200 people in the hall. There are ofcourse
      enough tables and chairs.

    · The place has enough power for everyone. 

    · Showers for everyone! We will of course set separate shower hours for 
      males and females :-)

    · Sleeping is allowed everywhere in the building (except, ofcourse, the
      locations that are sealed/locked and off limits)

    · We will set up a information-channel running on a screen inside the
      hall w/important messages, what movies are running, incoming events etc.

    · No fucking stealing of equipment! We've not had problems with this before
      and we don't want it now.

    · Organizers that are not too shy to give messages/host compos etc. ;)

    · A 100Mbit network will be set up but don't think this is some kind of lamerparty.
      We will shut you down if your gaming/leeching gets too excessive. The network will
      also feature some fileservers that will carry scene-related releases (including the
      results and releases of this and previous KG's). We'll use the network for voting
      as well.  Please note that we DO NOT offer connection to the internet.  Unfortunatly
      the party locations are not connected.      

   Happenings, Entertainment and Leisure Activities:

    · Duck-hunter of Spaceballs will have an audiovisual consert based on his band, 
      Next Life, which is a well known band in the Norwegian hardcore music scene. 
      His kick-ass music is based on Digibooster modules as backup to his guitar. 
      In addition he will run a video show based on movie clips and Spaceballs demo 
      effects on the bigscreen to complete the experience.

    · We will be showing alot of demos/animations/scenestuff (when not running 
      compos of course).

    · In a separate room we'll be showing the latest movies on DVD.  

    · Various suprise events. 

    · We will set up a Kinderegg stand in the Cafeteria where you can place all
      your Kinderegg figures!

   Food and Beverages:

    · A 24 hours open Cafeteria with food (Even the first day) and beverages
      with low prices. The food will mainly be pizza but we'll also have fresh
      baguettes and waffles for sale.  And ofcourse Kindereggs!

    · A gas station is located not far from the party. In addition to stuff for cars
      they have of food (but it is very expensive!).  If you dare to travel 5km 
      you can buy your food in a real shop.

4. How to get there

   By car:

    ·Going by car is a bit complicated. To find your route go to  Search for Haga in Nes in Akershus county (Nes(AK)).
     The party place has no streetadress but it is located 150 meters from Haga
     trainstation.  The trainstation is visible on the map at

   By plane:

    · Take the plane to Oslo Airport Gardermoen in Norway.

    · Follow the instructions for train.

   By train:

    · Catch the train for Årnes at Oslo S and get off at Haga.  If your coming 
      from Oslo Airport Gardermoen you have to catch the train for Oslo S, but get
      off at Lillestrøm (before Oslo) and change to the Årnes train.  
      See for timetables and more detailed info.
      Haga trainstation is located 150 meters from the partyplace.   

   By taxi: 

    · You can actually use a taxi from the airport or from Oslo to KG but that's 
      extremly expensive.
   By bus:

    · A bus from Årnes can be used to arrive just at the doorstep of the partyplace.
      Bus 889 for Rånåsfoss.  Get off at Haga.  Check for

   If you have problems finding the way, be free to phone one of the
   organizers. Please notice, however, that we can not supply any means of
   transportation for you or your equipment.

   Links to maps of Norway can be found at

5. Competitions
   As usual we will host some compos like the usual demo,intro,gfx and so on.
   In addition we'll arrange some surprise and fast compos.  If you have any 
   questions or ideas about the compos please contact the compocrew and tell us 
   whats on you mind.

   We have quite a nice computer to run the releases on this year.


     · A4000(T)
     · 68k:68060 50mhz
     · PPC:604 200mhz
     · 2mb chip ram
     · 128mb fast ram
     · Rom3.1 
     · Repulse 16bit soundcard (Yes, this year we actually have a soundcard :-) )
     · CybervisionPPC graphicsboard with Permedia2 3d chip.


     · OS3.5
     · Newest versions of WarpOS, Warp3D, CGFX4 and AHI.

   Use of the PPC processor, graphics card, 3d chip and sound card in your productions
   is allowed if you wish to do so.

   General rules for all compos:

    · The compocrew reserve the right to disqualify entries that are too 
      unserious, boring, bad, or with racist, pornographic, disturbing or otherwise
      illegal content.

