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NAID '96 Spotter's Guide - another silly info-text by Phoenix[Kosmic]
Last update: June 7, 1996: -7 days and no longer counting

(here's where I get to see how right I was, from the 5/21 update)

Returning Groups
The Apollo Project (TAP) (demo) - At least, I assume they were there last
  year, they made the NAID '95 home page.  Anyway they plan on entering a
  demo.  (this group is known for their 2 minutes-long intro "Night Life")

- Nope.

Bodies In Motion (demo) - A small group from New Brunswick specializing in
  code tutorials.

- ?.

Craw Productions (demo) - This Ontario duo will be back at NAID with a new
  demo called "Infinity".  A preview, called "Window to Oblivion", was
  released on May 6th, grab at

- Yep. 2nd place.

Da Cheez Brigade (demo) - Yes, this group still exists, but many of the
  members have left (Vip is the only remaining coder).  They released a not-
  too-serious "preview" of their demo on May 9th.

- Nope, they're all still in.  But yep, they made a demo, 1st place.

Dungeon Dwellers Design (DDD) (demo) - Yup, they'll be back.  Not sure
  just what they plan on making this year, though.

- A cool 360 degree shooter game.

Five Musicians (music) - Necros and Basehead will be back again, and
  Mellow-D will show up as well.  Rumors are that Necros might "retire"
  from the scene, following Base, after the party (would this mean two
  honorary FM members? ;).

- Nope, he won't be "retiring" for a few months at least.

Force Ten (music) - This Quebec group will be back, and they'll be playing
  live on stage! (possibly with Necros).

- Yep, but not with Necros.

Hornet (news) - The leading demoscene information group will be back and in a
  classroom this time, although they will no doubt get much exercise from
  running around. :) They will be entering a demo, coded by Trixter and
  Phred[OTM], possibly with some cues from the upcoming Grind Player
  v2.0.  Tek[OTM] is doing the music now, so this is more or less a
  Hornet/OTM joint production.  They will also be presenting an intro
  for MC4 (Music Contest, coded by Kiwidog, music by Leviathan), which
  officially begins May 31st.  Finally, they will be selling Hornet demo
  archive CD-ROMs at the party, called "Hornet Underground".

- Yep on all that, except the MC4 intro which didn't get done in time.

Kosmic (music) - This time around KFMF will have even more members showing up,
  around 10 or so.  They will no doubt have many music entries, and at
  least one graphics entry, but at this time a demo or intro seems unlikely.
  There is a slight chance some of the KFMF guys will be doing some live
  DJ sets on stage.  Kosmic T-shirts won't be available to the public until
  a couple months or so after NAID, but you should still be able to spot
  a few of the members at the party in one. :) Area 51 CDs and tapes will
  be for sale, though.

- Nope, Maelcum didn't show up. Yep, no demo or intro.

Psychic Monks (demo/music) - They will be entering a demo, tentatively
  called "Babylon", coded by Necros and Likuid Krystal, with music by 
  Necros and graphics by Shaithis.

- Nope, didn't get finished in time. Close though.

Renaissance (music) - Daredevil, CCCatch, and Mosaic will likely return.
  Leviathan and Ryan Cramer can't show.  Mosaic already has a tune done
  (Tears 2).

- Yep.

The Surrounders (music/demo) - That ever-so-mysterious Quebec group will
  be back, promising another demo entry.

- Yep, 7th place.

The Perfect Team (TPT) (demo/music/art) - TPT, which is Annihilatus(gfx),
  The Humanoid(code), and The Hornet(music), attended last year with two
  members making individual entries, but this year they plan on releasing a
  collective game at the party along with other possible entries.

- Yep kinda. The hornet did a tune, The Humanoid did an intro.

Threesome (demo) - This Maryland group will be back, sharing a classroom
  with Terraformer.  There are technically more than three in the group now.
  They will probably be entering an intro.

- Yep, 1st place.

