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                         !FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!
   This is version 1.4, Updated May 10th 1996 
   Hi there happy people! 
   This is a little text on the topics that always comes in our mailbox
   everyday. So there are the clarifications you asked for, i just hope
   i'm able to explain cleary those things right in english! Anyway, i'll
   try my best and we'll see what happens ! :) 
   So here we go! 
   Question: Is there tickets left at the door?? 
   Answer: Yes, there are still tickets at the door, so don't panic, but
   it would be much better (for you and for us) if you buy them in
   advance, that way we got money to build new activities. (Like renting
   lazers, i-glasses, buying prizez, all those things). We accept fax
   ordrers until may 15th, after that you are taking big chances. 
   Question: Tickets, Classrooms and the whole cost thing, hows's that
   thing supposed to be ? 
   Answer: First, No, the tickets CANNOT BE RESERVED in advance. You
   dudes who sended us messages saying you wanted some tickets reserved,
   you now have to send us the money for those tickets.We cannot make a
   list of all the people saying "hey, i think i'll go, keep some tickets
   for me". If you would like to be sure to have tickets to come in, you
   must BUY them in advance. You can download the registration forms on
   the page. 
   That means you must send us the money in order to get the tickets,
   because we won't have tickets at the entrance with your names on it.
   For the payment method that you like best, (see "tickets orders"
   page). And when we get it, we'll send you your tickets right away. Do
   not worry, if we recieve your money, we'll send the tickets! Ask
   anyone who did if you're not sure of our our integrity. 
   MAKE SURE tough that you DO NOT SEND MONEY AFTER THE 15th day of MAY,
   unless you'll be in trouble because you won't have your ticket to come
   in, it's gonna be in your mailbox waiting for you when you'll come
   back home. If you send us a fax ordering then we might keep tour
   ticket at the door, but that is if we like it this way better then
   taking the chance to mail them to you... So do not take the chance
   yourself! This sould make it clear for the ordering system. Now for
   the classroom thing. We have "only" 20 and we cannot just built more
   for each and everyone of you. Please try to -fill- them if you ask for
   them. The way it works is: ON THE DAY YOU COME IN, you must tell us
   you reserved a classroom. We'll tell you where to pay for those. You
   must gather a TOTAL of 25$ for the room. That's for the group, and it
   covers the 3 days. You also have to give 20$ in case you do not bring
   the key back. Yes, that 20$ security fee is given back to you when you
   bring the key back! (Last year people left with keys even tough that
   fee was there ... :) 
   So you need to get: 
   A ticket(20$) for each of you, in advance or not 
   A key(25$ + 20$ deposit) for the group, that you get on site. 
   Don't forget to bring more money for food, bus, taxi (see further),
   subway, souvenirs, t-shirts, Other parties CD-ROMs, disquettes, bar
   cover, beer, all the extras, and all those details we always forget!
   Yeepee! That's one question answered alredy! 
   Q: Entries, Competition, how does it all work? 
   A: Okay, that's quite obvious if you think of it: We do not want
   somebody to win more than one price in a single competition. Like it
   would be unfair to make somebody win first, second and third prices.
   You don't want to climb like two or tree times on the stage to get a
   check. It would make everybody feel kinda bad, right? There are ranks
   to make more people happy, so let it be. So the main idea is you
   cannot officially enter more than one time in each category. So you
   cannot officially be part of more than one crew presenting something.
   No matter if you are alone in your group or not. 
   Each of you can enter one demo, one pic and one music and so on tough.
   But you, being part of any group cannot officially be in the list of
   people who contributed to more than one entry. Even if you are a coder
   for one and a musician for the other. Be part of ONE group, and take
   part in the given compo only once. That's officially of course. We
   won't go check out if one dude helped another one, that's the fun part
   of demos. We just want to keep the prices for different people. Making
   it more fair. Just tell the ones you helped not to write your name in
   the credits for who did what, but to put it into "thank yous" or
   something. You must keep the official winners to be the actual
   winners. They go on the stage to get the prices, and the check is at
   their name. That's what we want. You guys can always share as you like
   after. But please respect the rule: One official entry per compo per
   dude. :] 
   You must also be present on site to submit your creation AND to pickup
   your prize. You can send us demos to show off, things that you would
   like people present at naid to see, but you can't compete remotely. 
   If you like you can be representant for a "remote group", but the
   prize will be given dircetly to *you*. YOUR name will be on the check.
   So it's up to you to give the money or not at the rest of that group.
   That's not our problem. They must rely on you. You must have done
   something into the entry you are presenting. That means you have to be
   officialy part of the group. (We wanna see you in the credits as a
   member). :) 
   That sould be cleared up also. Ahh. I feel much better now! :] 
   Q: What's the right time to come and to leave? 
   A: IMPORTANT! DO NOT get to the cegep before 19h00 (7pm) on FRIDAY the
   31st of May! This year we do not accept people the day before neither
   the day after like last year. 
   The reason is there's still courses before and after naid in the
   school, so we can't use classrooms or the cafeteria. We had to throw
   them out before you guys can fill up the place! But yes, there's going
   to be some kewl things going on on the Friday evening, even if it's
   more like a "setup" phase for you guys, but i see it as a lot of
   fun... (we've got little surprises, not big, but cool =] ) The opening
   ceremony will make the real party to begin, with many many fun things
   to try and dreams to come true... 
   And the doors closes at around 19h00 (7pm) on the 2nd of June. Just
   after the prices are given and the closing ceremony is over. We will
   then be very happy if we can take pictures, videos, signatures,
   tradings, infos, and smiles of all of you dudes to make the best party
   report of all times! 
