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      J u s t   a   T o u c h   o f   F u n k

                 (a little bit)

                                   by Digital Murder

            Code name: Project P.Y.T

--------------------------------------- Introduction

Party:        Luky Tigrou Party IV (LTP4)
Party place:  Crosnes (France)
Ranking:      First
Release date: 08/27/2000
Final version:15/12/2002

This is our third demo. We have started this demo
a year and a half ago. The end has been difficult,
working at night after work at Alias's home during
2 monthes. Thanks to our Girlfriend, Carole and 
Ce'cile to support us.

---------------------------------- Hardware required

To see this demo you need:

    * A p250 Mhz mmx CPU or more.
    * 64 Mo of ram.
	* A sound card.
	* A 2d card with directx 3.0 for software.
	* A 3d card with directx 6.0 for hardware.

This demo has been coded on a p233 mmx under 
windows95 with 128 Mo of ram, a matrox mystic and a
simple 3dfx :), yes it is!

----------------------------------- Current Versions

Just a Touch.exe (15/12/2002)
	* Tested under Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinNt4 and
	  Win2000. Software render and support for 
	  Direct3d hardware (not under WinNt4).

This demo is distributed under the GNU GPL.

Other version will come soon. We hope this demo 
will be runnable on all 32 bits systems.

You want to port this demo under another OS?

-------------------------------------------- Credits

Hulud:  Concept, Code, Lips sync, Hiphop animations.
Alias:  3d modeling, texturing, animations, design.
Lakick: First choregraphy conception.
Music:  "ShakeIt" performed by LA Connection (1983).

--------------------------------- Additional Credits

Sed:          Porting code.
Antoine Viau: Font tool.

----------------------------------------- Code notes

Technical features:

	* Hardware & software support
	* Multiresolution (software & hardware)
	* Multitexturing (hardware)
	* Perspective correct mapping
	* 24 bits lightmaps (software & hardware)
	* MMX code (lightmaps, layers)
	* Spans buffer (software)
	* Skinning
	* Morphing
	* Lips sync
	* Complex animations
	* Mp3 player
	* Portable (full C++ version of the demo)
	* Screen saver
	* Bubbles mode

Libraries used:

	* FMod for mp3 decompression
	* Zlib for compression
	* Jpeglib to read bitmaps
	* Direct3d for hardware

-----------------------------------------  Gfx notes


Animations are a mix between original (hand made), 
and motion capture. Big motions like choregraphies
and hiphop sequences are originals. Motions captures
are used in walks and simple dances.

The main animations have been rotoscoped from 
videos. We don't have used any motion capture 
devices for this demo.

Animations have taken to us a lot of time.

For exemple:

Hulud has spend 3 weeks at night to make the 3 
hiphop motions.
Alias has spend 4 days at night to make the first 

Lips sync:

Hulud has made the lips sync using a shareware
called Magpie v0.9. This is a lips sync notpad.
All has been made by hand, no automation.
3 tracks of lips sync have been written:
	* Leader
	* Boys
	* Girls

---------------------------------------- Hulud words

This version should be final. Hardware now works, 
sound bugs have been fixed. 32 bits and trilinear
filtering have been added. Some scenes have been
updated. The mp3 has been reencoded in the final
version (not in the patch).

Now we will work on a Linux version. In the future, 
this demo should be runnable on all 32 bits 
operating system we can access.


---------------------------------------- Alias words

Hi everybody and thanks for supporting us. We were 
glad to present you our third demo "Just a Touch of 
Funk (a little bit)" at the LTP4. It's been a long 
time that we want to bring out a demo with a lot of
features in it. We wanted to make a new kind of demo 
well designed, with complex motions and effects. A 
demo not too usual. I esspecially made the 
environment and characters carefully to give a new 
dimension at the demo. Some of you asked us if the 
characters were animated with motion capture. The 
main motions is rotoscoped animations, key by key 
with Biped and using the motion flow; I used some 
MoCap data to fill gaps. We'd like to add more 
scenes, characters and many other stuff but we were
short in time and maybe resources.

I would like to thank my girlfriend to have stood me 
during the making of. I still remember we worked all 
the evenings while she was looking for movies, 
having some fun and joking with friends :o). The 
life wasn't so easy everyday ! she came at the 
demoparty (isn't that so meganne ?) but the showers 
were cold, ouch!!!

After all, what is done is done, and well done i 
hope. it's worth making this type of things because 
we love to do it.

I would like to thank too, the organizers (yes, 
don't go away!), and those taking part in the 
demonstration and a special "applause" to the
Mayor who has lend the room....the hot room :o]



------------------------------------------- Contacts

For any reason you have:


-------------------------------------- Word Wide Web

Please, take a look at:     * Dm's homepage   * Hulud's homepage   * Alias's homepage                * Sed's homepage

------------------------ Thanks, greatings and hello

Everybody at Nevrax, 
Everybody at Delphine Software, 
Everybody at Microïds, 
Everybody at Virtools

Ace, Arrakis, Atc, Benji, Boz/Gmf, Chandra, Chubaka, 
Cyg, Darwin, Danube, Djam, Guille, Exo, Juge Miguel, 
Jylam, LightShow, Made, Mars, Med, MrBee/Overlander, 
Nytrik, Ntsc, Oliver, Rez, SilentBob, Skal, Surfufu, 
Tom, Traven, U2, Xbarr, Yes, 


------------------------------------------- The end

Thank for watching "Just a Touch of Funk"

                                    Digital Murder.