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 l i v e e v i l
 a tribute to miles davis
 	carlos, norfair		music
 	saffron, xtro		artwork
 	rod 			code
 win32, no 3d acceleration, the effects run fine on my p100 alone,
 probably a bit more power is needed because of the mp3 player,
 about 28 megabytes of memory is required.

 	-windowed		run the demo in a window
 	-fullscreen		fullscreen mode
 	-gdi			no directx, use gdi
 	-f44, -f22, -f11, -f8	player frequency rate, use lower
 				ones on slower machines
	-nosound		silence
 	-nopriority		don't set high priority mode
 	real radial blur	it's real, not a common recursive fake blur
 	blobs			more than 15 blob types are implemented,
 				including box, pyramid, cylinder, torus,
 				cone, tube. of course every item can be
 				rotated freely
	voxels			free objects, it's possible to display any
				kind of objects, 6dof, lightning per voxel,
				environment mapped, really fast, although 
				it could be optimized more
 	fractal flowers		everything is generated from fractal
 				expressions, even colors
 	check out
 mandula 2000.