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  • 2ndFloor 0.75/ dir
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  • 2ndFloor 0.75/2ndFloor.exe 64.00K
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  • 2ndFloor 0.75/Effects/DxHw.dll 180.00K
  • 2ndFloor 0.75/Effects/Mesh.dll 172.00K
  • 2ndFloor 0.75/Effects/MP3Player.dll 196.00K
  • 2ndFloor 0.75/IcgWlib.dll 192.00K
  • 2ndFloor 0.75/Script.txt 44.24K


 2nd Floor by Incognita
 A new level of awareness.	
 1st at BcnParty										        

 v 0.75 (Pre-final version)
 Requires d3d and a card with mucho ram.

 		This demo does not feature rotating envmapped objects.  It may even contain some
		sort of message.
		This is the first experimental demo by Incognita.  It uses our new scripting            
              system.  Together with the final version we will shortly release an article             
              about the scripting system.  Meanwhile, you can take a look at the Script.txt           
              file if you're feeling a little adventurous.
		Check for updates and news.
              This program may only be distributed as-is in its unmodified form.  Rip and die.

	Incognita		the Group
 	ent / incognita 	library & 3d code, synchro
 	trace / fuzzion 	2d gfx, synchro
 	Reality3D / RGB		animations
 	reboot / incognita	max exporters, idea, scenes
 	dem / zoran		muzak
 		This is a cleaned-up version of our demo presented at BCNparty '00.  Final
 		version is due out soon.

		We'd like to release a bug-free final version.  Please report your bugs, including:

			1. CPU / amount of memory
			2. Graphics card
			3. Os
			4. card/DirectX version

		Together with the log.txt generated by this pre-final version.

 Special thanks:
 		Naif/concept, as the guy who guided us around the dirtiest places in his
 		hometown, gave good ideas and was going to track the music but never did.
 		Sin/concept, for helping us with the initial design.
 		Jorge programador (esto es como un camping pero lleno de mierda).
 		BCN party org, for putting up with  our lameness.  Be there next year  There's also a scene in spain you know. for making a good mp3 player.

 Hate mail:
                            .:: Fuzzion :: RGB :: Zoran :: Concept :: Chanka ::.
                                .:: Elerium Core :: Anaconda :: Iguana ::.
                                             .:: TLOTB ::.
 				   .:: Orange :: Complex :: ::.
                                .:: :: ::.
 			        .:: :: ::.
		We're currently looking for designers, 3d artists, 2d artists and a webmaster
		for our group.  Collaborations from poeple in other groups are very welcome!
		But, you have to be experienced and interested in the scene.  Please no
		timewasters or newbies.  If you think you're up to the task, go on, mail us!

                                    2nd Floor (c) Incognita 2000