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Here are the animations from NAID '96 which collectively tied for 1st place
in the wild compo with the "Guy Animation" entry.  They were made by Hegor/
DCB (aka Richard ?).  To save some space, I've converted them from a series
of 256-color FLIs.  Both were tested under the Windows 98 Media Player.

 lego.m1v        mpg video-track, should be playable with any recent mpeg
                  video player
 starwars.avi    uses Indeo 5 codec, which means DOS and Win 3.x users will
                  be S.O.L. - sorry.  Win95 users can download the codec from

                 I deducted from the NAID audio log that this is not a
                 complete version of the star wars animation - but, it's what
                 I got.

- Phoenix