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»CL0:                         Delirium 2001 Party Report

                  Written by »CL5:Makak of »CL5:Madwizards »CL6:& »CL5:Reason

»CL1:Only four  weeks  after  the  Symphony
party, we all had the  opportunity  of
going to another copy party in Poland.
Recently it has been somewhat  unusual
to  have  two  parties in such a short
period. I knew  that this did not mean
parties  would  now  be  common,  so I
could  not  miss  the last opportunity
this year to  meet all my Polish scene
mates. A few minutes after midnight on
Oct. 13th, I  got  on  the  train  and
started the  long journey to Olkusz, a
small   Polish   town   near   Krakow.

Travelling was great although I had to
travel  on  my  own before Warsaw, but
there »CL7:I meet some people from Koszalin
and  everyone  knows that with Azzaro,
Borys,  Kierownik, Adamsoft, Ubik, and
others, you cannot get bored»CL1:. My mates
were already tired from their journey.
Of course, travelling by train did not
tire them too much, but they seemed to
be a bit too  heavy boozed... Our trip
passed  very  fast,  while   we   were
talking     and     drinking     tasty
"Stolychnaya" vodka. It  seemed like I
just got on the train, when we reached
»PIC:4.iff»             »PIC:4.iff»             »PIC:4.iff»

One of the organizers  had promised to
wait for us at  the station to show us
the   way  to  the  party  place,  but
unfortunately, we  did  not see anyone
there.  Luckily,  we  saw  some  small
arrow  signs with the "Delirium Party"
logo. »CL6:It was not difficult to find the
party place, as the  party was held in
a  medieval  tower»CL1: (now  we  also have
"our" Spotleum...) so  the  only thing
we needed to ask people in the streets
was "how to find  the  tower". After a
short  walk, we   spotted   the  party

We were some  of  the  first people to
arrive, so  we  had the opportunity to
see the  party  place before hordes of
sceners entered it. The tower  had two
levels; the  lower  level was situated
as a  small  pub, which  was our party
place, and  the  upper  level  was the
main  party  hall. Well, "party  hall"
may not be the best word, since it was
only a  little  bigger than the living
room in my apartment. The small amount
of   space   was  not  a  problem.  It
provided   us  with  a  great  chamber
atmosphere, where everyone  knew  each
other  and  we  really  felt the scene

»CL8:The  entrance  fee  was  only  5 zloty
(2.5 DM!), and we did not even have to
pay!»CL1: It was not obligatory,  but those
who paid  the  organizers got an ID, a
voting  sheet  and  a free beer in the
pub. The atmosphere was so great  that
almost everyone  decided  to  pay  the
entrance fee.

As always, the first half of the party
was filled with  nice chats with other
sceners.   This  time,   we   had  not
"missed" each  other so much,  because
the last party  was  only  four  weeks
earlier. Fortunately, there was a shop
nearby who had cheap alcoholic drinks,
so  we  could  drink  our  traditional
Polish "po jednym". »CL6:The only bad thing
about the party place was  that it was
a pub  and  therefore private  alcohol
was not  allowed  after 4pm»CL1:,  when the
pub owners appeared,  but  earlier  we
could do whatever we wanted. They were
very  strict  about  it  and   it  was
impossible  to  drink anything of your
own at the  party place. Luckily, they
did not  confiscate  our  drinks,  but
only wanted us  to  take  it  outside.
Personally, I was very impressed  with
their skills, especially after a woman
spotted me giving Juen  a  can of beer
that  was  still  in  my  pocket......

In the evening, the first competitions
started. I  do  not remember the music
compo, since I had  fallen asleep when
taking  advantage  of  a  free  bench,
where I could lay my tired body and my
oh-so-heavy  head.  Suddenly,   I  was
awoken    by     "»CL8:Misio   komputerowy»CL1:"
("»CL8:Computer bear»CL1:"),  one  of  the  most
famous   scene    songs   these  days,
»CL8:performed  by a  Polish disco band»CL1:. It
became  a  scene  song,   when  Tabaka
Lovers were showing a crazy demo about
Hakon/Whelpz  and   used   it   for  a
soundtrack.  After  that,   Borys  and
Grogon performed the best  song in the
crazy music  compo live. That  finally
made me  rest, and I  could go and get
my free beer in the bar.

