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Bizarre '98 Results (compiled from HTML files by Phoenix/Hornet-alum)

 PC Demo

   #.   Name                  Group                Filename
   1.   Superstitious         Superstition
   2.   Control               Green      
   3.   KippenSchieten        Witan      
   4.   Magic boy robot 2     Trepaan    
   5.   Fabric of Life        Rash       
   6.   Imagination           SPiET      
   7.   Shit In - Shit Out    Shit In Shit Out
   8.   Insomnia              Paranoid Productions
   9.   trp-poem              Trepaan    
  10.   Club honey            Acme       
  11.   Xoun                  Trepaan    
  12.   Acme                  Trepaan    
  13.   Grip                  The solar group

 PC 64k Intro

   #.   Name                  Group                Filename
   1.   Shifted               Jello      
   2.   Reroute               Maroon     
   3.   Frost                 Nosferatu  
   4.   Duhhhh                U.S.       

  Also in the 64 Kb intro compo mistakes were made in the vote-counting.
  Shifted by Jello won the 64 Kb compo with 30% more points than Reroute by
  Maroon.  Jello will receive additional prices for their no.1 position.

 PC 4k Intro

   #.   Name                  Group         Author              Filename
   1.   Purple Dreams II      TUHB          The Watcher
   2.   Design?!              Revolution    Ritz and Sepulcrum
   3.   Water                 TUHB          purple viking
   4.   Vingerplant 2         EFC           deadline  

 Pixel Graphics

   #.   Name                  Group         Author              Filename
   1.   Don't let the world.. Level-D       Virago    
   2.   Sinister              Fusion        Smoke & Proton
   3.   Mummy                 Acme/Scoopex  Acryl     
   4.   i Hate school         nosferatu     palex     
   5.   Fear me?              FRiDGE        Tpc       
   6.   Angelic Battle from X TUHB          Bookie    
   7.   Muts                  Kibosh        Colloss   

 Raytrace Graphics

   #.   Name                  Group         Author              Filename
   1.   Stasis                Quad          Necronomicon
   2.   Helix                 DLP           ToasteR   
   3.   Een beetje vreemd.... FRiDGE        Tpc       
   4.   Winter                DLP           ToasteR   
   5.   Robot                 The Solar Grp Druid     
   6.   Pennywise             none          [deep] aka Stefan

 Ansi Graphics

   #.   Name                  Group         Author              Filename
   1.   Sja.. Uhmzz.. Manga ?!Revolution    Solid Snake
   2.   knetmix biz-entry     rare!ascii    knetter(mix)
   3.   The bird & co         Ecolove       Commissaris Plons
   4.   BIZ 98 :: Avenge GuestEcolove       Exocet    
   5.   Satanic Minds         Kibosh        Inclusive 
   6.   Shuffle               Ecolove       President/Snowball
   7.   Zappie goes bizarre'98GIVE=         GeC       
   8.   fuck, the deadline !  Revolution    Freebase/Cuckoo/
 Multichannel Music

   #.   Name                  Group         Author              Filename
   1.   Reminiscence Of Atl.. Logic         Digistorm 
   2.   4-Channel dood?       De Brasserie  Bassie    
   3.   Bending Offside       Revolution    RaptorRVL 
   4.   Lonly Hours           De Brasserie  Gnoek     
   5.   Swing!!               Quad          Infant    
   6.   The Trolls            PMPO Music    Blowbrain 
   7.   relaxing scratching   RBi           neOtraXx  
   8.   Watch you words       RBi           morphine  
   9.   Give me some hope     RBI           Jay       
  10.   Beyond Rapier         Peak Music    Tharsis   
  11.   Zoofy Sounds          Logic         Cosmic Trance
  12.   Very Happy Gedoe      Logic         Cyrex     
  13.   Away                  The Solar Gr. Druid     
  14.   Come to Daddy         Thaumaturge   Mugshot   
  15.   Brass 'n Bass Jam     Microsoft     No-XS & G-Day
  16.   I swear it will be..  The Solar Gr. Druid     
  17.   WATT                  The Solar Gr. King-Chin 
  18.   Roy Breuer            PMPO Music    Blowbrain 
 House Music

   #.   Name                  Group         Author              Filename
   1.   in your loving arms   trinity       methode   
   2.   Funk Bizarre 2        RBI           Jay       
   3.   Into The Sun          Total Eclipse Jape      
   4.   Galactic Illusions    Logic         Cyrex     
   5.   Human Error           RBI           Screes    
   6.   Last Attack           Revolution    RaptorRVL 
   7.   Next Millenium                      Orion/Level-D
   8.   The Second Chapter    RBi           Neophite  
   9.   Be Your Lover         Pandamonium 97Backslash 
  10.   Lackadaisical         Logic         Rhetoric  
  11.   Innermost Desire      Boom Bass Rec.Goeber    
  12.   He's High             Total Eclipse The Dane  
  13.   Zoofy Sounds          Logic         Cosmic Trance
  14.   Digital Dreams        Pandamonium 97Crasher   
  15.   Piano Heaven part 1   Haven         Deamon    
  16.   2 hard 2 be bizarre   RBi           morphine  
  17.   frekkan fire          trinity       avalanche 
  18.   Dance!                Boom Bass Rec.G-rax     
  19.   I Like The Music      Boom Bass Rec.Mind Bliss
  20.   Agony                 Haven         Deamon    
  21.   destination mars      RBi           neOtraXx  
  22.   Piano Heaven part 2   Haven         Deamon    
  23.   Mysterious Dreams     Logic         The Forbidden One
  24.   Lie Back?                           Myst      

  The winning entry, Zoofy Sounds, which wasn't a house entry after all,
  actually did not win the House Music Compo after a recheck of the votes.
  It wasn't a top-3 entry either. Therefore the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in
  the House Music Compo move 1 place up.  All winners will receive the
  prizes corresponding to their new position.