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Graphics from NAID '96.  While the compo pictures were limited to 256 colors,
some JPG "release versions" are included, with the compo version in their .ZIP.

This information will automatically appear in QPV and ACDSee/32 with the 
included DESCRIPT.ION file.

2hands.gif      "2 Hands" by The Dead/Inca Master
an-red.lbm      "Dark Shade of Red" by Annihilatus/iCE
bg-naid1.gif    "You Too Can Be a Gfx Dude" by Blue Gravity/ACiD        #1 *
ccs_bug.gif     "Bug" by Defex/Carcass
count.pcx       "Count Zero Interrupt" by Kosh/Beyond
gargoyle.gif    "Gargoyle" by Muad'Dib/Inca Master
jadecobr.pcx    "Jade Cobra Technique" by Kilowack/Miracle
knight.lbm      "Knight" by Oman/Renaissance
ks-nthng.gif    "NAID Thing" by Keith Straka
l'oeil.lbm      "L'oeil" by Bacon Bit
lk-nornd.jpg    "This is Not Rendered" by Likuid Krystal/Psychic Monks
loss.lbm        "Loss" by Dark Avenger/DDD
lt1521.lbm      "LT1521" by Perisoft/Capacala                           #2
n46.jpg         "Aerin" by Visigoth/ACiD & Lintec/iCE                   #1 *
nikita.jpg      "Nikita" by Deks/Inca Master
putmansg.gif    "Puttman" by Gravel/Synergy
sa-naid4.pcx    (title unknown) by Soul Assassin/ACiD
salvatn.pcx     "Salvation" by LakEEE/Craw Productions                  #3
she-ra!.gif     "She-Ra" by Frost Byter/USED
vaisso2.gif     "Vaisseau 1" by Mat/Surrounders
zip             all graphics in .ZIP format

- Phoenix

* read \1996\reports\nd96res.txt for an explanation