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 A S S E M B L Y   2 0 0 0
Held at 3-6th of August
in Helsinki, Finland.

Party archive @

Thanks to Dr.Dick/Byterapers
for repacking and uploading 
all C64 releases!

Full results from Assembly2k brought to you by Scale / mango^bLaSM


 1. 8154pt. Spot by Exceed 
 2. 3621pt. Art by Haujobb 
 3. 2834pt. lapsus by maturefurk 
 4. 2662pt. Lotto by Doomsday 
 5. 2625pt. the nonstop ibiza experience by Orange 
 6. 2286pt. en haluaisi olla by damage 
 7. 1525pt. Stuff I whacked together when I was bored. by Sol/Trauma 
 8. 1289pt. HAUgyJOBB by Astral 
 9.  877pt. Enlight The Surreal by Noice 
10.  849pt. Reaching by Unique 
11.  588pt. live evil by Mandula 
12.  568pt. RETURN by A-Men PC 
13.  478pt. Metatag by MadWizards 
14.  403pt. ahonen does asm by the tough guys 
15.  129pt. Explicit Supremacy by Apocalypse Design 

64k intro

 1. 6221pt. Dead Flowers by haujobb 
 2. 3963pt. Incision by Exploder 
 3. 3141pt. Who needs raytrace anyway? by foobug 
 4. 2798pt. mixed bag by jmagic/komplex 
 5. 2207pt. FREKTAALI by Armada/Trauma, Grin, tAAt 
 6. 2107pt. Attraction by TMB/OUTBREAK 
 7. 1917pt. level twentyfive by array 
 8. 1586pt. Electricity by Appendix 
 9. 1422pt. kirahvi by addiction + unique 
10. 1222pt. Heartbeat by Static 
11. 1067pt. Rays by Whelpz 
12.  823pt. Presence by .sPOOn. 
13.  575pt. Seeking by No Pants Productions 

4k intro

 1. 5210pt. Humus by Exploder 
 2. 5179pt. The Blue Man by NoID 
 3. 4281pt. Mercury by Digimind 
 4. 3300pt. Penseys by Moottori 
 5. 3189pt. Doublert by Itchi / THP 
 6. 2796pt. Efecticus Complicus by BuG 
 7. 2289pt. Tubular Vectors by hiteck 
 8. 1093pt. pacman4k by NEXTEMPIRE 
 9.  802pt. Petium by Dairos 
10.  786pt. 200 bytes of party beers by suckho of byterapers, inc 
11.  518pt. 4K2 by HeadcrasH 
12.  296pt. oliphaunt by kilobite 

Oldskool demo

 1. 9156pt. Oldskool Trippin by Haujobb 
 2. 5836pt. Scenefabu Jurputus by HP-Productions 
 3. 4040pt. Sequences by The Digital Artists 
 4. 3578pt. Goatology by Noice 
 5. 2465pt. Psyko Killer by Spaceballs 
 6. 2300pt. Oldskool by Contraz 
 7. 1541pt. No Panic by dekadence 
 8. 1496pt. Drystal Cream 2.5 by HeadcrasH 
 9. 1466pt. Oldskool Fools by Mandel Bros 
10. 1317pt. The Friday Night Project by Armo 
11. 1234pt. Supremen by Byterapers, Inc. 
12. 1043pt. Our Speedway by Hujowa 
13.  950pt. Coira by Unique 
14.  838pt. New Control by Depth & Mystic 

Oldskool music

 1. 4249pt. Acid Jazzed Evening by tempest/damage 
 2. 3758pt. A Strange Night In the Hen House by kiwi 
 3. 3218pt. Dash It by Agemixer / Scallop 
 4. 3199pt. Angel project by !Cube 
 5. 3078pt. sunchild by britelite 
 6. 2476pt. Taivalkoski Beats by Jean Nine 
 7. 2254pt. Alma Caribe by dixan 
 8. 2083pt. Miniswing by Marvel 
 9. 1816pt. vanha koulutalo by juzdie 
10. 1711pt. hold that thought by deetsay / panic 
11. 1417pt. An Intro Tune by Ganja / Nerve Axis 
12. 1329pt. The Great Hole by Huezo 
13. 1270pt. Afterburner by Leopold 
14. 1144pt. hassans lounge by vae 
15. 1061pt. Antarctica by deck / scoopex 

