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---------------- Untamed (c) 2000 FUEL ---------------------
		     Bizarre 2000 DemoCompo
         29-30 sept-1 oct. Etten-Leur, Holland

CODE: 			Infinite Reboot
3D and 2D Graphics: 	Kirk
Music: 			Infinite Reboot, Johan

---------------- Untamed (c) 2000 FUEL ---------------------

System Requirements:
128 MB RAM
A Geforce or higher nVidia videocard or a card that :

1)supports these openGL extensions:
	GL_ARB_multitexture, GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array, GL_EXT_texture_env_add,
	GL_EXT_blend_subtract, GL_NV_texture_env_combine4, GL_EXT_texture_cube_map

2)Has 8 bit Destination alpha and an 8 bit stencil buffer

A soundcard for music pleasure

Random blah:

Well, it's 16h here at Bizarre2K. Demo is finished. It's nice not having to stress until like
15 minutes before the deadline. Everyting seems to run smoothly on the machines I tested on, so let's hope 
it doesn't fuck up the timings on the compo pc.
I know there will be ppl. complaining about the filesize, the number of files, the fact that it is 3D only
and that you need quite a powerful pc to run it, but hey, the days of Dos machines with 8MB RAM is over, so
live with it. I wanted to make this demo more than just a "look at this nice gouraud shaded scene, and oh, 
here's another gouraud shaded scene" flythrough and in order to do that some more advanced equipment is 
required. I admitt, I' m not very good at 2D effects, so 3D it is. In order to deliver quality scenes quality
textures are also needed, which results in the huge amount of textures and their sizes. I didn't feel like 
compacting everything in a datafile either since I am to lazy to add the routines and demos are distributed 
as zips anyway. You heard this before but: "If you don't like it, don't view it" and "If you know it better,
do it better". There is in total one year of work invested in the engine and constructing all the artwork took
approximately one month. We also choose to do the music ourselves, since finding sceners able to make a good
thrash metal tunes isn't that easy (we tried), and just ripping a track from a Testament or Metallica album is
just plane lame. It was a lot of work recording and mixing down the song but I think the result is quite good
(if you are into metal that is), considering the short period in which it was done. For this I would also like 
to thank Ilya and Kirill, without you guys the song wouldn't have sounded as good as it does now! Thanks!

Okay, now it's official, FUEL IS DEAD. This is the last demoscene-related thing you will see from FUEL, since
FUEL wasn't already anymore what it used to be. The fact we made the demo with 3 guys, one of them completely
not a scener, shows that all "members" of FUEL except for me and Kirk are quite inactive. This gives us the 
right to say, "we stop, FUEL is dead". So now you know it officially. 

The Music
If you liked the music and would like to hear more thrash metal, check out the site of the band Johan and I play in.
Go to and in the search tab type "eject". There will be other tunes available within a month.

The Utilities
Tools used:
	Windows 2000
	Visual C++ 6.0
	Purify 6.0
	3DSMax 3.0
	Photoshop 5.5
	Acid Pro 2.0
	SoundForge 4.5
	FruityLoops 2.7
I used the FMOD sound system version 3.2 and the IJG Jpeg library.

Belgium still can produce decent demos!!
Hope you enjoyed it!!!!

Infinite Reboot
(former) FUEL coder.