    · Entries must be delivered in one of the following ways: 

       · Amiga 880K floppies 
       · PC 720K floppies 
       · PC 1.44MB floppies 
       · CD
       · Uploaded via the network.

    · In addition the following information must be turned in to the compocrew, 
      on paper (if not delivered through the network):

       · Compo name 
       · Name of release
       · Your real name
       · Your handle
       · Group affiliation
       · E-mail address
       · Telephone number
       · Number of disks and what type. 

    · As always, we reserve the right to change any rule at any time.

    · All competitions have a socalled "no-go" limit. If there are too few 
      submissions, the competition will either be combined with another 
      competition or quite simply cancelled.

    · We do not accept submissions from people not attending the party. 
      You better be there/be representated when the compos are shown and during 
      the prize ceremonies. We won't send prizes by snailmail either.

    · If an entry requires user interaction then see the demo crew beforehand 
      for special accomodations.

    · Disks will not be returned. We plan to eat them afterwards :-)

    · Deadlines are not very flexible.

    · We do not accept contributions that have been previously released at another

    · Contributions can only participate in one compo.

   General rules for the Amiga compos. 

    · All entries need to come with a FILE_ID.DIZ (44*11) file describing the 

    · All entries need to come with a .readme file in standard aminet format.

    · All entries that need non-standard things like libraries need to supply 
      these. They must be freely distributable.  

    · All entries must be installable on harddisk.

    · All demos/intros must do a clean exit back to the OS on left mouse click.

    · All demos and intros must work on a 68030+FPU AGA Amiga with 16MB RAM. 
      PPC demos/intros are of course an exception but such entries have to work 
      on the compomachine.

    · Setpatch will be run.

    · Allowed compressors: LHA or LZX    


   Amiga Demo compo:

    · Maximum size: 8 megabytes.

    · Must work on MC68030 + FPU, AGA, 16MB fast (unless it's a PPC demo).
    · Must work on the compomachine

    · No-go-limit: 3 entries, or else we'll combine this with the intro competition.

   Amiga 64k Intro compo:
    · Maximum size: 65536 bytes.

    · Must work on MC68030 + FPU, AGA, 16MB fast (unless it's a PPC intro).
    · Must work on the compomachine

    · No-go-limit: 3 entries, or else we'll combine this with the demo competition.

   Amiga 4k Intro compo:
    · Maximum size: 4096 bytes.

    · Must work on MC68030 + FPU, AGA, 16MB fast (unless it's a PPC intro).
    · Must work on the compomachine

    · No-go-limit: 3 entries, or else we'll combine this with the 64k competition.

   Pixeled Graphics:

    · Maximum resolution: 800*600*24bit 
    · 3 "progress steps" must be delivered accompanying the picture.

    · 1 "signed" and one "unsigned" version must be delivered.
    · No type of generated/scanned graphics allowed in this compo. 

    · File format: IFF ILBM or PNG

    · No-go-limit: 3 entries, or else we'll combine this with the raytrace compo.

    · Entries will be shown using Cyberview for 30 seconds.

   Raytraced Graphics:

    · Maximum resolution: 1024*768*24bit

    · A wireframe-screenshot of your picture must be delivered accompanying the picture.

    · 1 "signed" and one "unsigned" version must be delivered.

    · No type of handdrawn/scanned graphics allowed in this compo. 

    · File format: IFF ILBM or PNG

    · No-go-limit: 3 entries, or else we'll combine this with the pixeled gfx.

    · Entries will be shown using Cyberview for 30 seconds.

   Ascii picture:

    · No ANSI allowed.

    · No entries created using "bitmap2ascii"-converters.

    · Must be viewable in CygnusED :-)

   4 channel module compo:

    · Max size: 880K packed. (In other words, must fit on an Amiga formated floppy)

    · Max channels: 4

    · 8 bit(or less) samples.

    · Allowed file formats: MOD

    · No-go-limit: 5 entries, or else we'll combine this with the High quality compo.

    · Entries will be played using Hippoplayer on Amiga.

