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            Oxyron unproudly presents

             Suicide - the 40KB Intro

         released at the Party7 in Aars/DK

So let's start with something called the Creditz

          Code by Axis & TTS of Oxyron

           and the even more unproudly

       Music by Antibrain of Bizarre Arts

     The Partygreetings are flying out to:

Bizarre Arts, Artwork, FEB, Polka B. and Impulse

    By the way. Suicide is only optimized for
 68040/060 Cpu's, bcoz we didn't expect too much
  from that slow 68030. Sorry to all 030 Users.

 For any problems with this production feel you
    welcome to contact the people behind it.


Axis/Oxyron           or        TTS/Oxyron

Michael Hillebrandt   
24943 Flensburg

      So have much fun with this Intro

                    Axis of Oxyron is signing off...