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32k 3-channel music from NAID '96.

This information will automatically appear in Cubic Player/OpenCP with the
included _NAID96C.MDZ file.

bny-kswt.s3m    "KSWT" by Benoit C./NOISE
chip2.s3m       "Ruffles" by Muad'Dib/Inca Master
chiptune.s3m    "YumYum" by The Dead/Inca Master
crime96.s3m     "Crime Scene 1996" by Parallax/Surrounders
dual.s3m        "Dual Complex" by Lord Blanka/Terraformer               #1
finite.s3m      "Finite Dreams" by Phoenix/Kosmic
m1-chip.s3m     "Chordial Chipness" by Liam the Lemming/Mach One
p3-chrs1.s3m    "Christe 1" by The Pope/Mistigris+IS     "Smallnut" by Le Barman/Surrounders
supra.s3m       "Supraconductor" by Matju/Trimaje
vastchip.s3m    "My Czhip Tuna" by Vastator/Team #coders
zip             All 3-channel music in .ZIP format

- Phoenix