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[   Pieced together from original html files june 2012 by   ]
[   menace/spaceballs^boozoholics^accession. Fuckings to lamers.          ]

Goto10, Elfsong and Powerline are pleased to invite you to..


14 - 18 of June, 1997 
In Vättlehallen, Stenkullen

(A suburb of Gothenburg, Sweden)

Entrance Fee

200 SEK at the door, 170 SEK in advance.

How to get there

CAR. If you're travelling by car, take the E20 towards Stockholm or
Göteborg, depending on where you start. When you reach Kastenhofsmotet,
leave the highway and follow the signs saying "Stenkullen". Having arrived
at the center of Stenkullen, turn left into the street called Gråbovägen.
After about 300 metres you have Vättlehallen, the party place, on your
right hand.

TRAIN, BOAT, PLANE. When travelling using any of these vehicles you should
get to Göteborg as a start. If you are one of those rich chaps or maybe a
bit lazy, the right thing for you to do is to call for a cab and make the
driver follow the description above. The other alternative is to locate
Centralstation, the main ( and only) railway station of Göteborg and catch
the local train towards Lerum. Get off at Stenkullen, the first stop after
Lerum. Proceed straight forward on foot about 250 meters and you face
Vättlehallen, the party place.

Signs in the surrounding of the party place will guide you; you cannot
virtually fail to find Icing '97. If you still do, just ask some nice-
looking fellow to explain the way to the icehall "Vättlehallen".


Icing'97 took place the 14 - 18 of june, 1997 and had...

- 240 visitors
- 9 main organizers
- 11 floormen
- Way too little prizemoney :)

Entrance fee: 200 sek at the door, 180 sek in advance. 
Free entrance for girls, of course. 

Amiga Demo computer: 
A1200 equipped with a B1230-50Mhz with 18MB. 

PC Compo computer: 
Cyrix P166+ with 16mb memory, Hercules Dynamite 128 (ET6000), GUS and SB16.

Icing '97 is the party when...
- We had about 5000 cans of Jolt Cola for sale in the café.
- We sold only half of the above mentioned Jolt Cola.
- dOZE found himself a girlfriend among the local kickers.
- We threw Dj.Cat out because of violating our rule against alcohol. ;)
- We had altogether about 25 surprisecompos!

Icing 1997 Compo results

4 Channel Music Competition 
1. 88      Wasp/PowerLine: Alibaba and the 40 Ravers 
2. 85      Poison & Jus: Axial Clinic 
3. 69      Slice/Royal: BrainRumble 
4. 54      Mega/Dole: Reaction 
5. 39      Ooze/Xzone: 2 Moons 
6. 35      Spot/TLE: Goes with da bong 
7. 31      Marauder: Ride the Lizard 
8. 23      Vinzi/HT: Pornorama 
9. 22      Carter/Outbreak: Dosky Days 
10. 19     Epoz/Ifftic: Mysig Hemmakväll 
11. 14     C-frog: Unique Relationship 
12. 13     Choma/HT: Car vs Kitt 
13. 12     Cloud / Candle: Rude Mood 
14. 6      Aro/HT: Boost da Kangaroo 

4kb Intro 
1. 106     rECTUM cAUDA 
2. 92      Dreams from jokkstock heaven 
3. 54      ac_fire6.exe 
4. 48      4k $$ by $$$$$$$$ air $$$$ bag 

64kb Intro 
1. 136     Orca: Room 101 
2. 132     Proxima: GutGutGutGut 
3. 67      DarkAge: Fantasy 
4. 37      Nocturnal: Disorder 
5. 34      Obscure: STOCK 
6. 20      OTB: Mer Stock 
7. 18      The Phrenetics: S60R 

Amiga Demo 
1. 258     Powerline: Repugnance 
2. 142     3LE: Second Chance 
3. 126     Dole: Flower 
4. 72      Nature: Wannabe 
5. 62      SxT: Dr. Pepper 

1. 110     Killar i cykelbyxor: Puck-STOCK 
2. 97      Rectum Cauda: STOCK 
3. 90      Uno & Keso: Der Glasswagen 
4. 44      Hemulianerna: Hemglass 
5. 34      Flushed Design: Hemglass 
6. 24      X-Zone & Candle: Hemsk glass 
7. 19      ORCA: Hemglass 
8. 14      STOCK: Glassbil 
9. 11      Narcotica: Knark 
10. 7      Diwie & Fuzz: STOCK 

1. 97      Desoto/Subspace: Oh Sexy Eyes 
2. 78      Vinzi/HT: Sexy Bits 
3. 63      Saim/RandomChaos: NukeGirl 
4. 54      Tmx/C-lous & Dole Shopping 
5. 51      NamNam/Blocc: Remember This 
6. 31      Zalo/Subspace: Hirider 
7. 23      Fredman: Till Ulla 
8. 22      Poison/Blocc: Ohhh! 
9. 21      Decibel/Dark Age: Moonsmile 
10. 21     Aeroba/Candle: Babybloom 
11. 19     Stealth: Psycho Dog 
12. 17     Baloo/Blocc: AfroFamiljen 
13. 13     Rex/Nature: Natural Born Killer 
14. 12     Duffe/Sardonyx: Babe 
15. 10     Matarazzo/Grasshopper: Posedown 
15. 10     Colorblind/Neur.: My Best Friend 
16.  9     Pipe/Nature: The Temple Queen 
17.  6     SharQue/Acid: Spiritual Bounce 
18.  1     FuzzViscose Spirit 

