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                        _ _____        ___   ______
                               )_  __ _| (___) _  )_
                              __/__) (_    |   |___/
                       _ ___  |   |___|    |__
    · _____________ _    c!|______|mSS|____| |______ _  _ _____________ ·
 _ _:_\              ____       ____      _____      ____             /_:_ _
    |             ___\  (_   ___\  (_   __\_  (_   __\  (_              |
    |            _) _/   /___)  _   /___) _/   /___)   _ /__            |
    |           /   \      /    \_    /   \      /     /   /            |
    |           \___       \_____/    \____\     \__   \   \            |
    |             \  _______\   /______\    \  ___\ \_______\           |
    |              \/                        \/                         |
    |                                                                   |
    |             ÷  THE YARD BULLETiN BOARD SYSTEM 2k! ÷               |
    |                                                                   |
    |                     - -------------------- -                      |
    |                                                                   |
    |                       WORLD HEADQUARTERS OF                       |
    |                                                                   |
    |         AEROHOLiCS (GRAFFiTi) ÷ DiSCiPLES OF AGEEMA (MUSiC)       |
    |      ARCADE (ASCii) ÷ AEROSOL (ASCii) ÷ DREAM THEATRE (ASCii)     |
    |          SOUL SURViVORZ (MP3) ÷ THE ASCii CHARTS (ASCii)          |
    |                                                                   |
    |                      GERMAN HEADQUARTERS OF                       |
    |                                                                   |
    |       LOW PROFiLE (ASCii) ÷ SiCK OF iT ALL (GRAFFiTi/DRUGS)       |
    |       OMEN (GRAFFiTi) ÷ TEQUiLA (MUSiC) ÷ PUNGAS (DAYDREAM)       |
    |                                                                   |
    |                     - -------------------- -                      |
    |                                                                   |
    |                CONSOLES/AMiGA/ASCii/LiNUX/DAYDREAM                |
    |             GRAFFiTi/DRUGS/CLASSiCS/MP3/MOD/CHiPTUNES             |
    |                                                                   |
    |           2 NODES 33k6 / 2 NODES iSDN / 4 NODES TELNET            |
    |                                                                   |
    |                      [ THEYARD.DARKTECH.ORG ]                     |
    |                                                                   |
    |                      [ 49-ASKTHERiGHTPEOPLE ]                     |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
 _ _|__   " THE iDEA OF STYLE iS THE KEY TO ALL FORMS OF ROCKiNG "    __|_ _
    · /_______________________________________________________________\ ·

      _/               \/   \_
      |                _\    |                    __
                       \     |      /\       _  __\/_
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾.         ______    /  \      \) ) /\/
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾ ______ _\____ \_ /    \    ____\/____
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾_\____ \_  _/   /__     \ __\_  \/  _/____________ ___ __ _
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾   _/  _/__\___/  /      \     \  /
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾   \      /       \       \     \/ One Of Germany's Finest
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾____\    /_________\       \     \_______________ ___ __ _
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾     \  /                   \     \ _ _
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾      \/    /________________\ ____\\
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾'    ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾
      .             ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾      /\      ________
      |             ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾     /  \ _ __\____  /_ _
     _|             ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾    /    \       /
     \/             ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾          \     /        ______
      |  _       _  ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾      \ __/      _ _\____ \
      | _\   _   /_ ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾       \ /             /   \_
      | \  _(_)_  / ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾ _______\            _/     /
      | ___\_ _/___ `¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾'                           /
      | \_   |   _/          .            /___________________/
      |  | (o|o) |           |
      ¯\_¯\__|__/¯ _________/¯   -[ ·D R E A M·  ·L A N D· ]-
        _/_ /H\ _\_
_ _ __ _| | ¯|¯ | |_ __ _ _        Sodium World Headquarter
  //_/\\|_|__|__|_|//\_\\      Dream Theatre German Headquarter
   \_\/ | |  |  | | \/_/
        | |  |  | |
        ¯\__   __/¯           o4:53 / 14/o2/oo - Thx2: Shallow
           \___/ ·H2o!·

      [ Sdm!BackCheck v1.o [TXT] - Copyright © 1996-2k Shallow/Sodium ]

@BEGIN_FILE_ID.DIZ                             _
._)                        /             (_.
||   mEKKA sYMPOSIUM 2000 / iNVITATION!   ||
·¯)_____________________ /_______________(¯·

What is MS all about?

