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           [-[-[-[     a D D I C T E d   t o   c O D e     ]-]-]-]
		   4 kb intro by khamoon/nah-kolor ^ tube27
			released at The Party'99 (????)

  [[[[ MaiN ]]]]

	Yeah, i know it looks exactly the same as my previos 4kb,
	but just take it as my style, get used or get the f... out :)
	And believe me, its far far more advanced then former ones.
	It took me nearly two weeks to code (am i getting to old for
	that ? ;), so maybe ones with some 4kb coding experience
	will see the difference.
	  It's 100% my work. My flat-mode extender, my xms routines,
	my timer, my textures, my fonts and my compressor.
	  Pharhaps its the last time i code anything in real-flat-mode,
	whether we like it or not its protected(?) windoze time :-(((
	So the intro is just for fun and to say goodbye to good old

  [[[[ tECHNICAl ]]]]

	-himem.sys required.	
	-intro uses real flat mode, so turn of windoze, emm386, etc.
	-runs in 320x200x15bpp video mode, try univbe if doesnt work
	 or (when desperate ;) try fake mode version (
	 i have heard that on some gfx cards (i.e. riva tnt II) there
	 are no 15bpp modes at all, so i made 16bpp version, just
	 try (
	-i am not sure, but probably about 3 megs of xms memory needed.

  [[[[ GreetingS ]]]]

	first see the intro. if you are not mentioned there, than
	forgive me, i am sory, i just cant put 20kb of greeting
	text into 4kb :-) 
	of coz i greet all (pc and not) scene, all 4kb coders and
	fans especially, all my friends and all ones who want to be
	my friend.
	to personal greetz (sorry, i didnt manage to fit
	you in intro ;-( ) i add:
		pet,alex,replay of bitbusters
		all nah-kolor staff
		all byteway staff
		all hellcore staff		
	special greetz to guru & tihocan for help & suggestions.

  [[[[ cONTACt ]]]]
	if you really have nothing to do, anybody else to write to,
	then you can mail me here:
		darek pryczek
	mail:	motorowa 2/120
		04-035 Warsaw
	phone:	(+48) (022) 673-65-29

   [[[[ EOF ]]]]