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                               INFORMATION FILE
   Welcome to the official N.A.I.D. 96 Info-file. Please feel free to
   look around. Comments can be sent to our E-Mail adress. 
   This is version 2.3, updated May 10th 1996.  
   NEw! NEw! NEw! "Frequently Asked Questions" Page! 

   A "*" means that there have been modifications made to this section
   since the previous version of the info-file. 
     * General Information. 
     * Party Features. 
     * Activity Schedule 
     * *Competitions 
          + Prize packages. 
          + General information. 
          + Competing at NAID 96. 
          + *Rules and regulations. *(Changes in Music and VgaCard)* 
          + The selection process. 
          + Distribution. 
     * The Sponsors 
          + Sponsors list and info. 
          + Friends-of-Naid list. 
     * The Organization 
          + Organizers list. 
          + Compo supervisors and judges list. 
          + How to be part of the Naid 96 crew. 
     * Directions 
     * Planned bus trips from various cities 
     * What you wanted to know. 
     * Last minute news & rumors. 
     * *How to contact us. *TEL#* 

          You are reading the official invitation text-file to the North
          American International Demo Festival's 2nd edition, still held
          at Edouard-Montpetit College in Longueuil, still 15 minutes
          from the well known city of Montreal, in the province of
          Quebec, Canada. 
          Well, to summ it up, we think your gonna like what we have in
          store for you this year. More activities, prizes, games,
          compos, the works! And even better, you still don't have to
          cross one of the major oceans to get there. Phear it, something
          this fun comes only once a year! =) 
          The event will last 3 days, from the 31rst of may to june the
                Ticket costs will be : 
                20$ for the 3 day pass 
                8$ for a 1 day visit 
                (Canadian funds) 
          If you like to, you will also be able to rent your room on the
          party place itself, so prepare with your group a total of 25$
          can. for the whole group in the room. You will also be asked
          for a 20$ deposit (in order to pay the key if you guys run away
          with it after naid like people did last year). :) You should
          bring some money too for souvenirs like the many happy CD-Roms
          poping around at naid. 
          Please note that the 3 day pass is needed to have access to the
          dorm and to be a contestant in the competitions. 
          Places are limited to 1400-1800 people, so buy your tickets
          today! (20 canadian bucks? Close to nothing for something this
          fun. Dare to compare! =) 
   There will be on-site at the festival: 
     * Demo competition. 
     * Intro competition. 
     * Music competition. 
     * Gfx competition. 
     * Lim-0-naid Music & GFX compo. 
     * 42*10^-1 kb Intro compo. 
     * 3 Channel chiptune compo. 
     * Best new effect compo. 
     * Disk, keyboard and font throwing compos. 
     * Free-for-all compo. 
     * HUMONGOUS Dolby Surround sound system. Nothing impresses the crowd
       like a swooping baba-cool surround effect in a demo. Just tought
       I'd mention it. =) 
     * HUMONGOUS screen, latest technology. Specs will be included in a
       future info-file. Watch for them, don't get caught by a slow mode
       switch that ruins your demo. We've been told big screen technology
       has improved quite a big deal since last year, so prepare to be
     * HUMONGOUS professionnal-quality stage light setup. 
     * On-site Olympic size pool. Bring your bathing suit! 
     * Multiplayer network games 
     * Free Internet access on-site. 
     * 2nd edition of the dinosaur museum. Bigger and better! You can
       sell/swap/show-off your PC Junior, XT, C64, Apple IIe, Sinclair,
       etc... We are also looking for brave souls who'd like to
       demonstrate their programming abilities with these machines, so if
       your'e interested, contact us and we'll set something up. 
     * Space and free electricity! Bring your computers, stoves,
       cappucino machine, whatever! (Reservations possible for early
       ticket buyers. Yet another reason to bring your computer. But if
       it gets decapitated, trampled on, or simply thrown into the
       olympic sized pool, well... JUST TOO BAD ! :)) The organizers are
       not responsible for your equipment) 
     * Easy access to water, bathrooms, showers. 