1. 84      Jellyfish: Heaven 
2. 81      Silverstance / Neurotica: Sail 
3. 78      Slice/Royal: Love @ first sight 
4. 76      Poison & Mystical: Dansa Bonanza 
5. 58      Claw / C-Lous: Firespirit 
6. 47      Nightowl / Goto10: Polka 
7. 40      Saim / RC: Transparent Orchestra 
8. 37      Ooze / Xzone: If it only 
9. 35      Marauder / Oblivion: Summer 
10. 31     Jus / Tea: Stellar Blowout 
11. 24     Zabler / X-zone: Riddebibau 
12. 21     Firefly: Burn! 
13. 16     Xhale / Dupe: Blue Thoughts 
14. 15     Lone Wolf & Walker: Hit the street 
15. 15     Canis Lupus: My kind of problem 
16. 10     Diwic: There's still hope 

PC Demo 
1. 129     Blocc: Planet superfish 
2. 99      Outbreak: Saga 
3. 50      Neurotica: Silly yellow fish 
4. 43      Goto10: Min lada är på Jamaica 
5. 27      rECTUM cAUDA: Hamzter 
6. 26      World Of Plasma: Diwic + Fuzz 
7. 23      Nocturnal: Scream 
8. 23      rECTUM cAUDA: TG97 
9. 19      VPK: Panduro 
10. 17     nEUROTIC DESIGN: 2 nICE fISH 
11. 17     Velvet: Anvil vapre 
12. 13     Calamity: Cyanide 

1. 201     Thiesen: Lag är livet 
2. 148     Nödut: Snabelmännen anfaller 
3. 113     Stop: Dålig i magen

Icing'97 report written by Baloo/Blocc

Written long time after Icing, so the order of events might not be in
correct order. I've probably forgot many things too.

This year, Icing and Remedy was at the same time, so ofcourse I knew that
it wouldn't come so many visitors. But quite many showed up, maybe it was
250 people there. Probably a little less. I came to Stenkullen approx. an
half hour before the whole party should start. Above the entrence of the
icehall "vättlehallen" was a small sign that stated "Icing'97 - Stock". For
you readers who doesn't know what the word "stock" means it is a another
word for dick often used by Goto10.

When I stood in the line and waited, Flex/Blocc and Poison/Blocc showed up.
They where already inside. Flex carried my computer stuffs inside the
icehall, and I still waited in the waiting line. They had two lines. One
for those who had payed in advance, and one for those who was going to pay
at the place. After 20 minutes I came in. They had changed the bigscreen
location this year. Now it was on the long side of the icehall. I think
that it was better to have it there. Poison had already got a table for us
a bit left of the bigscreen. I walked there and started to unpack my
computer. When it was done Namnam/Blocc came into the party hall. Now the
attendants started to come, and the hall started to get crowded. Some time
after my computer was unpacked. Poison came and asked me if the Proxima
dudes could borrow my computer to finnish their 64k intro. Ofcourse they
could. Calvin, Jaws and Bounty came over to our table, and I plugged in one
of theirs harddrives. They started to work on their 64k called Gut Gut Gut
Gut. Flex/Blocc worked hard to finish our demo, and I started to paint the
credit logos on Jus/Tea notebook. In my opinion they didn't look good when
I've finished them, but they where quite allright. They also had some
boring suprise compos. Paint Spice Girls and track a Wannabe module. I also
met Patrik/ex Orca and Alex/Orca who where working on their really good 64k
intro called "Room 101". In the cafeteria they sold Pizzas with quite long
delivery time, and baguettes, also known as bigstocks. The baguettes really
tasted good, so I ate them the most of the party, ofcourse I ate some bread
that i brought from home too. The pizzas was really to expensive, some of
them costed 60sek about $8.

The icehall was mostly filled with game-lamers. They where playing quake
all the time. There wasn't too many sceners at icing. But still a lot more
then some other Swedish parties. After a while DJ Cat/Keso was kicked out
of the party place because he drank beer. The organizers also talked with
the Proxima guys because they drank beer outside the party place when
having a barbeque. But they where not drunk, so the organizers didn't care.

The most competistions sucked, many pictures looked like scans+photoshop.
The modules/demos/intros wasn't so good, with some exeptions. Liket/Goto10
was angry at Poison because he had friends-voted at some parties before,
(he have told all his friends to vote for him) so after the voting, Liket
walked around and told everyone that hadn't voted yet to vote. But not on
Poison. He opened the voting machines again, so everyone who hadn't voted
could do it. Poison ended up 2nd in 4chn with Jus/Blocc. His multichannel
came at 4th place. Ofcourse those who voted again didn't have to vote like
Liket said, but most of them did.

One of the coolest suprise compos was the one when you was supposed to make
a module, background pic and dance to it on the bigscreen. It was a big
laugh when the Norwiegans danced disco, and stripped to the sand4 song,
"discotime"/ Stor Hamzter. Theisen danced to Liket's gabber tune, and won.
But it was a really tight compo, I thoght that the others won, but well, it
was Liket's tune, and he was the judge, maybe that is why Theisen won.

There really isn't so much more to say about Icing '97. If you want to see
the contributions, some screenshots are in this article. But check on
Arosnet or Hornet if you want the contributions.