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                   Official results Bizarre2000 demoparty
                 Only showing first, second and third place
                          The rest is coming soon


           Entry                       Group
           Create and Destroy          RBI Video
           Neen, dit is niet hopjesvla
           2                           rECTUM cAUDA nL
           Oryx sux!                   Oryx AVD


           Entry                       Group
           Untamed                     Fuel
           We ain't real               The Solar Group
           VPITROD                     Paranoid Productions

                                   64 KB

           Entry                       Group
           Loc                         no-XS / Ile
           Ivlx                        Kaleido
           8bit                        Bliss


           Entry                       Group
           See the sun                 Jay / RBI
           Solid                       RBI
           Obsession                   E-sense


           Entry                       Group
           Headzone                    Jay / RBI
           Tipsy Gipsies               De Brasserie
           Bud! - Don't do that        RBI - Guest


           Entry                       Group
           Chill 'n green              Jay / RBI
           Funtex                      Total Eclipse
           F*cking bird hill choir     -


           Entry                       Group
           Possibilities with Flash    Active Interactive
           Flash Compo ?               UT clan LEGO
           Widescreen                  RBI


           Entry                       Group
           Smooth                      -
           Coredump                    -
           Quo Usque Tandem            Third Foundation

                             Raytraced Graphics

           Entry                       Group
           Sonar                       MagicBoy / RBI Video
           Backdroppel                 RBI
           Lost and Found              Kaleido

                             Handdrawn Graphics

           Entry                       Group
           Angelina Croft              Mirage
           Silkyway                    RBI
           Girlie                      Fuel


           Entry                       Group
           Strangers in the Dark       Insane
           Now show them tities        Expose