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the fast music compo

1'st place  #2 erlend tar ansvar by infinite/drd^adp with 480 points
	musician: jon alfred hauge lassen (infinite/proxima^sl^scp^vm)	
	handin+contributor: yo yo yosen (obli/dyregod^adp)	

2'nd place  #5 out of coke by icebound/m-headz with 480 points
	handin+musician: rasmus bjoerndal harr (icebound/m-headz)	

3'rd place  #4 rytrt by lone wolf/nocturnal&beam with 240 points
	handin+musician: oeyvind petrus staale (lone wolf/nocturnal&beam)	

4'th place  #1 kebert by varg/phobic with 144 points
	handin+musician: eivind  pedersen (varg/phobic)	

5'th place  #3 no sleep by orange/puld with 144 points
	handin+musician/3d animation/organizer/web desg: lasse  stakroge (orange/puld)	

6'th place  #6 the sleeping fastsong by super keyby/ritual with 32 points
	handin+musician/sysop: andrea  brancatelli (super keyby/ritual)	

the fast intro compo

1'st place  #2 snim/snam game lamers by coopnsunday/coders^3o3 with 848 points
	graphics/sunday coder: torben riis nielsen (riis/ambrosia)	
	handin+coder: allan  merrild (spacecamel/ambrosia)	

2'nd place  #1 6:00 a.m. by blasphemy with 720 points
	coder: mads  olesen (/blasphemy)	
	3d gfx: stefan mylleager frederiksen (byter/blasphemy)	
	handin+: kaspar holm daugaard (slyde/blasphemy)	
	musician: klaus  dreyer (dr. dreyer/blasphemy)	
	pr: anders fasterholt theut (vampire/blasphemy)	

the music compo

1'st place  #12 planet red by lone wolf/nocturnal&beam with 328 points
	handin+musician: oeyvind petrus staale (lone wolf/nocturnal&beam)	
	music: ole-christian  fosmo (dreamer/sublogic&tpolm)	

2'nd place  #18 forma exchange by mindwave/prone with 244 points
	handin+musician: martin dons dollerup (mindwave/prone)	

3'rd place  #20 noget af en steg by mystical/purple with 244 points
	handin+musician: asbjoern  andersen (mystical/purple)	

4'th place  #3 casual wet look by smash & lone wolf / beam with 196 points
	handin+) musician: oeyvind petrus staale (lone wolf/nocturnal&beam)	

5'th place  #11 perverted gods by icebound/m-headz with 180 points
	handin+musician: rasmus bjoerndal harr (icebound/m-headz)	

6'th place  #19 change comes about.. by oblivion with 168 points
	handin+coder/musician: martin bo groemholdt (oblivion/myth)	

7'th place  #9 lawnmover simulator by jets/beam with 160 points
	handin+musician: line  wolff (jets/beam)	

8'th place  #10 hoerning by stopher/dst with 156 points
	handin+cleaner: christopher holm madsen (stopher/dst)	

9'th place  #15 summer in denmark by varg/phobic with 152 points
	handin+musician: eivind  pedersen (varg/phobic)	

10'th place  #5 den lille pige med trommestikkerne by \\\ ruben./\\\ litewerx. with 128 points
	handin+music: ruben  borup (\\\ ruben./\\\ litewerx.)	

11'th place  #13 2. projekt by fisher/r&t with 128 points
	handin+musician: rene  larsen (fisher/r&t)	

12'th place  #17 lunar trip by sinus/renegades with 116 points
	handin+musician: thomas  christensen (sinus/demonic network)	

13'th place  #1 22nd by woogy/opium with 112 points
	handin+musician: jonas palner sonne (woogy/opium)	

14'th place  #14 den usynlige ven... by x-otic/q!p^subtrance with 112 points
	handin+coder^musician: niels-ole  gram (x-otic/q!p^subtrance)	

15'th place  #2 atmosphere by whistler&constrictor/intens with 104 points
	handin+graphics + music: martin  bangsoe (constrictor/intens)	

16'th place  #16 strange world by dr. dreyer/blasphemy with 92 points
	handin+musician: klaus  dreyer (dr. dreyer/blasphemy)	

17'th place  #6 attention! attention! by hideo/xevius with 84 points
	handin+muxik?: emil arffmann hansen (hideo/xevius)	

18'th place  #7 house of pain by toe/distortion with 84 points
	handin+3d-modeling / music: tobias  ebsen (toe/distortion)	

19'th place  #4 cyberspace by orange/puld with 64 points
	handin+musician/3d animation/organizer/web desg: lasse  stakroge (orange/puld)	