Oldskool gfx

 1. 6400pt. Assassin by Mazor/Scoopex 
 2. 2939pt. Absintti by Electric/Extend 
 3. 2769pt. Jarno haluaa pallon by progress 
 4. 2652pt. Dready by Partikle 
 5. 2635pt. Im Bek by ion 
 6. 2595pt. Wild West by Bg 
 7. 2265pt. dream by lum 
 8. 2219pt. dolphins by kure+alan 
 9. 1729pt. Hiroshima Babe by Oxide 
10. 1589pt. Saatana saapuu Moskovaan by jraevaar 
11. 1570pt. Listi by Random 
12. 1124pt. jiffy by monitori / mankeli 
13. 1065pt. When Sky Is Blue by Nico / Byterapers, Inc 
14.  987pt. Too heavy head by Larga/PuavoHard 
15.  674pt. AntiHeroes by marzu 

Playstation demo

1. 14564pt. Iaquo by Yodel 
2. 11500pt. Rankkuri by haujobb 


 1. 5282pt. Leonardos briefcase by mass 
 2. 3497pt. Mummo by Miika 
 3. 2560pt. The Three Smiths by djh & nich 
 4. 1203pt. Payback by Nybe 
 5. 1167pt. Gates of Hell by Vortex 
 6. 1140pt. Cubinson Rosoe by Katastrophik 
 7. 1100pt. Creepy Horror by Data2 
 8.  690pt. escape by nOte 
 9.  644pt. spidergate sg-69 by propulsion 
10.  376pt. Abnormal Termination by Bega 
11.  258pt. the Hive by CEOD 

Multichannel music

 1. 3501pt. Papa funk goes larp by Vilunen 
 2. 2260pt. Dreams n fantasies by PK 
 3. 2203pt. napol by dawn by gspot 
 4. 2114pt. Track no stomach too by Nitro 
 5. 2038pt. hedelmdsalaattia by g-crest & maza 
 6. 1949pt. turquoise by reed 
 7. 1840pt. Landmark of Lullabies by Acumen 
 8. 1781pt. Essence of Life by Prophecy 
 9. 1706pt. Late Night Session by Ganja / Nerve Axis 
10. 1386pt. Sdhkvjeesus by lawb 
11. 1170pt. The Day Big Ugly Bill Ate My Electric Guitar by kiwi 
12. 1057pt. Lemonapplet Beautiful by Jean Nine 
13.  975pt. On the winds by Breeze 
14.  877pt. computerese by smirk/damage 
15.  811pt. freq.ency by wayout/gzar, chemical reaction, nivea 

MP3 music

 1. 5228pt. High Up A Mountain by Lowland / Astropolis 
 2. 2277pt. 2000: an aural odyssey by Firestorm 
 3. 2035pt. On it by jugi 
 4. 2018pt. Mopo Karkailee by tonic 
 5. 1828pt. Zimmah Queue by Trauma Child Genesis 
 6. 1521pt. Motion Blur by Huezo 
 7. 1344pt. pilvet by gspot 
 8. 1324pt. Airwalk by Ganja / Nerve Axis 
 9. 1320pt. i will go by virgill / haujobb 
10. 1064pt. Finpotentit - Kesdlerssi by CPlanet 
11. 1032pt. Adagio for Freedom by Acumen 
12.  959pt. Kaljaa ainiaan by Vilunen 
13.  801pt. Lame Station by Janne Kosonen & Petri Malinen (submit : ABJ.(Ville Malinen)) 
14.  771pt. Just Use Your Imagination by Turkka 
15.  513pt. Scorts by Spacey 