The mekka & symposium is a demo-scene party that is organized annually at Easter.
Here, about 1000 young Multimedia artists gather for four days to meet
similarly-minded people, exchange ideas and participate in competitions
in which individual people and groups show off their talent with regards
to a traditional form of electronic art called Demos.

Although it might seem so at first glance, the MS is no LAN party where
network game playing would be the primary occupation. People playing
Quake or Half-Life on our events are considered non-creative,
if not destructive, by most of our "serious" visitors. If you "just" want
to play games, think about going to our Planet Insomnia (
parties instead,  you'll have much more fun there since you'll also be
finding much more enemies to play against...

Location, Date, Entrance Fee
The party place is located in Fallingbostel.
Situated between Hamburg and Hannover, this is the only town in
Northern Germany that offers a hall suitable for at least 1000 visitors,
while not being too expensive. At this place, the MS parties have been
taking place since 1997, so we really know its infrastructure
and limits quite well, too.
The party starts on Good Friday (21st April, 2000) at 12:00 CET and
ends on Easter Monday (24th April, 2000) at 12:00 CET. The address is:

        An der Heidmarkhalle 1
        D-29683 Fallingbostel

The entrance fee amounts to 70 DM (35 Euro). We don't accept currencies
other than DM. We don't have single-day visitor tickets.
Girls and Mat/Ozone get in for free. There is no table reservation,
and no possibility of paying in advance. Money which is left is
spent on the repair of damages to the hall and on competition prizes
(in this very order, so please behave :D). If you bring your own
computer equipment (this does not cost extra, of course), bring your
own power connectors!

p.s: Kostet ne`n halbes Broetchen jetzt 6 Mark oder was ????
     Nichmal Gebaeck habt Ihr gereicht. tZZZZZZ!

Travel Information
If you're going to come by car, you can reach Fallingbostel
through the highway A7 - watch out for the "Fallingbostel" announcement.
We have a map (in English or German) which guides you from the highway
exit to the party place.

When coming by train, you have to use some major train to either Hamburg
or Hannover (whichever is nearer to you), and change for Fallingbostel
there (train schedules are available from the Deutsche Bahn info page).
Once you've arrived in Fallingbostel, you can make use of the free 24h
bus shuttle service we will set up just like last year. But you must
contact us in advance, so that you will be picked up
(please tell about number of people and time of arrival).
If you're coming without equipment, you can also take the walk (half an hour);
watch out for the "Bahnhof" / "Railroad Station" in the center of our map.

This year again there are some guys organizing bus trips from
various countries to the MS; some of them may have a free place
left for you! Contact us if you want to be listed here as well.

From                 Organizer               More Information

Copenhagen (Denmark) Martin Leopold          WWW
Norway               Sixpack / Haujobb       not public
Norway               Arcane / Royal          WWW
Switzerland          Unlock / Vantage/Padua  WWW

(check the WWW page for more informations (


Lots of competitions for Amiga, PC and C64 - and some platform-independent
ones such as a Graphics competition and various music competitions.
We don't have competitions for Atari and Acorn systems; feel free to
participate in the Wild compo with productions for these and even other machines.

Competitions presented on a big screen sized 6x4 sqm, including powerful so
und equipment - yes, the sound will be loud if you are sitting in the
first table row. No, we will not turn the volume down. Choose your fate
in advance by sitting down at the front of the hall if you want loud
sound (note that you don't need your own stereo to make even more noise),
or by taking place at the remote side of the hall if you are in need of
a quiet place (note that some guy next to you will be pissed if you turn
up your own stereo too much). Also, some wax to put into your ears
when you want to sleep will really come in handy.

Place for about 1200 visitors plus equipment; enough power for
everyone - but: please do not bring equipment you don't really need.
This has two advantages: You can't lose it, and it can't bring the
power down (see below for more words on the subject of electricity)

A warm sleeping hall - Just like on ms2k-1, comfortably small and warm.
Of course you can sleep in the main hall as well. If you want to, you
can also stay at the local youth hostel, which is located about half a
kilometer from the party place (note that you probably need a member card):

        Jugendherberge Fallingbostel
        DJH Landesverband Hannover e.V.
        Liethweg 1
        29683 Fallingbostel
        Phone: +49 5162 2274

If you really can afford it: A listing of hotels is available on the
Fallingbostel homepage.

