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	H E R B S T   7 7



herbst 77. the time of political motivated left terrorism in germany.
it is the theme of this demo. a translation of the demo text, which
is from the singer degenhardt i appended below.

this demo is about history in fall 1977. in germany the rote armee
fraktion (raf), who described themselves as a socialist urban guerrilla, 
shattered the whole country by bombing and killing. their first 
generation-heads were already imprisoned in the high-security prison in 
´stammheim´. In fall 77 president of the employers association  
hans-martin schleyer
was captured by them to make the german government release their intellectual
heads. though helmut schmidt, former bundeskanzler, never planed to give in, the 
whole situation became even more critical when symapthisants of the raf 
captured a lufthansa-plane (´landshut´) to strengthen their (***demands***).
luckily the plane was freed without any loss of life by a german 
special-force in mogadishu, hearing these news and seeing that the government 
does not give in the kidnappers killed schleyer. in stammheim enslin, baader and
raspe killed themselves.
just some years ago the rest of the raf declared their street fight to be
over, with most of their members being imprisoned or dead. 

technical things

a) about the release date

we excuse that we release this demo a week after it won the evoke party.
we also thank the evoke organisation for making this possible. the demo
was barely finished then. we cut the demo a little different, and fixed
a lot of bugs in the playback routines and also one severe memory leak.

b) system requirements

this demo, although it does not display too complex graphics algorithms
should be run on a really fast machine with much ram. we recommend a
p2 with at least 64mb of ram. riva video cards are great, too for their
fast blitting. sound will work on any windows card that does support
44khz 16bit stereo. but now, why is it so computationally expensive?
if you take a look at the plugins directory, you might notice we have
all effects externalised and modularised. this allows us for a very
quick and effective demo design system, but only at the expense of some
rendering redundancy. 


noize		design, graphics
raytrazer	music		
shiva		code, design
siriuz		code, design

kolor		group

additionally we have to credit statix a bit because we took the mp3
playback code from him. however he took his code from mp123, too.
also open jpeg group is credited for their jpeg lib.


we respect the following groups for their work and actions.

amable			black maiden		doomsday
exceed			haujobb			inf
matrix			replay			riot
smash designs		suburban		teklords


a) german original, original by degenhardt, edited by noize

wir singen nicht fuer euch:
die ihr bis zum rand voller gefuehlsmatsch steht
die ihr nichts so hasst wie eure eigenen verschwerten leiber
und nicht fuer euch:
ihr mit der architektenideologie
ihr frankophilen kaeselutscher
nein nicht fuer euch

wir singen nicht fuer euch:
ihr, die ihr hier nur lebt weil hier zuviel und anderswo zuwenig brot herrumliegt
ihr die ihr nichts so liebt wie eure eigenen bemalten baeuche
von bloedem haschisch grinsend eure gesetzlosen gesetze vor euch hinlallt.
nein, fuer euch nicht.

ich singe fuer euch:
die ihr die feige heldenweisheit vom sogenanten laufe der welt und dessen unabaenderbarkeit in den wind schlagt
und einfach ausprobiert was richtig laeuft.
die ihr den lack mit dem die architekten ueberpinselt runterbrennt, von allem rissigen gebaelk.
fuer euch:
die ihr nicht auf tempelstufen hocken wollt,
solange der schlagstock noch die weisse freiheit regelt,
napalm noch die speise fuer die armen ist.
ich sing´ fuer euch.

b) ad hoc english translation by shiva, far from perfect

we do not sing for you:
you, who are full of emotional mud
you, who do not hate anything as much as your own fat bodies
and not for you:
you, with your architects ideology
you, francophile cheese lickers

we do not sing for you:
you, who only live because there is too little bread elsewhere
temple stair sitters
you, who do not love anything as much as your own painted bellies
of dumb dope smiling, muttering your lawless laws
no, not for you

i sing for you:
you, who disregard the cowardly hero's wisdom of the unchangeable way of the world
and just try out what is right
you, who burn the color, the architects painted over with, away from decaying buildings
for you:
you, who do not want to sit on temple stairs,
as long as batons regulate the white freedom,
and napalm is still food for poor.
i sing for you.