    · Chiptunes are welcome in this compo :-)

   High quality music compo:

    · Max size: 7MB

    · Allowed file formats: MP3, XM, DBM

    · When using module format: Max. number of channels: 32
                                16 bit samples.
    · No-go-limit: 5 entries, or else we'll combine this with the 4ch module compo.

    · Entries will be played using the following:

      MP3: AmigaAmp (played through the 16bit soundcard in the Amiga compomachine)
	DBM: Digibooster (played through the 16bit soundcard in the Amiga compomachine)
	XM:  Modplug (on PC for the sake of correct replay :-) )

   Wild compo:

    · Almost everything can compete in the wild compo, but make sure your entry
      complies to the general party and compo rules (and most of all make it COOL!)

    · If your contribution uses any special hardware you must supply it your self.

    · Animators and C64 coders are encouraged to participate in this compo :-)

   PC Compos on KG! ... Why?!:

   Originally KG was an Amigaparty, but times have changed.  The Amiga-demoscene is 
   not so big anymore.  The strange thing is that this also goes for the norwegian PC-
   demoscene.  There is also very few parties (if any) left in Norway that can be 
   called a true sceneparty.  Because of this we don't want to shut any real sceners 
   out just because they use a less cool platform :-) KG did arrange PC-compos last
   year, but was then named "PC-looser-compo". This year we want to show the PC-scene
   a little more respect :-)  
   Before all you Amigasceners out there scream in fear let us tell you that we'll not
   do like certain other parties and combine Amiga and PC compos.  We never will.
   There will never be any PC-gamecompos either.  No Counterstrike or stuff like that.

   The compo PC:

   	· 1,3GHZ AMD Athlon Thunderbird
   	· 512MB DDR Ram
   	· nVidia GForce3 64MB DDR
   	· Soundblaster Live
   	· Windows 2000 with the latest DirectX and OpenGL drivers installed.

   General rules for the PC compos. 

    · All entries need to come with a FILE_ID.DIZ (44*11) file describing the 

    · All entries need to come with a .readme file.

    · All demos/intros must do a clean exit back to the OS when pressing the ESC-key.

    · All demos and intros must work on the compomachine.

    · Demo/intro must work in Windows 2000 and Windows 98 (with DirectX 8).  No DOS allowed.
    · Allowed compressors: ZIP

   PC Demo compo:

    · Maximum size: 8 megabytes.

    · System requirements: Must work on the compomachine.

    · Java demos can also participate

    · No-go-limit: 2 entries. If the number of contestants sinks below this limit
      you can choose to either join the wild compo or be shown on a 14" monitor in
      a dark and dusty corner :-) Your entry can also be shown in the Amiga democompo 
      if you think it can be run ok in a pc-emulator (below 286 speed and dos only!)
      on Amiga :-)  Oh... we forgot... there is another option... you can join the 
      PC 64k intro compo with your demo :-)

   PC 64k Intro compo:
    · Maximum size: 65536 bytes.

    · System requirements: Must work on the compomachine.

    · No-go-limit: 2 entries, or else we'll combine this with the PC demo competition.   

   Fast freestyle compo:

   This year we will try a compo that is so easy to compete in that everyone 
   could participate. 


    · A certain theme will be announced 3 hours before deadline. Your entry must be based 
      on this theme.

    · Your entry can be an animation with module, demo, video, a song, a play, a picture, 
      or what ever you will feel like making, as long as it's possible to show on the bigscreen
      or at the stage.  But of course the general comporules applies to this compo as well.

   There will be other fast/surprise compos to but they'll be announced during the party.

6. Rules and Regulations
   The rules are simple. We do not want to control your life. Just be nice.

    · We do not allow anyone selling food, disks and the likes without WRITTEN
      permission from the organizers.

    · Illegal drugs and alcohol are of course not allowed inside the party area.

    · TOO intoxicated persons will be thrown out or put in the showers. We will
      not throw you out for good, like some other lame parties do. (TP/TG sux!)

    · We have set an 18-years-of-age limit for attenders of KG. If you're under
      18 and a true Amiga lover we might consider letting you in tough :-)
      Contact the organizers if you're underaged and really wanna go to KG.

    · Puking inside the hall will be fined with 200 NOK. Please use a toilet if
      you suddenly have an urge.

    · Any damage to personal and public property must be paid for.

