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jävla kuk fitta
fucking jävla kuk aardbei

for SE2K

wrath designs.superstars.tbl.popsyteam.ram jam.confine.array.
+ all the ones we forgot...

respects to
melon dezign.virtual dreams.spaceballs.darkage.mad elks.future crew.

[partytrip report]
we are on a boat right now. very nice. this will be a long infofile
since we are going to spend 3.5 hours on this damn! thing. i would
like to say FAAAAAAAN it should be going faster.
also there are tons of old retards on this boat, which doesn't really
make it any better. maybe if someone would get sick and vomit, that
would be nice (man). now passing the laptop back to oxy.
ok. hunger. you know the feeling. why dont they have show the prices
in the cafeterias. because it's so expensive that i could get three
meals in Sweden for the cost of ONE meal here. blahblah. blahblah.
hunger. now passing this shitty laptop to oiiiiysche.
hello ppl!
im also really hungry and i want to eat one of those hamburgers where 
the grease is just dropping on the pommes frites! NAH! A BIG DAMN!
LOBSTER would be nice........ ;()
JESUS ;(). we should all kick oyise for using that nasty snus (YIKES). the whole car started smelling :((. anyway, we should stay on this ferry for like.. uhh.. 3 hours in total, so we've got 2 hours left, and i am SO DAMN! HUNGRY!! JESUS ;(). i think i will start to feel bad as soon as we go off board at fredrikshavn. i will miss all the swedish ladies, man. although, oyise thought they we're quite average, but in holland we could sell those girls for TONNEN D'cash. not so nice to say, man. anyway, 'nuff off this shit. back to oxy (i think). oh, btw, could someone please stop trying to push this ship over??? i´m starting to get sea sick soon. DAMN!¤#
actually i'm getting a bit hungry as well now. yes. ouch. that was a 
not so nice girl, man. let me tell you a bit about our sweden trip.
finished :)
nah. eh. we first went to germany. and then to danmark. and then to
sweden. now, when we entered sweden i couldn't help seeing this really
nice belgian girl in some car. they were driving like crazy, you're
allowed to go 110 on the swedish highways, and they were going 160
(probably because gday started chasing them, since he didn't see them)
so the 1st hour we travelled a lot of swedish miles, but then we found
out we missed our exit because we were paying attention to other things. fortunately we found out pretty soon, after 40 kilometers already :) but it didn't cost us too much time cuz we altered the route. so at 10pm we arrived in örebro. ofcourse, oyise was too retarded too give us a route description we could actually USE, so we ended up somewhere downtown örebro, not even close to his appartment. so we had to call oyise, and ask him how to drive to his place. ofcourse, this also didn't work, since he even speaks worse english than a 50 year old native chinese prostitute. anyway, he and his girlfriend came to pick us up (or pick us DOWN as oyise would say), and lead the way to his appartment. that actually DID work, so finally we arrived at his place at about 10.30pm. at last. then the boozing could start :) of course we were pretty tired, since we had been driving from 10am or something like that.
next day oyise's girlfriend (emma) showed us around in örebro. of course we were lucky and it was raining all day and we had only one umbrella (that was not so nice, man). so the first thing we did was buy another umbrella, and then we went off to the shopping mal (köpcenter) and when we arrived there our mouths fell open. JESUS!! never had i seen so much NICE NICE NICE girls in one place. JESUS. JESUS! JEEEESUS!
let's take a small break here.
we just found out the price of a hamburger on this ferry. only 99 SEK. JESUS! again.
getting tired of sitting like this.. so i'll pass it to oxy or franklin, who are sitting normal.
(gday = franklin)
ok. JESUS ;(). jag är mycket hungrig. we will have to wait till we arrive in fredrikshavn, i'm afraid. 99 SEK for a hamburger is just TOO sick. ok, but about those swedish girls (again). WHY oh WHY don't we have girls like that in holland?? could some one PLEASE explain it to me?? it's not fair :(( (sob sob). but oh, since snq and i will probably move to sweden soon, that won't be much of a problem anymore, i guess. jesus, i shouldn't have said this. i bet more people will think of moving to sweden now..... oh well. i am the best looking bloke in the world, so it won't influence my chances of finding a nice girl, i suppose. yeah yeah i know, but i am already single for like.. 6 months, so please forgive me :). anyway, it's OXY time!
En hungrig jävla igelkotte.
Im too hungry to think or to write anything creative... heh.. so i will
