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The story is true....

The idea of making something for the next takeover party was born a few
weeks after we visited takeover99. The only problem was that we didn't know
what to enter at that time. Mighty was still very disappointed that he
could not finish his 4kb intro, and more about the fact that he didn't see
his graphics, nor hear any of the sounds he made.

Few more weeks past, and the preformer came with the idea to make a video. Since
he ordered his superb camera in Japan. The brainstorming began, and some idea's
were made. I must say that the plans we made then, were never used in this
project. The only thing left is the idea of doing some humoristic game.
Suddenly the idea of Need For Speed Real Life was born. But how are we
going to make it?? We didn't have any experience in video editing or whatever.
So at the HCC dagen in the netherlands [3 day event of cheap hard/software selling]
the preformer got himself a book called how to use Premiere.
We made the script for the movie, and starting figuring out how we could do
some of those ideas we had in premiere. Most things we wanted to do were
explained in chaper 15 or sumthing, so figure out how it was for us.
So the starting of making little demo's and try-outs began. And luckily
for us the all worked out fine.
Since we had to stuck much time into getting to know premiere and stuff, the
mighty one thought that he could not make the music for the movie, so we grabbed
DJ Da Bro from his wheels of steel, and let him join the project. He's one
cewl upcomming dude, who will soon hit the charts.
The mighty one had explained the basics of tracking to him sum time ago, and
since that period he had made tons of demo's. But not much was finished ;))
This project also was a great experience for da bro, and he learned how to
track some nice songs.
But the inspiration also felt down at da bro's feet, so the mighty one had
to make some music to.. this time again in fasttracker.
Simple Animations were made to be mixed together with the shootings, but we
could not find out how to blend the pictures. So the mighty one contacted
Screes from RBI [Video] and thank got he answered and explained it to us
in a quickly made reply. Still thanks for this mate! We can't wait for there
next project by the way ;))

23 Oktober 1999 we went to the Digitale Video Manifestatie, and we really
didn't know where to look with all those nice goodies. There we some superb.
software products but since they were apple based, and we are intel users those
nice apps. weren't really for us. Nevertheless they were great.

For the musical score we used Fasttracker, still simply one of the best, but it
has it's limitations. But The Mighty One has been using it since the beginning of
dawn, he's kinda stickin' with it. We also used MadTracker, the upcomming
windows tracker. This one was mainly used by DJ Da Bro due to some soundcard
conflicts. But he still enjoyed working with it, and since then he hasn't used
another tracked. The only bas thing is the fact that we don't have a serial
number for this great piece of work, so we had to work around the fact that
we could not export directly into wav files. Perhaps the author could be so
nice to give us one for free??

Now it is finished and we really enjoyed making it. I think that we spend
about 4 or 5 months on these few minutes, but hey we were just beginners.
Most time goes into rendering the whole piece together. I wished that the
plugins were a bit faster. But we managed to put it all together, otherwise
you could not have watched it all.
Now we are busy to learn the fundamentals of 3D studio, so beware of our
next entries. Lekkertjooo's United will return, when you least expect it.

Sorry for blurred ending part, but we really went out of sleeping time.
Perhaps someday a final version, but please do not count on it ;))

Lekkertjooo's United - We just love girls!