    · We can and will not take the responsibility for any kinds of theft or
      injuries. Not even injuries by our big guards. You have no witnesses.

    · Smoking is not allowed inside.

    · No bannerpainting/tagging/etc inside the partyarea. We WILL catch the
      ones who do this, and we WILL beat them up and throw them in the trash.
      (After taking all their money and calling their parents.)
      But you are welcome to put up a banner painted on textile (as they used to
      do back in the good old days) as long as you remove it when you leave.

    · Norwegian laws act as normal ofcourse.

    · Be polite and smile when the organizers try to fix your problems.

    · No drunken skateboarding/rollerblading inside the partyarea. Be careful.

    · Don't bitch the organizers all the time if you can fix something yourself
      without us noticing. (But stay away from the power!)

    · It's cool to be crew. They are gods.

7. The Kindergarden FAQ
   There will always be something that people wonder about, and will call us
   voice and nag about. This should answer most of your queries.

   Q: Can we reserve tables at Kindergarden for our group?
   A: No, sorry. But there should be no need. Just come in time and grab a lot
      of space.

   Q: Can I come with my IBM-Compatible machine and play Quake, etc. in network?
   A: No! Die!  Well actually we wont stop you from bringing a PC and we do
      hold PC compos, but NO GAME COMPOS! And as said earlier in this invite
      we will cut you off from the network if your gaming/leeching gets to excessive.
      Kindergarden is NOT a LAN-party.  The main focus is on the demoscene. 

   Q: Can I bring my microwave oven/fridge/etc?
   A: Sure, if you bring your own supply of power. :)

   Q: Is there any bustrips to Kindergarden from foreign countries?
   A: Check your local newsgroups or BBS'es. We will put information about this
      on our homepage if we recieve any.

   Q: Uhh, like. Do you check our bags?
   A: No, not really. We're too lazy.

   Q: Can I steal some equipment at the party? I really want that harddisk.
   A: Sure. Can we rip out all your nails, beat you to a blood pulp with a
      baseball bat and put needles in your testicles?

   Q: Can we stretch the deadlines?
   A: Can we stretch the competitions?
   Q: What's this rumour I hear about there being an 18-year limit?
   A: Limiting the party to those of eighteen years of age or older allows us to
      do several things:  It let's us avoid the rapidly increasing number of 
      "Quake-lamers" that go to "parties" in Norway.  It means everybody acts more
      responsible and fair.  And we don't see the limit as a problem since most
      of the people attending will be over 18 anyways.  If you really wanna come to 
      KG even if you're underaged then contact the organizers and ask for an invitation.
      This MUST be done in advance, not at the door.

8. The Kindergarden Staff/How to Contact Us

   The main organizers of the party is:

    Kristian Forselv      Pinocchio/Contraz               Home: +47-22523217
                                                          Mobile: +47-91114115
    Kjetil Sømme          Storeulv                        Mobile: +47-91389996




             Compo crew:

		 Web/Network crew:

             Other crew:

                 Contact us if you have unanswered questions.

         ._____________ .                   BE THERE!
        .|            /_:_
        :|              |
        ·|              |    (÷) *THE* PARTY FOR ALL YOU BIG BABIES (÷)
        :|              |
      ___| ______       :     _____       _____    _______     _________
   ._\\  \/     /_\\ ___·____\\_   \ ____\\_   \ _\\ __  /__ _\\___    .\
   |    _/    _/    \\ .\      /   .\      /   .\    \__/  .\    _/   __/
   |    \      \        \\____/     \\    /     \\          \\   \      \_
   |_____\______\________/   /_______/___________/___________/____\______/
    _______     ________    _________       _____    _______        _____
 ._\\ ____/__ _\\____   \ _\\___    .\ ____\\_   \ _\\ __  /__ ____\\_   \
 |    \___  .\    __/   .\    _/   __/       /   .\    \__/  .\      /   .\
 |       |   \\   \_     \\   \      \_     /     \\          \\____/     \\
 |____________/____|______/____\______/____________/___________/   /_______/
      tGø|              .
        .|              ¦
        :|              | (÷) KINDERGARDEN - WELCOME TO THE PLAYGROUND (÷)
         |__            |
         : /____________|