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Plutonium 2 competition results
Party held in Loviisa, Finland on July 16-18, 1999

                                   Demo competition

1. Kiulu by Pontus (PC)
2. Elektro Tekopenis by Kahvila (PC)
3. Olemukseni by Kahvila (PC)
4. Guagelord v1.0 by Ihana (Amiga)
5. Booth 2 by MFX (PC)
6. Blasta la rasta by Neutral line (PC)
7. Seko by RTP! (PC)
8. Paha Maku by Teemu ja Tuomas (Amiga)
9. Monotonik by Ihana (Amiga)

                                    Intro competition

1. Harlequin by Mewlers (PC)
2. Pedro by 3G Design (PC)
3. Plutonium2 by Lasa (Amiga)
4. Peace, love and a psychedelic blowjob by Mewlers (PC)
5. Anal Scanner by Alpha Design (PC)

                                   Music competition

1. Hows oph joy by Roz/RNO 
2. Still a snake thang by Kure/RNO 
3. Raving in space by Spook/Ihana 
4. Shoop! by Vainoe/N15Arts 
5. The rostok unsolved by Little Bitchard/MFX 
6. Melukka by Fobic/Cycla 
7. Oranssimusta by Jaffa/Static 
8. Oyasumi nasai by Yoshi/3G Design 
9. Harpun Klitta by Putkimies/Kahvila 
10. Dreamlock by WHK/Alpha Design 
11. Free for now by Chai/Alpha Design 
12. Right to say shit by Synteesi/MFX 
13. Krusifixi by Foze/Cheddar 
14. Kisko by Uncle-X/MFX 
15. Poliisi nai Esan koiraa by Sadanpäämies/Tutto 
16. Loneliness by Lasol/Episodi 
17. Rumpu ja passo by Astral/Physic 
18. Could you think if... by Deadmeat/The Righteous 
19. Tulppo by Banza/Reality Benders 

                                    Wild competition

1. Vaihtoehtoinen koulupäivä by Vehke Images
2. Star Wars Episode 0 by Pontus & TBL 
3. Sleeping by tw

                                  Graphics competition

1. Äijä by Masta Bones 
2. Nursu by Saffron/TBL 
3. Radiant by Burana/Pontus 
4. Flowerz by Kokki/Pontus 
5. Jääkausi by Roz/RNO 
6. Paskafinal by WHK/Alpha Design 
7. Turbå by Asinus 

                                  Raytrace competition

1. Ant by tw 
2. Skeletor or heman by Nars Kerpenters/Kahvila 
3. Viemäri by Bantza/Reality Benders 
4. Eternity by Lasol/Episodi 
5. Olohuonefantasia by Burana/Pontus 
6. Poker by Yoshi/3G Design