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NAID '96 - Preliminary Results - by Phoenix[Kosmic/Hornet]

These are what I can remember from the awards ceremony.  Hopefully, the
organizers will soon release the full results this time.

Demo Compo
1. Da Cheez Brigade, "Trans Cheddar Express"
2. Craw Productions, "Infinity"
3. Hornet/OTM, "Explicit"

100k Intro Compo
1. Threesome, "Dyslexia"
2. The Humanoid, "Flower"
3. Independent, "Broken"

4.2k Intro Compo
1. Vertigo, "Dreaming In Blue"

Free-For-All Compo
1. (tie) Star Wars animation
         another animation with gross yet funny stickfigures

Multichannel Music Compo
1. Dynamic Harmony/Carcass, "Party On Funky-tron"
2. Mayhem & Absalom/Carcass, "Pain 96"
3. Future Assassin/Mystique, "Demon's Pride Remix"
4. Mellow-D/FM

3 Channel Chipmusic Compo
1. Blanka/Terraformer

Graphics Compo
1. Soul Assassin/ACiD
2. Perisoft/Capacala
3. LakEEE/Craw Productions
(note: Lintec(?) & Visigoth/iCE would've taken 1st place, but they were
 not present at the party so their entry was disqualified)

New Effect Compo
1. Vertigo

Anyway, there were a few mistakes here and there but it was a LOT of fun and
the music and demo competitions had some great entries!  I heard that all
1400 tickets sold out but I cannot confirm that.  There will probably not 
be a NAID'97, because the organizers will be too busy with college, but
hopefully someone in North America will fill in the gap; I've heard so far 
that Carcass and Hornet have plans.