A stable party network! - the MS2000 is a party, not an ISP :-) Some
kind of Internet connection will be there, but it is not our primary concern.
A local network will be setup with 100MBit switches on the
tables (Twisted Pair only). You will also be able to vote and
contribute via network (paper voting will still be possible, of course).

You can bring your own hub or switch if you want to use your own hardware.
Quake, Half-Life, Unreal and other network game packets will be filtered
by the backbone hardware. For more questions, mail our network master MoM.

Food supply - there's a city nearby, with shops and bars; and we have
inexpensive drinks and snacks available on the party 24 hours a day.
Of course you may and should also bring your own food and drinks, as
it will be less expensive this way. A nice snack-bar providing fries,
hamburgers etc. will be situated next to the main hall almost 24 hours a day.

Clean toilets and showers. Showers are not public, though. Instead, we
 will have designated shower hours a couple of times.

Live music performances, traditional entertainment provided by Steeler,
cool party t-shirts ... and the unique Mekka & Symposium party feeling!

We are not responsible for stolen computer equipment or other items
you bring with you. We aren't responsible for personal injuries either.
Take care of yourself, your friends and your luggage. We've never had
much trouble with theft on our parties, but it might be better to think
twice about taking a certain valuable thing with you onto the party.

The use of alcohol is hereby explicitly forbidden. After facing severe
damages and personal attacks on previous parties due to heavily drunken
individuals, we chose to put up this rule from 1998 on. Drunken guys won't
be let inside, disturbing guys (this also includes Quake players, by the way :D)
will be put outside. Don't consume Vodka in front of the stage.
Don't vomit onto the floor.

In case we discover that you are destroying things, either intellectual
property (hacking the network system), or physically damaging the building
or people, you can be sure that we will take very special care of you.

This year we will try again to supply you with enough electric power.
We invest in new cables and fuse-racks, just to serve your equipment
more than well. To make this event as pleasurable as possible and to
avoid last year's power failures, we would be pleased if you did not
bring all that stuff like: toasters, fridges, heaters or cheap extension
sockets with you. These things were / are responsible for those failures,
because they violate the FI protection. We can not remove this protection,
because it's legally required, for your safety. So please leave them
at home (mummy and daddy will keep an eye on them). Let's also stress
that we are not responsible for any damage of your equipment
(of course we won't refund half-written CD-Rs after a power failure),
just keep this in mind.

Please respect German law. Illegal actions, especially regarding
software piracy, can not be approved of. Dutch visitors should be
aware of the fact that weed consumption is illegal over here.

Last but not least, have fun! And if you have ideas of what might
be fun on the party, don't hesitate to contact us, even on the party.
You're part of the party.

Time Table

The time table still has to be worked out.

Competitions on ms2000

Competitions are the core feature of any decent scene party.
They are the ultimate tool to present one's work to a large
audience and compare one's creativity directly to that of others.
Consequently, in competitions on major parties, new milestones are
set for demo technology because people keep constantly improving their
skills in their quest for fame in the scene.

Each year again it's hard to determine which competitions to hold.
You hold too many, people get bored (and the time table gets overflowed) --
you hold too few or too restrictive ones, some people get upset because
they feel that they can't use their whole creativity. There's also always
the aspect of tradition. Many guys (including us, the organizers) have
been in the scene business for over ten years; sometimes it's not easy
to make major changes to rules which had been established for a long time.

We hope that this year's selection of competitions suits your taste.
If not, you may of course contact the coordinator of the respective
competition by E-Mail for further discussion.

Cross-platform competitions

Alternative Music Competition
(including ambient, chillout, demostyle, etc.)

MT2, IT, XM, S3M and MOD allowed
maximum filesize of 1.8 Megabyte (no compressed files)
4 minutes playtime
all modules will be played with the latest version of their respective trackers
one entry per competitor
contact Sierra if you like to use another format

Progressive Music Competition
(including d'n'b, house, trance, techno, etc.)

