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2000-05-14 04:42:32
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  • bin/bass.dll 90.49K
  • bin/china.exe 464.00K
  • bin/china.txt 968B
  • data/blume.3ds 87.37K
  • data/china.bcs 1.04M
  • data/China.mo3 299.53K
  • data/fite1.avi 156.65K
  • data/fite2.avi 184.32K
  • data/garden.3ds 73.99K
  • data/hand.k3d 44.54K
  • data/knot.k3d 34.61K
  • data/mantis.3ds 75.15K
  • data/nice1.k3d 73.72K
  • data/nice2.k3d 30.50K
  • data/text01.k3d 31.70K
  • data/text02.k3d 19.53K
  • data/text03.k3d 81.34K
  • plugins/3ds.dll 102.00K
  • plugins/aviplay.dll 30.50K
  • plugins/blur.dll 31.00K
  • plugins/jitter.dll 25.50K
  • plugins/mono.dll 63.50K
  • plugins/movefader.dll 30.50K
  • plugins/plasma.dll 47.50K
  • plugins/radial.dll 32.50K
  • plugins/raytrace.dll 39.50K
  • plugins/scrollpic.dll 30.00K
  • plugins/sprites2.dll 31.50K
  • plugins/static.dll 25.00K
  • plugins/xfade.dll 29.50K


    (c) 1999-2000 by kolor

    we finally  got  our asses up and did the final version of 
    china.  it  won  the dialogos annual demo competition held
    in jena, germany october 1999. the delay was mainly caused
    by the continuance of our universitary studies, which left
    us nearly no time to complete this wonderful piece of code

    code - shiva, noize, fontex, siriuz
    gfx, meshes - noize
    music - storm, mister smile

··additional stuff·
    furthermore we used  clax  by borzom,  bass v0.8, and  the 
    open png and  jpeg  libraries courtesy of their respective
    authors. any trademarks mentioned are (r) by their owners.
    this software is freeware.

····we like to send our regards to the following groups··
    amable,  black maiden,  doomsday,  exceed,  haujobb,  inf, 
    matrix, replay,  smash designs,  suburban, teklords, tpolm

··yours, kolor·
    april 2000