     * Security guards on service 24h/day 
     * First-Aid available on the site 24h/day 
     * Lots of comfortable and quiet sleeping places (Bring your own
       sleeping bags). Classrooms (where people will sleep) can be locked
       to ensure luggage safety. You can reserve classrooms in advance if
       you are a group. Contact us! This year, a fee of 25$(Can.) per
       -classroom- will be charged. (No Matter how many people you want
       to be in that particular room. (Covers those pesky cleaning costs)
       This covers the whole 3 days of the party for one room. 
     * Lots of Parking space 
     * NAID 96 t-shirts, posters and such, the perfect show-off momentoes
       for your buddies back home =) 
     * The Party-place is close to every luxury this civilisation can
       provide (transportation, restaurants, bars, malls, etc.) 
     * And probably a few other suprise events as well! Look for the
       N.A.I.D. 96 Intro. Keep looking at this page to get upgrades... 

          Rather "incomplete" at the moment. 
          + Friday : 
          + 19h00 Doors open for good! (Nobody allowed before that hour) 
          + Sunday : 
          + 19h00 Doors are closed for N96. 
          + (Helpers can stay if they like (we adore that!), 
          + but we can't give anybody access for the night this year, 
          + since there is classes on the monday morning...). :( 
                Prizes packages 
                Prizes will be composed of cash and hardware. All numbers
                and prizes are subject to change, but it is unlikely they
                will. All the following are in canadian funds. 
                Cash prizes are as follows 
                Per category RankingDemoIntroMusicGraphicsTotal 1rst
                Place1500$900$600$500$ 2nd Place1000$600$400$350$ 3rd
                Place500$300$200$150$ Total3000$1800$1200$1000$7000$ 
                Plus many many other little prices for smaller compos. 
                Hardware prize packages info is unavailable for now. 
                General information 
                Well, the competition rules have seen some changes since
                the last edition of NAID. The reason is simple.
                Experience. We have much better idea of what to expect
                and the issues we have to adress. (Well, atleast we like
                to think so :) Since we have a pretty good idea of how it
                must feel to see your entry disqualified after weeks and
                weeks of work, we cannot urge you strongly enough to read
                them carefully and not take chances. So be forewarned,
                these rules will now be strongly enforced. 
                Every entry must meet the requirements below or face
                elimination. Reasons for not meeting these requirements
                are non-existant. We don't care if disks sponstaneously
                combust, your brother died or your luggage got ran over
                by a truck. The NAID organizers are not inclined to give
                slack this year, no matter how nice you where last year
                Deadlines will 99.9% sure be followed this year. In case
                of a major catastrophy, (Earthquake, martians, media
                frenzy, killer bees nest found in the compo computer, the
                coming of the antechrist, etc...), and that the deadline
                just HAS to move, a public announcement will be made to
                that effect, and then periodically repeated. Late entries
                will be disqualified. Don't say we did'nt warn you. 
                Each compo will have a maximum number of competing
                entries. If we get more entries than available air-time,
                a pre-selection process by judges will decide wich
                entries qualify. 
                And concerning the playing platforms we use, contestants
                have limited choice this year. The reason for this is
                simply time. We do not have the luxury to have a good
                compo and change the hardware/software for each piece. We
                believe the options we offer are sufficient to do
                anything one might want to do. If you disagree, or think
                we missed something, please tell us and if the demand is
                there, we might be able to add a couple of elements you
                think are missing from our list. 
                Competing at NAID 96 
                Application must be filled in at our submission booth
                on-site at NAID 96. (See the distribution section of this
                document for more details.) 
                It is also possible, yet again, to get your stuff
                screened at NAID if we have time. Even if you can't be
                there. But, participation in the official compos still
                requires, on site, a member who contributed to the piece.
                (Otherwise you obviously cannot win prizes and such.) 