MT2, IT, XM, S3M and MOD allowed
maximum filesize of 1.8 Megabyte (no compressed files)
4 minutes playtime
all modules will be played with the latest version of their respective trackers
one entry per competitor
contact Sierra if you like to use another format

MP3 Music Competition

enter your tracks as MP3 in 128kbps or higher or on Audio CD
4 minutes playtime
one entry per competitor

32K Game Competition
(for Amiga, PC and C-64)

Size of all files: 32K
Competition machines are the same as in the platform-specific competitions (see below)
The game will be played on the bigscreen by the coder.
If you are planning networked games, contact us in advance.
We will do a quality preselection on this competition.
For PC only: Mega-Em will be started to support GUS Midi music.
Game must be playable with keyboard only. However if you have support
for some special device (joystick or whatever) be sure to bring it along.

Pixel Graphics Competition
(hand-pixelled images only)
Maximum resolution is 800x600 in 24 Bits TrueColor. Raytraced pictures do not belong into this category, only hand-pixelled graphics are to be handed in for this competition. The entries must be handed in in IFF, PNG or TGA format. All entries will be sho

Alternative Graphics Competition
(ray-traced, composed etc.)
Maximum resolution is 800x600 in 24 Bits TrueColor. The entries must be
handed in in IFF, PNG or TGA format. All entries will be shown at least twice,
at different daytimes.

  C-64 platform competitions
The competition computer contains a new SID and an Action Replay MK6, and
is connected to a 1541-II floppy drive. All releases must be handed
in on 5.25" disks.

Demo Competition

Maximum size is a standard 5.25" DD disk (both sides).
The demos may require user interaction.

4K Intro Competition

Maximum size is 4096 ($1000) bytes (=16.12 blocks).

C64 Graphics Competition
All formats/modes are allowed. The entry must be handed in as an excutable
file (if you need help with a display-program, contact any of the Padua organizers).
Any sounds or extra info-screens included in the file will not be shown/played.

SID Music Competition
All formats allowed. The entry must be an executable file (if you need
help with a program to play your tune contact any of the Padua-organizers).
The C-64 screen will not be shown during the competition. Ww will play up
to 4 minutes of each tune. The competition equipment features a new SID.

The C-64 competition rules are maintained by Anonym, please mail him for
further information or discussion.

Amiga platform competitions

The competition machine, kindly provided by Andreas Buttgereit,
is equipped as follows:

A4000, MC68060 @50MHz
PPC 604e @233MHz
Cybervision PPC
WarpOS & PowerUP
Assigns and installation scripts are forbidden
(this means that unpacking the archive and running one program is all that is necessary to start the demo). Custom libraries may be used, but not installed outside of the contribution directory.

Demo Competition

Maximum size is 6 MB uncompressed.

40K Intro Competition

The intro size is 40KB at most. The intro is a single executable file.

4K Intro Competition

Maximum size is 4096 bytes.
Booting AmigaOS without startup-sequence, running SetPatch and then simply
running the 4K executable from a standard PAL screen must be everything
that's necessary to start the intro.

The Amiga competition rules are maintained by Raw Style, please mail
him for further information or discussion.

IBM PC platform competitions

The competition machine is equipped as follows:

Intel Celeron or Pentium2 400MHz Processor
Riva TNT 2
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 (ISA)
Gravis Ultrasound Classic 1MB (ISA)
Most recent DirectX, at least 7a
Latest Nvidia Detonator Drivers
Acceleration allowed in all PC competitions!
Operating Systems: Windows 98SE, SUSE Linux 6.x Full Install

Demo Competition

File Size 10MB

Intro 64K

File Size 64K

Intro 4K

File Size 4K
Mega-Em will be started to support GUS Midi music.

Time Limit: We don't have a distinct time limit for the competitions.
Just be creative and take the time you need. However, if an entry gets
too boring it will be skipped!

Usage: All DOS/Win entries will be started from the Windows 98SE command line.
Demos requiring EMS memory or special memory configurations will not be shown.
We will not change anything in config.sys or autoexec.bat! Pure Animations
are not accepted.

Please read the following FMC (frequently mentioned complaints) before
complaining about the rules:

Accel, Non-Accel topic: Now you know the rules and are free to write an
accelerated production, if you think that this will give you an advantage.
Windows productions: It is a fact that Windows demos are far more compatible
and easier to handle than DOS based productions. Anyway, in every compo you
have the choice between a DOS, Win or Linux entry.
We suck, and don't know the roots of the scene: Actually most of us are part
of the roots, but we realize that the scene is changing every day!
If we wouldn't accept that, we would have the following compo machine:
386/33 with 4MB, Trident 8900 and a SB1.

The PC competition rules are maintained by Doj, please mail him for
further information or discussion.

