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-------------------------------   tAAt  2000   -------------------------------

                            E P AE K A T S E L U V AE L I N E

                          Quick CrappieDemo for

                        LOBOTOMIA Demo Party at Lahti, Finland
                       (20-22 Oct, 2000)

                     Made in the partyplace since we decided that
                    our first intended demo production would definitely
                   need more time to spend on what we had.
                  (Our english skills have no match).


              FAST Micro$oft-infected PC (NT not enough)
             Good graphics card with DirectX 7.0 support
            DirectX 7.0a
          The right attitude to /enjoy/ tAAt demos

       Remember to visit :

Bundled with small amount of oldschool enjoyment.
Batteries included but not usable. *

                         ,xxx,                    .xx,
     .,.               .x««««««.                 ,«««««,             .,.
    x«««;,            .«««P~%«««.               ,«««XX««,          ,::««,
  .,««««;:,         ,;«««P' .%«««,             ,«««P;;X««p,     ..,:::«««,...
   ««««;:        .««««P;;      ;««««"       ,««««P   `::X««««,      ::;«««
  :««««;::      ,««««P;;        ;««««.     .««««P     `::X««««,     ::;«««x
    ~%«««;:.   :««««P;;          %««««.   .««««P       `::Xx«««;      :;lXXxX.
        `"~     ~~~~''            `~"~     """"          ~~~~~~         `~~~`
email contact:

*) batteries not included in binary distribution of the demo