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                \\\ LiteWerx. | Organix

 winner of the wild! demo compo at summer encounter 1997

this production was created in its full length in only
5 days in july 1997. it was completed during the party.

c r e d i t s

ideas and production design  -  kim jensen & ruben borup
graphics                     -  kim jensen & ruben borup
soundtrack & sound effect    -  dennis nørgaard

thanks to ole riberholt for video mastering at the party

g r a p h i c s

storyboard  - photoshop was used for early sketching and
              graphical design.

3d modeling - 3d studio max version 1.2 was used for all
              modeling and rendering.

texturing   - all textures were scanned and/or retouched
              in photoshop and fractal painter.

composing   - all frames were assembled using adobe
              premiere and after effects.

a u d i o

ambience    - dx7 pad routed through the se50 and sampled
              in cubase.

string pads - same technique as above. the wav-files were
              imported into emu soundbanks and loaded into
              the awe32's mem. finally the pads were timed
              in cubase.

effects     - misc. samples + modified patches from the
              standard awe32/emu soundbanks. the effects
              were created and timed in cubase.
misc        - all eq + noise reduction handled by

h a r d w a r e

pentium 200 mhz, 80 mb ram
amd k6 200 mhz, 128 mb ram

yamaha dx7II
roland juno106
boss se50
soundtracs topaz macro 14:2
awe32 exp. 8mb
pentium 166 mhz, 40 mb ram
additional pentium pro 240 mhz, 128 mb ram, av master

s o f t w a r e

3d studio max 1.2
adobe photoshop 4.0
adobe illustrator 7.0
fractal design painter 5.0
adobe premiere 4.2
adobe after effects 3.11

steinberg's cubase audio xt 3.03
sonic foundry's soundforge 3.0
wavelab 1.6

g r e e t i n g s

syl - purple - fudGe - Xtacy - sh0dan - jets - wildcat
dan frederiksen - jesper thomsen - dice - kim kaurin
puld - 3difference - michael frandzen - the se97 crew
rene christensen (zteel/diffusion) - xevius

c o n t a c t

you may contact us via email or visit our web site

kim jensen      -
ruben borup     -
dennis nørgaard -

web site        -

 c o p y r i g h t   1 9 9 7    \ \ \   L i t e W e r x .