                Rules and regulations 
                Demo Compo : 
               o The Demo's runtime size must not exceed 3072k. 
               o Maximum running time is 20 minutes. 
                Intro Compo : 
               o The intro's runtime size must not exceed 102400 bytes. 
               o Maximum running time is 10 minutes. 
                *Music Compo : 
               o You must chose 1 of the 5 players in our list. (See
                 available specs for more detail) 
               o Maximum uncompressed size is 1024k. 
               o Song length cannot exceed *5* minutes. 
               o Limit one song per person. (Including co-op tunes) 
                Graphics Compo : 
               o All graphics must be "hand drawn" (so to speak). 
               o No ray-traced, ripped or scanned images. 
               o Maximum resolution is 640x480x256. 
               o The latest version of CSHOW will be used to display the
               o No less than 3 pictures of the work in progress are
                 needed to qualify. 
               o The given pics must clearly show the progress of the
                 work from first draft to final version. 
               o The burden of proof is on the author. 
               o We discard every entry that does'nt respect all of these
               o Limit one pic per person. 
                Lim-0-naid Music : 
               o 10 minutes run length time to track the music. 
               o The samples (there shall be six of them) are provided,
                 and may be altered within the possibilities of the
                 tracker used, but one competitor may not take any
                 external sources for samples but for the ones provided. 
               o No other rule. You do the best you can, in the number of
                 channels/patterns you wish. You don't have to use all
                 the samples, and you can do whatever you want to track
                 your tune. 
               o Please note that the (six) samples provided will prolly
                 be the six worst samples you've heard in your entire
                 life =). 
               o Provided trackers will be Impulse Tracker, Scream
                 Tracker 3, and Fast Tracker 2. 
                Lim-0-naid GFX Compo : 
               o 10 minutes to do the drawing. 
               o 320x200 format is to be used by all participants. 
               o The palette given may not be altered in any way by the
                 competitors, there will be 6 colors provided (6 horrible
                 colours of course) that the participants must use to do
                 their drawing. 
                42*10^-1 kb Intro Compo : 
               o The intro's runtime size must not exceed 4301 bytes. 
               o Maximum running time is 3 minutes. 
                3 Channel chiptune Compo : 
               o You must chose 1 of the 5 players in our list. (See
                 available specs for more detail) 
               o Maximum uncompressed size is 32(16?)k. 
               o Song length cannot exceed 2 minutes. 
               o Limit one song per person. (Including co-op tunes) 
                Best new effect Compo : Winners are determined by jury
                only. Can be a variation on an older effect, but 30 to
                40% of the score is given for originality. Thanks to
                OS2/Man and the #coders crowd for help and hints in
                creating this compo. 
               o The effect's runtime size must not exceed 32k. 
               o Maximum running time is 1 minute 30 seconds. 
               o Must be 100% original code. 
                Disk, Keyboard, CDs and Font throwing Compos : A good old
                throwing compo. Nuff said! And no, we won't tell you what
                the font throwing is all about :) 
               o Chunks also count in the distance evaluation :) 
                Free-for-all Compo : You have 5 minutes on stage, and the
                basic compo equipement plus anything that you brought
                along is allowed. Winners are determined by vote, thus
                the contestant with the most impressive display of
                -whatever you want- wins. Prepare something or just
               o Must be legal in Canada. 
               o Maximum time allowed is 5 minutes. 
               o Must be 100% safe if you use any of our equipment.
                 (Consult us early if you think you'll need our stuff.) 
               o Must not require anything above 2 minutes setup time on
                 our part. 
                Deadlines : All deadlines are during the actual party.
                Exact time will be found in the next version of this
                Equipment available 
                The computer used for the compos will be : 
               o INTEL TRITON II Pentium 100 with 16 Megs of RAM 256k
                 pipeline cache 
               o Svga Diamond Stealth 64 Serie 2001 1Meg RAM 
               o And a Gravis Ultrasound, 1Meg 
               o No Keyboard (Kiddin') :) 
                Software supported: 
               o ST3 v.??? 
               o FT2 v.??? 
               o Impulse tracker v.??? 
               o Capamod v.??? 
               o Cubic player v.??? 
               o CShow v.??? 