Other competitions

PlayStation Demo Competition

max. 1 audio track and 1 data track are allowed.
the size of the data track must not exceed 6 MB.
the demo must be delivered on a SELF-BOOTING CDR (NO CDRWs).
before the demo starts there must be a possibility to choose between PAL/NTSC
or at least an auto detection.
the competition will be held on a SCPH-7002.
(to avoid probs like last year... hello Haujobb)
all demos will be spread.
For updated information or any questions and comments about the PSX
competition write to Gott or try the Elitegroup homepage.

Wild Competition
Here you can deliver anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.
We will not have separate Wild ("classic") and Video competitions, as the
number of entries in the former would be too low. The most welcome
contribution medium is a VHS or S-VHS tape recorded in PAL; you can
optionally hand in a graphics file containing some information about
the hardware used to create your entry. If you can't tape the thing
yourself (if you are using really Wild hardware...) please contact
us in advance.

There aren't many restrictions on this competition. Your entry should
be related to computers, though. People are not interested in watching
yet another skateboard video. Please help keeping this competition interesting!

Contact Information

Main Organization
These are the ms2000 main organizers:

Hardball/Amable General Organizing
Chaotic/Padua Staff, Beam, Misc
Raw Style/Lego WWW, Scene PR, Compos
Gandalf/Phantasm Press, Sponsors, Power
Decca/Lego Power, Misc

Competitions Organization
General competition organization is done by Raw Style.
These guys are responsible for some particular competitions:

Sierra/Destiny Music Competitions
Doj/Cubic IBM PC Competitions
Anonym/Padua C-64 Competitions
Gott/Elitegroup PSX Competition
Raw Style/Lego Amiga Competitions
Gandalf/Phantasm Wild Competition

By the way, the ms2000 announcement Web page is still available here.

      _/               \/   \_
      |                _\    |                    __
                       \     |      /\       _  __\/_
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾.         ______    /  \      \) ) /\/
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾ ______ _\____ \_ /    \    ____\/____
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾_\____ \_  _/   /__     \ __\_  \/  _/____________ ___ __ _
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾   _/  _/__\___/  /      \     \  /
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾   \      /       \       \     \/ One Of Germany's Finest
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾____\    /_________\       \     \_______________ ___ __ _
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾     \  /                   \     \ _ _
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾      \/    /________________\ ____\\
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾
¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾'    ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾
      .             ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾      /\      ________
      |             ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾     /  \ _ __\____  /_ _
     _|             ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾    /    \       /
     \/             ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾          \     /        ______
      |  _       _  ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾      \ __/      _ _\____ \
      | _\   _   /_ ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾       \ /             /   \_
      | \  _(_)_  / ¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ ¾¾¾¾ _______\            _/     /
      | ___\_ _/___ `¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾'                           /
      | \_   |   _/          .            /___________________/
      |  | (o|o) |           |
      ¯\_¯\__|__/¯ _________/¯   -[ ·D R E A M·  ·L A N D· ]-
        _/_ /H\ _\_
_ _ __ _| | ¯|¯ | |_ __ _ _        Sodium World Headquarter
  //_/\\|_|__|__|_|//\_\\      Dream Theatre German Headquarter
   \_\/ | |  |  | | \/_/
        | |  |  | |
        ¯\__   __/¯           o4:53 / 14/o2/oo - Thx2: Shallow
           \___/ ·H2o!·

      [ Sdm!BackCheck v1.o [TXT] - Copyright © 1996-2k Shallow/Sodium ]

                         /___________ø_ [%* tHE YARd BBS 2k! *%]
     ._________________///   ________:                          ____
  ___|_______ ____.    /  ___\_      |___   ___\      _____  __/_   \
  \     _   //   _|__  __/_    \     |   \ /    \  __/_    \/   /    \
   \___/    ø   /    \/   /    /     |_   /      \/   /   _/   /      \
     _/     :  /_     \_ /____/¯\_____/  /       /   /_    \__________/
     \______|    \_____/_________/ /____/        \_____\_____//
         \_______|                     /____________\©nUP

        zANEr^LFC ÷ diPSWiTCH^BK ÷ hAsH^AHS ÷ NINjA^PDX ÷ mOOL^AHS


  ÷ 2 nODES wITH 33k6 - 2 nODES wITH iSDN - 4 nODES tELNET wITH sTATIC iP ÷