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 | }---------------------=Escaping The Barriers=---------------------{ |
 |                              by Topy44                              |

 Released on "Escape 2001 - Pentecost" in Buchs/AG (Switzerland)
 1st Place in the Music Compo with 42 Voting points

 This is my first tune on LSDJ, and with it my return to the scene after
 3 years of inactivity. It is 100% made on a Nintendo GameBoy Color using
 LSDJ, the one and only Tracker for the GB (Forget about Carrillon and
 NanoLoop, they're just toys...) Hope you enjoy this little chiptune,
 and sorry for the messy pattern data, i didnt have time to clean it up. :)

 Greets'n Thanks go to:
 Everyone from #emuweb and, especially:
 DasTier, Aya, Nanami (blubba :), SNESman
 The Escape Staff for making such a nice Party, especially:
 Crest, Vac, Heike (thanx for the food :), Unlock
 The PPL from The Havok Scene Radio
 All EmuExtrem Members
 And last but not least:
 GOTH/Rob, Warder (youre soundcard's working great!), The Wise Goat,
 Anders Akerheden, Wrzlbrnft (yeah, really! :), Johan Kotlanski,
 and all the thousand people i forgot..... :)

 Release Date: 3.6.2001
 Length: 1 Minute 29 Seconds
 Filesize (.sav version): 32KB (32'768 Bytes) [Both Versions]
 Filesize (MP3 version): 1.70MB (1'788'863 Bytes) [Party Version]
                         2.04MB (2'147'904 BYtes) [Final Version]
 Please use LSDJ Version 1.2.6 to listen to this song.