20'th place  #8 horror naturalis by monkey & riis / ambrosia with 32 points
	handin+graphics/music: torben riis nielsen (riis/ambrosia)	

the 3d gfx compo

1'st place  #3 super realism by deckard/impact with 524 points
	handin+graphics 2d/3d: mads  vester (deckard/impact)	

2'nd place  #5 no space by ransom/intens with 320 points
	handin+3d gfx: michael  barkholt (ransom/intens)	

3'rd place  #2 dreadwing by thomas suurland/prone with 304 points
	handin+3d artist: thomas  suurland (/prone)	

4'th place  #6 girlx by syl/bizart with 268 points
	handin+graphics: jakob  eriksen (syl/bizart)	

5'th place  #4 ambush by byter/blasphemy with 248 points
	handin+3d gfx: stefan mylleager frederiksen (byter/blasphemy)	

6'th place  #1 spider n glass by headroom/3difference with 240 points
	handin+3d artist and musicion: teddy rene hansen (headroom/3difference)	

the pixel graphics compo

1'st place  #10 doll parts by seth/fudge with 712 points
	handin+gfx: lars  serup (seth/fudge)	

2'nd place  #1 fireworx by boo/talent with 628 points
	handin+gfx: erlend  mosland (erlend/nocturnal)	

3'rd place  #5 after light by deckard/impact with 172 points
	handin+graphics 2d/3d: mads  vester (deckard/impact)	

4'th place  #7 saa er fanden loes i laksegade by harmless/purple with 156 points
	handin+graphics: mads rahbek hougaard (harmless/purple)	

5'th place  #2 nude lady by jan^scale/mango with 152 points
	graphics: jan  nielsen (jan/blasm)	
	handin+graphics: steffen anders furholm (scale/blasm)	

6'th place  #9 happy birthday by vampire/blasphemy with 100 points
	handin+graphics 2d&3d: anders fasterholt theut (vampire/blasphemy)	

7'th place  #8 phunky rabit by riis/ambrosia with 96 points
	handin+graphics/sunday coder/music: torben riis nielsen (riis/ambrosia)	

8'th place  #6 oejn by x-cell/xtacy with 84 points
	handin+graphician: ruben  hansen (x-cell/xtacy)	

9'th place  #4 4 elements: water by armitage 3/abc warriors with 80 points
	handin+graphics: katja  boysen (morrigon/abc warriors)	

10'th place  #3 the party 4 by dr. dreyer/blasphemy with 60 points
	handin+musician: klaus  dreyer (dr. dreyer/blasphemy)	

the intro compo

1'st place  #2 super bon bon by fudge with 1120 points
	gfx: lars  serup (seth/fudge)	
	handin+code: rune illum vendler (echo/fudge)	
	code: anders nedergaard jensen (craft/fudge)	
	music + fancy dancing: ebbe  hundborg (manchild/fudge)	

2'nd place  #1 print by prone with 448 points
	handin+graphics: simon moeller jensen (/prone)	
	3d artist: mikkel  stensgaard (lonestar/prone)	
	coder, musician: jacob moeller jensen (kvark/prone)	

3'rd place  #3 beamed by blasphemy with 440 points
	handin+coder: kaspar holm daugaard (slyde/blasphemy)	
	musician: klaus  dreyer (dr. dreyer/blasphemy)	

4'th place  #4 red garden by the phrenetics with 128 points
	handin+: erik  skodvin (xhale/calamity^system-x32)	

the wild! demo compo

1'st place  #10 organix by \\\ litewerx. with 640 points
	nada: jesper d. thomsen (nike/\\\ litewerx.)	
	handin+gfx: kim  jensen (vivaldee/\\\ litewerx.)	
	gfx: ruben  borup (\\\ ruben./\\\ litewerx.)	

2'nd place  #6 wild summer by prone with 412 points
	handin+3d artist: thomas  suurland (/prone)	
	3d artist: simon  vogensen (/prone)	

3'rd place  #9 bae iii by phobic with 324 points
	handin+3d graphics:    (nasse/phobic)	
	musician: eivind  pedersen (varg/phobic)	

4'th place  #5 sub by purple with 288 points
	handin+: thorsten  oerts (thorsten/purple)	

5'th place  #4 takeoff! by up uranus with 232 points
	handin+idea/design/modeling/animation: morten el toro bek (lalaith/)	

6'th place  #1 œ1billion by xtacy with 224 points
	handin+graphician: ruben  hansen (x-cell/xtacy)	

