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  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/ dir
  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/final_001.mp3 1.81M
  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/fmod.dll 113.50K
  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/gerbera.dat 5.16M
  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/ijl11.dll 69.50K
  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/PajaPlayer.exe 752.00K
  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/plugins/ dir
  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/plugins/opengldriver.dll 38.50K
  • gerbera_by_moppi_productions/readme.txt 384B


gerbera by moppi productions
    released @ ASM'2001

Requires opengl support.
For radeon people:
	use latest release drivers, clean boot, and die....

final version will follow...

Uses: Intel jpeg library,
      FMOD music system, and
      Moppi Demopaja

                               Moppi Productions