USED Crew (demo) - This small group from Montreal will probably be back,
  as Depth[USED] will be organizing the Lim0Naid music/gfx compos.  They 
  are working on a demo entry.

- Yep, with Satire, it didn't get done in time though.

New Groups
ACiD (art) - New of course only to NAID, as a group.  They are working on
  a demo, believe it or not (we'll see if it actually gets finished :).
  Rumors are they will have their own classroom/temple of ansi power as well.

- Yep kinda, some did a demo under the name Alien, they had a room too.

Arcana (demo?) - I've only heard they're doing a NAID demo, nothing else.

- Nope.

Carcass (demo/music) - This Ontario-based group actually came partially from
  the C64!  They will be entering an intro called "Intermission" being a
  parody of Euro demos.

- Nope, it didn't get finished.

Continuum (demo) - New group featuring MrData and others, sharing the 3Some/
  Terraformer classroom.  They plan to make a party report.

- Not sure yet.

Corrosion (demo?) - The usual "we're making a demo for NAID" deal.

- Not.

Grey (music) - A new music group featuring Ryan, Skie, QPorcupine and others.

- Nope.

Guild (demo?) - Once again, I heard a new group name and the words "NAID"
  and "demo" used in the same sentence.  Stay tuned.

- They had a room, but didn't enter anything.

Hallucination (demo) - A small new Pennsylvanian group, planning a demo or
  intro entry.

- Ditto.

Immortal Coil (demo) - New York state group, working on a demo.

- Oops, they're a music group, I forgot to change that.

Lucid (demo/music) - A Texas-area group that I believe has been around
  for a year or more, with Rimbo, Pinion, and others.

- Yep, at least Rimbo was there.

Miracle (demo) - Another new American demo group.. they're working on a
  demo entry, called "Never Assume", and possibly an intro.

- Yep, 5th place. No intro.

Night55 (music) - This is Xerxes, Scirocco, Glitch (not the Rephlex Glitch),
  Sikamikanico, and Rage.  At least the first three will be there.

- Nope, only Xerxes.

N.O.I.S.E. (music) - This is a new Canadian music group, formed over the summer
  of '95.  ShawnM/NOiSE will be one of the music compo organizers.

- Yep, they had many high placing music entries.

Nuclear Meltdown (demo) - This is an American group that has been around for a
  few years with very small productions.  They plan to enter a demo called
  "The Lynch".

- Yep, 8th place.

Opiate (demo) - This new American demo group will be entering a demo and
  possibly presenting/releasing another, more "whimsical" one.  They're on
  the NAID links page if you don't know anything about them (and you probably
  don't :).

- Yep, but didn't run on the compo machine I think.

Satire (demo) - AFAIK this group is the reincarnation of Night Vision.
  They may be entering a demo.  BTW, Epeius is now going by his real
  name, Ara.

- Yep, but it didn't get finished in time.

Saw Tooth Disortion (demo) - Canadian group, working on an intro.

- Nope.

Synergy (music/art) - A rather secret group, formed mostly from the
  ex-members of Neophyte.  They may be working on an intro.

- Not.

Team #coders (demo) - The name pretty much says it all.  A demo entry
  is possible.

- Yep, 10th place.

Terraformer (demo) - This is a new Virginia-based demo group.  They will be in
  the 3Some room as well.  They will not be entering a demo.

- Not under their own name at least. :)

XX (music/art) - Prepare to meet the world's first all-female demoscene group.

- Yep.

Defunct/Not Returning Groups
Bass Productions (music) - After Siren and Sirrus left, the group pretty
  much became history.

Core (demo) - They won't be able to attend due to jobs.

Defiance (music) - Defiance faded out over last summer, the last sole member
  being Perisoft.  I've heard _rumors_ about a comeback musicdisk, but I'm
  not sure if I want to believe them. :)

Epinicion (music) - This mega-group decided to call it quits in March after
  two years.  Whether their 120-or-so members will be at NAID is unknown. :)

Mazurka (music) - This Canadian group disbanded in Jan '96.  Some members
  joined Carcass (see above). So maybe no light shows during the music
  compo this time, eh? :)

Night Vision (demo) - see Satire, above.

