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hi guys
i typed the se2k results from the bigscreen:
fast music
1. headache by reflex
2. pikken fuld af vælling by orange
3. pocket revolution by nudge & thermo
1. algorythm by reflex
2. shadows by orange
3. isatic by d-star
graphics (2d & 3d combined)
1. the gatekeeper by ruben borup
2. ride by seth
3. da bike by reflex
1. together by fairlight
2. jävla kuk fitta by aardbei
1. zound by syl & dize
2. uno by tbc
3. gust by junk
1. megademo 2000 by purple & blasphemy
2. 45 revolutions per second by alien prophets
3. osiris by mainloop
i might have made some spelling mistakes, but this should basically be it.
- rune [echo]