                Basic available configurations : 
               o We use a standard DOS 6.2 environment with additionnal
                 system files relevant to the hardware present in the
                 machine. We will only be using standard DOS 6.2
                 configuration options, with the relevent soundcard
                 drivers. (I.e. No QEMM memory managers.) The contestants
                 will have 3-4 basic configurations to choose from,
                 ranging from plain vanilla HIMEM only to the whole
                 EMM386/SMARTDRV (yuck :) package usually only needed
                 when running windows. 
               o Now, being aware that this might cause problems in some
                 cases, it might be a good idea for contestants in the
                 demo and intro competitions to take some precautions to
                 make sure their demo : 
                   1. Doesn't exclusively work on their own home
                      computer. :) 
                   2. Is a tidbit flexible when it comes to running with
                      your standard/typical memory configuration. 
               o A copy of the competition computer's CONFIG.SYS and
                 AUTOEXEC.BAT will be available on the party site, so our
                 competitors will also have the chance to make possible
                 last minutes adjustements to their entries, just in
                 case. We will also be open to suggestions as to add some
                 choices we might have overlooked, within the boundaries
                 of the available options. (I.e. Again, no QEMM memory
                 managers. Only "standard" DOS memory config options.) 
               o Don't worry, our goal isn't to force anyone into using
                 memory managers or any fixed configuration, but needless
                 to say we encourage our contestants to have productions
                 wich are as flexible as possible. The demo scene in
                 general can only profit if coders take some care to make
                 their productions a little more versatile, not forcing
                 the "users" to rewrite their whole configuration files
                 from scratch every time they want to run the piece in
                The judging process. 
                Entries will be judged following a point system. Public
                votes will be given a certain importance (30-40%) to
                attribute a final 'grade'. Details concerning other
                criterias judged will be released as soon as they are
                available. In case of a tie, the public vote percentage
                will determine our winner. (In the unlikely case of a tie
                at that level, the judges will take a tiebreaking vote
                The distribution system this year is different. First
                off, every entry at NAID must be shareware. (I.e.
                Distribution of the entry for non-profit purposes must be
                authorized by the author(s).) Furthermore, a NAID 96
                CD-ROM is now in the works. Thus, while keeping the
                entries shareware, the author(s) will also have to give
                the right to Walnut Creek to use their entries on the CD.
                Basically, what this means is that for all intents and
                purposes, you still own the rights to your entries. If
                anyone wishes to put your entries on any CD besides the
                NAID 96 CD Walnut Creek will be publishing, they still
                have to come to you and make a deal to get further
                distribution rights. 
                Now, maybe some of you are thinking 'Okay, that's all
                fine and dandy, but what do *I* get out of this?'. Well,
                that's a perfectly justifiable question, and here's the
                explanation. Walnut Creek would earn the distribution
                rights as they will be shelling out 100% of the prize
                money. Yup, you heard right. Furthermore, every
                contestant would also get a copy of the NAID 96 CD. (At
                the very least those who qualify for the compos, which
                means something between 20-30 per compo, and 1 for every
                entry if we don't get something like 100+ entries in
                every compo category. In any case, it will be specified
                in the application form/contract you will have to sign at
                the party.) 
                Now, I am told that the 'target audience' for that CD,
                besides your usual demo-freaks, would be software
                compagnies interested in recruiting talented young
                artists/programmers. Thus, you might agree when we
                consider this whole thing to be a win-win situation.
                Maybe some of you still aren't convinced, but think of it
                this way. In the music business, you usually have to pay
                for that sort of publicity, and not the reverse. (The
                music business comparison isn't so far fetched if you
                think about it. I know a lot of similar contests taking
                place in the music industry around montreal work this
                I'm sure some of you will have some questions about this
                whole question of distribution rights and so on, so feel
                free to contact us at and we'll do our
                best to answer them. 