After the  music  compo, the gfx compo
was held. Well, I have no words to say
about  it.  There  were  few  pictures
(4 or 5 if I remember correctly).  All
of  them,  except  for  Mantras   were
really shitty. »CL6:I wonder  what is going
on with our graphicians, where did the
pictures  from  Slayer,  Dûordan,  and
other pixel masters go, eh»CL1:?

Finally,  the  demo  and  intro  compo
came.  Both   compos   had   only  ONE
production each. Well, I  do not  want
to spread bad news,  but I  am  afraid
that  this  bad  tendency  is  here to
stay. The  first  production was Juens
intro (I  do  not remember, if  it was
made under the Nah-Kolor- or  just the
Juen/nah label). It had been assembled
live on  bigscreen and then run.  Juen
had made something  in old style, with
a damn long scroll, which  I have  not
yet managed to read until the end. »CL7:The
only production in  the demo compo was
Mawi's  demo  by Kierownik»CL1:. He is  now
for sure the  brightest  star  of  the
Polish scene. The  demo was great, but
not as  good as "Cruel  Karma  Forms".
Perhaps it is  due to the short period
between  Symphony  and  Delirium.  The
final words in the demo, "this is only
a preview",  appears  to   confirm  my
suspicion.  It   is   too    bad  that
Kierownik is now  the only  one who is
able  to  make  demos  on  such a high
level; the lack of  competition is not
healthy. Nevertheless, one  should not
forget about Mavey & Diamond, did  you
know that those talented Potion coders
have made a demo  for Game Boy? I hope
it does not  mean that they  will drop
PowerPC for Game Boy!

»CL8:The PC demo compo was cancelled due to
the lack  of productions»CL1:. According to
Crust  there  was  one,  but   it  was
disqualified,  because   it   used   a
3D-accelerator,   which   was  clearly
forbidden  in  the  invitation. I must
say  that  I  am  wondering  if the PC
sceners  are  even  capable  of  doing
anything    without     using    their
»PIC:4.iff»             »PIC:4.iff»             »PIC:4.iff»

After  the  demo  compo  and  a  short
break, the crazy compo  started.  This
time  we  had two nice animations done
by  Borys  and Def. It is a shame that
they  are   hard   to  understand  for
sceners outside Poland. Anyway, we had
a  great  time during this; especially
the  animation  made  from photos from
SLC with  the  famous Polish rock song
"fabryka  malp"  ("monkey's  factory")
impressed us. Believe  it, when I tell
you  that  the   lyrics   matched  the
pictures extremely well, and if  Borys
is  telling  the  truth,  the pictures
were   randomly    chosen    from  his

»CL6:The  organizers  tried  to   make some
crazy compos  when all the compos were
finished»CL1:,  but at  that  time  it  was
definitely  too  late to have a lot of
fun. The only  competition  I remember
is  "»CL7:the  fastest  typer  compo»CL1:",  the
fastest typer on keyboard. The  second
one  should have been the "Hello World
compo" (who  will  be  the  fastest to
write  the  well-known  "hello world!"
program in C). I wanted to  enter that
competition, but I cannot  remember if
it  even   started  and   when  I  saw
»CL7:Kierownik»CL1:  waiting  for  the  compo, I
already knew that  I would not win. ;)

Suddenly,  the   organizers   told  us
"sorry,  but  you  have to leave", and
the party was over. It was sad that it
happened so sudden! Otherwise, I would
have been able  to do many things that
I had planned.  We  had  to  leave the
party place at 5 am and go wherever we
wanted. I  did  not like  it;  sceners
should not  be driven out from a party
place that way...

»CLA:After all, I  think  Delirium 2001 was
great»CL1:. The organizers did  a  good job
organizing it  and  I am grateful that
they gave me the  opportunity  to meet
my scene friends.  Although there were
some small stumbles, I  want  to thank


them for the  party! I  hope  we  will
have the  chance to visit Olkusz again
next  year  at Delirium  2002.  I also
hope that some Czech people will visit
the town, since it  is rather close to
the Czech border. CYONCP!