7'th place  #8 photogenics by puld with 216 points
	raytracer: henrik bjerregaard clausen (heinrich/puld)	
	handin+musician/3d animation/organizer/web desg: lasse  stakroge (orange/puld)	

8'th place  #3 late night hour by jazz/persuasive music with 140 points
	handin+musician: christian steen jensen (jazz/persuasive music)	

9'th place  #7 áeta 33,3« by distortion with 124 points
	gfx / 3ds: anders hjarbaek stensgaard (droop/distortion)	
	gfx / 3ds / music: tobias  ebsen (toe/distortion)	
	handin+movie / 3ds / gfx / music: christian byriel pedersen (beamer/distortion)	

10'th place  #2 interface by 3difference with 88 points
	3d artist and musician: teddy rene hansen (headroom/3difference)	
	handin+3d artist: jimmy max m.christensen (no-one/3difference)	
	programmer: michael  christensen (scorpion/3difference)	
	supporter: martin nyholm jelle (tremere/3difference)	
	game-tester: nick laursen rasmussen (trouble/3difference)	
	graphics: frans laursen rasmussen (warp/3difference)	

the demo compo

1'st place  #10 psygazer by xevius with 512 points
	: emil arffmann hansen (hideo/xevius)	
	: jakob keis hansen (painless/xevius)	
	handin+: kasper hoey nielsen (blazer/xevius)	

2'nd place  #8 cloudburst by purple with 452 points
	: henrik kiaer thygesen (rbecue/purple)	
	?: troels moeller rasmussen (stencil/purple)	
	support: soeren thing pedersen (thing/purple)	
	gfx, 3d: thorsten  oerts (thorsten/purple)	
	graphics: mads rahbek hougaard (harmless/purple)	
	handin+coder:  peder  herborg (vipa/purple)	
	musician: asbjoern  andersen (mystical/purple)	

3'rd place  #7 golem by prone with 316 points
	graphics: simon moeller jensen (/prone)	
	coder: mikkel  stensgaard (lonestar/prone)	
	handin+coder, musician: martin dons dollerup (mindwave/prone)	
	coder: jacob moeller jensen (kvark/prone)	

4'th place  #2 superb elite dezine warez by system-x32 with 288 points
	handin+saiydfoiyoisdyt: roicharfd  fneke (suppe32/system-x32)	

5'th place  #5 sense by blasphemy with 184 points
	coder: mads  olesen (/blasphemy)	
	handin+3d gfx: stefan mylleager frederiksen (byter/blasphemy)	
	: kaspar holm daugaard (slyde/blasphemy)	
	musician: klaus  dreyer (dr. dreyer/blasphemy)	

6'th place  #1 the taco strikes again by richard&jon with 120 points
	code: roicharfd  fneke (suppe32/system-x32)	
	handin+musician: jon alfred hauge lassen (infinite/proxima^sl^scp^vm)	

7'th place  #4 ny indianer by ../prone with 120 points
	graphics: simon moeller jensen (/prone)	
	handin+3d artist: kristoffer  soerensen (tweak/prone)	

8'th place  #11 arne by bad sector with 80 points
	handin+coder: michael  legart (badpixel/bad sector)	
	graphics: jesper  henriksen (boss/bad sector)	
	graphics: sune  pedersen (caero/bad sector)	
	games: martin  nielsen (conjurer/bad sector)	
	coder/musician/web: asbjoern  laurberg (highvoltage/bad sector)	
	games: thomas  oest (hotshot/bad sector)	
	graphic: jesper  henriksen (boss/bad sector)	

9'th place  #12 arsenique by mango with 68 points
	coder: bjarke roald skjernaa (beeblebrox/blasm)	
	: jan  nielsen (jan/blasm)	
	coder: alex rune berg (muad'dib/blasm)	
	: anders  rosendal (qute/blasm)	
	handin+coder: steffen anders furholm (scale/blasm)	

10'th place  #6 qubix by qubix with 64 points
	handin+coder: anders dittmer rosendal (qute/qubix)	

11'th place  #9 anders ii by rectum cauda with 56 points
	handin+anleggshomo: kjetil  limkjaer (breed!/proxima)	
	animator: jon alfred hauge lassen (infinite/proxima^sl^scp^vm)	

12'th place  #3 xtace by lost with 36 points
	: jonas  pedersen (/lost)	
	: morten  jensen (/lost)	
	gfx: michael  jensen (dexo/lost)	
	handin+code/music: peter  bach (dieffel/lost)