   We'll be happy too if we have have some very kewl people to help us
   out to get the school back to life after the party, like some of you
   did last year (Very, VERY deep thanks to those, you gave us days of
   work by doing those few minutes with us ! Thanks, really! It was very
   kind of you). 
   Q: What should i bring up to NAiD ? 
   A: Lots of thingys you must not forget ! 
   Your computer, there will be lots ans lots of tables to plug you in.
   It was a pain in the ... to get all that electricity go to there, we
   had to disconnect industrial ovens, we had to drill wires in the
   walls, had to rent those 600 volts fat wires, so we what you to use
   them ! (That means 3 computers max for each power bars on the tables).
   Have fun! 
   As you know it's going to be summer! so bring your bathing suits! The
   pool is waiting for you, the outside activities too! 
   Something to be comfortable on the floor if you ever make the mistake
   to sleep. :) 
   Bring in a camera, to take pictures of everything, and send us copies
   to put in the report with your name under it ! 
   Bring out everything you would like to have near you in a demo party.
   Like Synths to jam, musical instruments, Tvs, Radios, microwave,
   cappuchino grinder, Millenium Falcon actual size duplicate, anything.
   There's the reason for those keys for the rooms. To keep you
   sandwiches safe. 
   Bring a video camera also, so we get fat mpegs to put in the report! 
   Bring something to create banners to decorate the site with your
   group's banners all over the place ! 
   Soap, Deodorant, Toothbrush all the usual stuff that cleans... you
   know... we rented showers for the area to smell at least normal! ...
   Most of all, bring your smile and your energy, cause it's gonna be a
   Q: How could i get to naid? 
   A: Search. :] No, really here are some tips to make your way in a
   little easier: 
   Get maps before you come. you can always buy road maps of the region
   you're in at the gaz stations everywhere for an "okay" price. 
   If you come by plane, you will be arriving either at "DORVAL"(More
   likely) or at "MIRABEL". The two of them are "pretty far away" from
   the party site. 
   Somebody told me that the prices for the rides from the airports looks
   a bit like this: 
   Taxi from MIRABEL : 75$ can 
   Taxi from DORVAL : 30-40$ can since it is closer to Longueuil. 
   The bus option still remains, it is a lot cheaper, They're on a
   hourly basis, and at every 30 minutes in the good hours. 
   Bus "Voyager" from DORVAL : 09.00$ can (this is a 0h45 ride). 
   Bus "Voyager" from MIRABEL: 14.50$ can (this is a 1h30 ride). 
   Once the plane drops you at one or the other airport. There are cheap
   bus services to get you to the Montreal area. From the airport you
   have to take bus number 204 until you get to the city of Dorval's bus
   terminus. From there you have to take bus number 211 East until Subway
   station "LIONEL GROULX". Take the subway heading for Station
   Berri-UQAM. From Berri-UQAM you go to Station LONGUEUIL. That trip is
   very very long, but it's very very cheap too. Montreal is very close
   to Longueuil. Once you are in the Montreal area, you can take the
   taxi, the subway or the busses. Your destination is: 
   (Adress 945 chemin de Chambly) 
   Also each and every taxi driver in the region knows where Montreal is.
   He knows also how to get to the city of Longueuil. And if you ask him
   to get to 945 chemin de Chambly in Longueuil, at CEGEP EDOUARD
   MONTPETIT. He will be able to get you there. Any bus driver of the
   Montreal Area will manage to get to Longueuil. Using Either Busses,
   Subway, or Both. It's one way to come to NAID. All you have to do is
   to get to the Subway station called "LONGUEUIL", it is the last
   station of the yellow circuit. That place called 
   is the bus central of the surroundings of Montreal, including the city
   of Longueuil. Five of those busses in the central goes almost directly
   to the SCHOOL (CEGEP) where NAID is happening. That SCHOOL is called
   "CEGEP EDOUARD MONTPETIT". Those Busses are called by numbers. They
   Buses number 8, 128, 28, 88, and 29 
   You should prepare 2.55$ (can) to get into the bus from the LONGUEUIL
   metro station 
   Get into those busses and tell the driver to drop you at the "COLLEGE
   EDOUARD MONTPETIT" (CEGEP is the same as COLLEGE, don't worry). He
   will drop you right on the other side of the road to it. Then follow
   the signs and get into the party! 
   If you are comming by car, you should never be shy to ask anybody on
   the street where to get to Longueuil, then to the cegep. People here
   are very happy to help tourists. Just one cool trick is to write this
   sentence on a piece of paper to help you down your trip: 
   "Bonjour! Je ne suis pas des environs et je ne parle pas francais, je
   suis probablement perdu et je cherche un endroit sur la rive-sud, a
   Longueuil, qui s'appelle le CEGEP EDOUARD MONTPETIT, pouvez-vous
   m'aider s'il vous plait ? Je vous remercie beaucoup!" 
   It says "hello! i'm not from here, i don't speak french, i am probably
   lost and i'm serching for a place on the south-shore, more precisely
   in Longueuil, wich is called COLLEGE EDOUARD-MONTPETIT. Could you
   please help me? Thank you really much!" 
   Bring the number of the School with you, as the people there will be
   informed of everything, and they are able to help you. Even if you're
   lost in space there's a way to get you here! the number is 679-2630,
   use it before you panic! 
   So, those are the actual things i had to inform you about. Tell people
   to come back to the page to get those infos please. And be happy!, the
   party is coming fast! 
   Have fun! 
   MEd/NAiD ORGS '95 '96, 
   Way2Naid.gif , looks idiot but it's a way of getting here! D/L A fun
   little map to get to naid! [LINK]