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                           - fuCk-Ya pardey #1 -

                         (Budapest, Dec 5-6. 1998.)

                      unofficial pre-results file v1.01

Amiga demo
 - no entries -

Amiga 64k intro
1. P‚tcity by P‚tcity

Amiga 2k intro
1. First 2 kb intro by New Wave

4chn msx
1. Deep Frozen by Teo.p3/Magnesium
?. Underwater by Mirage
?. Face by Face

Multichn msx
?. Ghost by Brutal
?. Highway Spirit by Reynolds/Flash TM
?. Dreams by Orosz Andr s
?. Nekromantika by Lacifer & Alien/Nekromanta Team

Pixel gfx
1. Eternity by Emeric/SpaceHawks
2. Elisa and Brutal by Brutal/W.A.T.T.

24bit gfx
1. Dead MMX by LeeRoy
2. Thomas N/A by Monsty

C64 demo
1. ??? by Coma
2. ???

C64 4k intro
1. ???

C64 1k intro
1. ???

C64 msx
1. ???

C64 gfx
1. ???
2. ???

Wild demo
1. Shitware by Nick

Lamer demo
1. Hardware by W.A.T.T.

Slamtilt compo
1. Saca

Note 1: Only first prize was given in all compos and only the name of the
        winners have been announced.

Note 2: Either Amiga 64k intro and 2k intro compos have been merged or no prize
        was given in the 2k intro compo. (The invitation didn't mention Amiga
        2k intro compo.)

Note 3: Either C64 demo, C64 4k intro and C64 1k intro compos have been merged
        or no prize was given in the intro compos. (The invitation didn't
        mention any C64 intro compos.)

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