pass the fucked up laptop to someone else...
oyise is talking about food all the time, so i asked snq to hit him
hard. Now oys is whispering "Ja' vill ha mat"...
Im bored. Time to play some chiptunes...
Here is snq again:
my stomach goes like purrrrrrrrr, like a cat. i am about to implode.
let's get a decent meal on this fucking boat. it will only cost us a few months salary :((
tonnen d'smak.
okay. back to the sweden report.
the next day (friday) we went off to arvika, a music festival.. ah fuck i dont feel like typing anymore. will tell you later i guess :)
i am now going to buy a lot of expensive candy to feed my stomach with.
ja ja ja ARVIKAFESTIVALEN! yes, it was very nice, man. there were like.... millions of nice girls at arvika, yet though there were only 12,000 attendants. i even managed to ¨talk¨ to one of'm, but our conversation only lasted for a few seconds. oyise said i was quite near to having sex actually, but i don't agree. (OCH JAG VILL HA MAT!) OH-MY-GOD. why is there a 3825 year old butt ugly woman standing in front of me. WHY OH WHY WHY WHY!½½!!! I KNEW IT: as soon as we would leave sweden, life would get soooo much harder :(. and there's nothing we can do about it. really nothing.............................. (oxy and oys went off to buy some candy now. candy really sucks.) oh, some... hmm.. let me count. about 5 nice girls just entered this room, and those stupid swedish guys right in front of me starting trying to get their attention. they did NOT succeed MUWHAHAHA! what a bunch'o suckers. ofcourse, if the four of us would try to draw their attention, it would be no problem at all. just telling them about ¨aardbei¨ would surprise them, as nothing has ever surprised them before. (OH. JORDGUBBAR ALL THE WAY, BABY!
asaashsadahfhfa.. im now eating Twix. Yuummmmmmmmmmmmiiiieeeeeeee..duh. i have nothing more to say. except that i feel like a MEGAAAAAAAAASTOR
Btw, I bought some wine. Pretty cheap. 3 bottles, 99 SEK.
hahaah. there was this girl she was fucking around with the door to outside (where its pretty stormy) and then her foot got stuck between it haha that'll teach her :) also she lost her shoe because of that. funny stuff you see when you're at a båt. anyway. arvikafestivalen RULED! moby was so fucking good JESUS!! i was really looking forward to the astral projection show, but it was pretty much disappointing since all they did was remix songs from their cds, that was a not so nice show, man.. the wannadies also really ruled. and in the goatent we heard man with no name but we found that out later :)
the only thing that definately SUCKED was the fact that we had to walk from our camping to the festival, which was about 3.5 kilometers and i guess you will understand thats not so nice, especially when all you want is sleep. but we had fun anyway :))
hm. oxytime again i think.
<stare at screen>
now this old danish alcoholic lady comes up to our seats and asks us
if she could sit here, but the seat was taken by snq and oys who is
out smoking cancerbringing cigarettes.
She also kicked on our winebottles!!!! What an outrage...
Gday says she should be raped in the röven. Any volunteers?
Maybe the fat lady on the otherside of the room wants to... or maybe 
JESUS ;() indeed. anyway, i am not exactly eager to rape that woman. usch. that was a not so nice woman, man. i bet she smelled like snus too. not so nice, aye? for those people that aren't familiar with snus: it's some sort of tobacco, that needs to be stuffed up your upper lip. oyise already has some hole at that spot. yuck. really frightened me. oh, btw, i also liked the broadcast of ¨the excorcist¨ with swedish subtitles. we learned a lot of swearing and lot's of other bad shit. ¨DIN MOR SUGER KUK I HELVETET!!!¨ and stuff like that :). quite funny, if i may add.
ok oyise wants to write en litle. here he comes:
yes something i wants to write and i wonder what?
in some hour i will meet ile, musik and joegi for the first time in my
life and i really think it's going to be really nice, man.
i also starting to feel that i have to get some wine in my stomach
soon. yah snq mentioned that the moby consert was really nice and i just aggree with him, since it was really kick ass consert, containing
everything really nice scene events, music, atmosphere. so next time
he is coming to your country you better be there.
and yes in some min we are in denmark the country with the not so long
hair girls.
bla bla i wonder if maytz will be there?
oxy just had his EVIL staring at me, since he just wants to get a axe and put it in my neck. thank you. ;()
next please?
im a monkey.
i have a phone.
i rule
i have a huge vibrating dildo up my aarse..

we're at SE now
entering it :)