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100k intros from NAID '96. Where possible, final release versions are included.

1stoff          "First Offense" by Saw Tooth Distortion*
broken          "Broken" by Continuum & Leviathan                       #3
dyslexia        "Dyslexia" by Threesome                                 #1
fahkir          "The Parkinson Fahkir" by The Muffin Group
flower          "Flower" by The Humanoid                                #2
interrup        "Interrupt Internet" by Fyoozhen
one-time        "One Time" by Infotech*
protest         "Protest" by Satire
zip             All intros in .ZIP format

* These are the same intro made by the same people.  It was intended to
be entered as 1stoff, but was entered as one-time instead, then was eventually
released as 1stoff again.

- Phoenix