Pure Resistance (art/demo) - PR is not dead yet, even with all but about 3
  members leaving the group.  Unfortunately, this means there will be no
  PR members at NAID this year, but an ex-member will be entering an intro
  for them.

Wild Rumors
(most of these will happen, some probably won't, you'll have to sort
them out yourself :)

It's confirmed, both Lemm (Liam the Lemming/S!P) and Mellow-D (er,
Mellow-B? :) _will_ be coming to NAID.  Sikamikanico is holding out until
'97 it seems.  Darkness/Imphobia & Sleeping Dog/Natives won't be able to
attend due to exams.

- Yep on all that.

Tran may show up.

- He did.

Iguana may be entering a demo, with Vibrance, formerly known as our good ol'
#trax-takeover buddy, Rephlex (actually, rumors are he'll be kicked out of
Iguana in the near future. :)

Legend Design may enter a demo, with either Alpha and/or Pit Bull showing
up (the music couldn't be by Necros under the 1-job-per-compo rule).

(Don't be scared out of competition by seeing these group names; I see the
chance of either of these groups entering as fairly low. But if you don't
mind the intimidation, I heard "some euro group is coming, with a
kick-ass demo". Ooh.)

- Nope, neither group showed up.

An Australian has purchased a ticket.

- Yep, Higherbeing, but he was in NA anyway.

An Israeli will be attending (but will be in the US for the summer anyway).

- Nope.

GooRoo/kind-of-ex-Kosmic is working on a solo demo entry (last demo my ass! :)

- He wasn't even there.

Breathe easy, trackers, Necros and Basehead won't be entering the music compo.

- But they did judge.

Mellow-D and JMagic will be entering an intro.

- Nope.

S!P (now mostly Austrian/American) will be entering a demo, coded by Onyx.

- Not.

Kosmic will be auctioning off a few "KFMF-member" t-shirts, proceeds going
to buy a web site server.

- Nuh-uh.

They will be selling beer at NAID Friday night, at an outside BBQ.  Email if you think this will result in property damage,
brawls, etc, otherwise, party on! :)

- Not quite. The BBQ was on Saturday, no beer.

Big laser light show (AHH, MY EYE!).

- Umm.. I didn't see any lasers, did you? Cool lights still..

The rave will include this light show and realtime effects by DCB.

- What rave?

At least two live bands.

- Yup.

Necros and Mellow-D will be holding a tracking seminar/lecture.

- Only Necros.

Free-for-all entries will include a random music composer and an
IRC-controlled camera setup, "cu-see-me" style.

- Yup on the first one (HORRIBLE random music at that :)

There will be a classroom chalkboard graphics compo.

- Nope.

They will be showing two movies: "Pulp Fiction" and "Strange Days".

- Pulp Fiction and Crimson Tide.

Well, it looks like there will be a LOT more demo and intro entries this
year.. I predict 20-25 demos, 10-15 intros.  They will only be showing 20 of
each.  For music, I predict around 100 entries, although _hopefully_ the
organizers will only play a small fraction of that. :)  As for graphics,
I'm not sure, there will probably be some more (20 or so maybe?) and they
shouldn't have a problem showing them all.  I wonder about the smaller
compos, there's not as much of a prize incentive to throw together entries
at the party like with the intro compo last year. :)

- 18 demos, 7 intros, 75 or so music, 20 gfx. I was aiming a little high :)

But heck with being crowded inside bombarded by screens all day coding
and tracking.. it's gonna be summer, go outside, play volleyball,
toss a frisbee, catch some rays.. even if it's in the parking lot. :)

How many people will be there?
Struk predicts: 800-1000
I predict: 1100-1300
GD predicts: 1500
Let's see who's right!

- Probably Struk.