Pixel gfx

 1. 3971pt. Origin by Neurodruid 
 2. 2314pt. Kam tu Papa by Marvel 
 3. 2214pt. Cybobird by Lance 
 4. 2163pt. Angie by Visualice 
 5. 2034pt. Heavenly by Infernal 
 6. 1883pt. runaway by KTHULU 
 7. 1852pt. Babylon system by Partikle 
 8. 1249pt. point of view by Saffron 
 9. 1195pt. Lazarus by Morbid/Draconus 
10. 1182pt. Peregrinate by lum 
11. 1148pt. pirulliset bailut by derpiipo 
12. 1054pt. nexus by mdub futile-X 
13.  852pt. heaven by mush/delirium 
14.  652pt. Angels by Klaivu 
15.  626pt. off guard by Shar 
16.  609pt. Fairy tale by Bg 
17.  587pt. Renew the King inside you by Oozie 
18.  583pt. Never Ending Story by kig 
19.  552pt. Alpha Draconis by T&T 
20.  526pt. LittleOne by Octobylev 
21.  493pt. Reaching for humility by prst 
22.  395pt. GitSh by Nightwind 
23.  216pt. Sinking by Oxide 
24.  175pt. Liberation by Borderline 
25.  156pt. ei kiva by kokki 

Raytrace gfx

 1. 4674pt. Opus Dei by Olmirad 
 2. 2344pt. ANTipathy by DeCoder & Altiplano 
 3. 2320pt. Silent Honor by marzu 
 4. 2308pt. New Orleansin crack-huora by Marvel 
 5. 2173pt. HMS Belfast by Data2 
 6. 1807pt. The Prisoner by Ugli 
 7. 1450pt. flag by Nitro 
 8. 1440pt. LegoAssembly by Statik 
 9. 1320pt. Howl by Hoax 
10. 1298pt. divine light by KOWBOY 
11. 1147pt. Sunday by Xz17 
12.  903pt. Vessa by Nybe 
13.  832pt. Planetfall by uncle-x 
14.  794pt. Black Magic Woman by Legba 
15.  761pt. Loghouse by isw 
16.  512pt. Deliverance by spikey 
17.  269pt. Zepoid by Kjue 
18.  247pt. God ate my Banana by Oozie 
19.  242pt. Baari by Huezo 
20.  230pt. Wizards Room by Ember 

ANSI gfx

 1. 5421pt. Clasm by Argon 
 2. 4593pt. Who am I? by Luminator / sodapop family 
 3. 3826pt. Lavalamp by Charon 
 4. 3417pt. Ninja by H7 
 5. 3086pt. punaiseksi muutuin by kokki 
 6. 1980pt. Raperman by jraevaar 
 7. 1973pt. Devil in disguise by DiamonDie 
 8.  982pt. next generation by nultrix 
 9.  735pt. Hate by Outrider 

Wild demo

 1. 6113pt. LeGorso by tAAt 
 2. 3372pt. What Is a Woman by Nyhjd Group 
 3. 3317pt. Vihred uhka by Insane Bastards 
 4. 3040pt. Bitman & Lowping by Lantrix 
 5. 2683pt. Assembler (k) by Funky Bong 
 6. 2381pt. The Game by Joorus & Julle 
 7. 1649pt. Ratsia II - the Soldiers of Asm2k by tAAt 
 8. 1204pt. Shebaxan - Teaser Trailer by Jussi Castellanos 
 9. 1013pt. Diaplo - Uhka syvdltd by Episent 
10.  994pt. Everything Falls (trailer!) by Tontza / Ice CD ISDN 
11.  734pt. Vesikauhu by Bandwagon 
12.  385pt. T.I.T. by Onnelliset Multimedianuoret 
13.  303pt. Perfect Day by BHC 
14.  300pt. Ei Sormia Sinne, Pliis! by ENTR0P1C!Production 
15.  191pt. The Meeting by Teophania 
16.  105pt. Timelapse by BorderLine 


 1. 5941pt. Party People by Alpha Design 
 2. 5592pt. vesileimat alkkareissa by tAAt 
 3. 5000pt. pro by jackal 
 4. 4078pt. No Way by 
 5. 2443pt. Operation Kala-Kalle -First Adventure by Aropupu 
 6. 2084pt. pingpong by kure+aava 
 7. 1473pt. The Nerd by ChosenOne 
 8. 1002pt. Jumalanako mahtavaa? by p.orkkana 
 9.  818pt. featuring paleface by 
10.  618pt. Astraalikakka by SE8.ORG

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