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Screenshot (by pouë



    --   I can do it   --
           by Sylex

Arrived 2nd at the VIP2 !

Done in 100% QuickBasic at the party place.

Instructions :

Final version:
 The best solution is to have your default mp3 player launched (without playing
any music) before you launch "demo.bat". Otherwise, Windows will mess up with
the DOS box and winamp...

Party version:
 Same as the final version, but demo.bat launches the qbasic editor. You have
then to press  Shift+F5  to run the program. 

I hope you will have fun while watching it, it was really fun for me too to
make it in 100% qbasic.

I made two versions : one with the fearfactory mp3 and a light version.

Sources are included.

I would like to thank a lot Flod and U2 for their moral support during the
making of this little demo :)

Greetings fly to :
AlexKid, Arrakis, Arthur, Bebe, Boub, Chandra, Chewbacca, Chojin, Cicile, Cyg,
Danube, Dlyr, Elendil, Ephy, Flod, Floyd, FoxMurder, Froggy, Gandalf, GHell,
Hulud, Impulse, Isobel, Jylam, Krik, LightShow, Lluvia, LordK, Made, Mandor, 
Phar, RedRibbon, Rez, Sacrilege, Silex, Skal, Tigrou, Tuo, U2, Webep, Willbe,
Wiss, Yes.

See ya at the LTP4 !