   Current Official Sponsors : 
     * Collège Édouard-Montpetit 
     * A.G.E.C.E.M. 
     * COOP Montpetit 
     * Fond de developpement Édouard-Montpetit 
     * Internet provider 
     * Mediatrix 
     * Walnut Creek 
     * Gandalf 
     * M-Link 
          Collège Édouard-Montpetit and NAID. 
          Collège Édouard-Montpetit is the biggest CEGEP (roughly a US
          College equivalent) in the province of Quebec. CEM's
          involvement with NAID gives a chance to it's computer science
          students to come show what they are made of, and in the
          process, opening it's doors to artists, musicians and computer
          enthousiasts from all around the world. 
          NAID owes it's existance in good part to this fine
          establishment. The organizers would like to send thanks to
          everybody in the school administrative and student staff
          involved with the event. 
   MAIN ORGANIZERS Mr. KhanÉtienne Caron MEdÉric LagacéSite Coordinator
   StrukLaurent GauthierBusiness Coordinator 
   THE CO-ORGANIZERS TEAMS Main Organizers [Demo Compo] Main Organizers
   [Intro Compo] Shawnm & Ara [Music Compo] ??? [Gfx Compo] Depth
   [Lim0naid Compo(s)] France Viau [Site Decoration] Christian Mailloux
   [Security Officer] Equipe Sante [First Aid] 
   Full credits will be given to the co-organizers in our post-NAID 96
   report that is planned to be released x month/week (pref. 1 week :)
   after the event, somewhere towards the 1rst week of july. 
Getting to NAID 96

          See the "Frequently Asked Questions" page. 
        Updated listing of bus trips to N.A.I.D. 96 
Answers to frequently asked questions

                This section tries to answer the most common questions we
                get about NAID 96. See also the link to "Frequently Asked
                Questions" in the main page... 
                Q: I'd like to reserve a ticket. How does it work? 
                A: Well, it's simple really. Buy early. :) This entitles
                you to a table for you and your group , plus a place in
                the classrooms wich serve as dorms for the party. We'd
                like to offer reservations like last year, but frankly we
                found it was a rather inefficient way to work. So to keep
                it fair for everyone if we ever run out of space, we have
                to work like this. Don't worry, a counter with the number
                of available tickets left will be put up if we ever hit
                1000 in pre-party sales. The addresses and relevent info
                (adresses and such) can be found at the bottom of this
        -The rumors concerning the rad "GrEeN hAiR" discount are not
                valid, Even tough it would be a great deal of fun to see
                you all GrEeNd! 
        -It is true that there's going to be A LOT of kewl lights this
        -It seems that there will be tickets left at the door, but it's
                only a rumor ! :) 
        -It seems that we might have europeans dropping-by this year. 
        -It seems that we might even have Australians dropping-by this
                year! (woah!) 
                      E-Mail adress is 
                      World Wide Web: 
                      Official NAID 96 Web Page
             Or an alternative is
                      Thanks for the NAID 95 hawaii page go to Rhys/The
                      Elven Nation (TEN), Rhys/The Apollo Project (TAP)
                      aka Mr. Sunny Walker;
                      NAID / APRAXIA, Local A-19 College
                      Edouard-Montpetit 945, chemin de Chambly Longueuil
                      (Quebec), CANADA J4H 3M6 
                      (514) *679-2630*, extension 363 during normal
                      office hours. 
                      We share this line with another school
                      organization. Ask to speak to a NAID organizer, if
                      we aren't there, please leave a message, and we'll
                      get back to you. 
                Don't hesitate to call / write for info! 
                To order tickets please check out our ticket ordering
                forms, wich can be found either on our web page, or as a
                file named order.nfo in our NAID 96 invtro package. 
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