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                                A D D i C T


                a party by ADDiCT in march 2k+1, Warsaw, Poland


Please read the following points and fill those which are neccessary for
your production. If your production needs some additional informations
that can be useful for us to run your production properly, please also
fill the last point. One form is only for one production.
Do not forget to deliver your production in compressed ZIP - file.
Only ZIP, don't forget about this.
1. Name of entry: into the light

2. Competitor(s): forsaken i unaware

3. Groups(s): raczej nie...

4. Competition (select one)
[ ] Demo
[ ] Intro 64KB
[ ] Intro 4KB
[ ] VHS
[ ] MP3 music
[ ] Multichannel music
[x] Chip music
[ ] Bethoveen compo  <---po chuj to tutaj..?!          ..... aha...
[ ] 8bpp oldscool gfx
[ ] 24bpp gfx
[ ] raytracing
[ ] ANSI
[ ] Web Desing

5. Preffered system (for code-competitons: windows/dos):

6. Need a 3d card (for code-competitons: yes/no): tak, 3d efekto.. ;)

7. Some email/phone for contact: o tutuaj: /

8. Some additional remarks you think that are important:

tak... wienc... ft... raczej... bysmy... khem...

pozdrawiamy selekcje.... bigbrothera... i adama malysza.... hyba..

nie??? a... sorry... bigbradera i malysza nie pozdrawiamy.....