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 Event horizon by netilium
   64kB intro competition
dreamhack 2000 Borlänge Sweden

Our first 64k intro...

Requirements for executability:

 * Pentium processor
 * Graphics card and drivers that can do 320x240 in 32 bit truecolor
 * A sound card with working drivers

Minimum system reqs:

 * 400 MHz CPU with >= 256 kB cache
 * 100 MHz Front side bus

The story

  About one month before dreamhack we decided that we wanted to make an
  intro for the 64k compo. We had seen a lot of raytracing intros lately
  and that's what we wanted to do too. With little or no knowledge of
  vector math and no good books about raytracing we started. We began to
  surf the net for docs and tutorials. After about one week of messing
  with cross products and view planes we had a working chessboard FD-plane.
  After that and a couple of rewrites things started to improve day by day
  with shading, reflections etc..

  The intro is written in 100% ANSI C, no time for assembler optimization.
  (P3 SIMD optimization with 1x1 tracer in final version maybe ;)

Tools & Libraries used

 * Visual Studio 6.0(win32) / gcc(Linux)
 * minifmod 1.4
 * Compression by UPX

w w w . n e t i l i u m . o r g