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(These are only preliminary results at the moment. 14 Nov. 96)

--------------[Coven 96 Demo Competition Results (by Red Haze)]--------------

We didn't actually judge the demo compo - so we don't know who won!
Pretty stupid, eh? Oh well.

The two demos entered were Negative Zero/FTS (FTS_NEG0.ZIP) and Elemental 
Illusions/Jinx (JX_EI.ARJ, .A01). (Jinx is a group from Adelaide University.)

I've heard mixed opinions about which demo was better - but I reckon Neg0
was better, because it was more creative than EI. Jinx did a really good
job with the coding in EI, but the demo was just a string of effects which
on the whole had been done before to death. Oh well watch them both and
make up your own mind.

2 Hour Music Blitz at Coven 96
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   (score)  (filename)
1st - Sleep is for Suckers (Griffin/FTS)           330
2nd - Tears Again (Phorte/FTS)                     305     2HR-PHOR
3rd - Steel Beep (Centrifuge/FTS)                  244     2HR-CENT
4th - Trance One (????)                            234
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Was this an actual entry?

Algorhythm 96 (music)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                            (score)  (filename)
1st  - FTS Theme (Griffin/FTS)                     343*    A-FTSTHM
2nd  - Synth Scape (Pulse/IT)                      289     #
3rd  - Cheesy Ass Cops Show Theme (Griffin/FTS)    288
4th  - Barren of all Permanent Good (Stote/C22)    272     A-BOAPG
5th  - Bill Phoenix (YanniS)                       269
6th  - Metanoia (?)                                257     A-METANO
7th  - Sicko Trance (Centrifuge/FTS)               235     A-SICKOT
8th  - Airborne (Phorte/FTS)                       222     A-AIRBOR
9th  - Perplex (Motiv/iNKoGNiTo)                   214     A-PERPLE
10th - Scent of Religion (Vision)                  208     A-SCENT
11th - The Quick G-Force Mix (Centrifuge/FTS)      198     A-QUICKG
12th - Raver's Dream (iNSANE/fORCE^dESte)          182     A-ARAVER
13th - Horizon on the moon (SWILL)                 120     A-SWHORI

(* this song got lots of votes from the FTS people at the party, and probably
   got so many points because of the name of the song, not the quality. :)
 # this song can be found in Impulse Tracker 2.06 - which is on
   in /demos/incoming/music/players or /demos/music/players, with the name
   IT206.ZIP. If you can't find it in either of those directories, have a
   look at the index for the /demos directorym, or on some BBS.)

Two songs were disqualified from Algorhythm 96 (Sognus Ipnotica by Turrican
and Station 74 by someone else) due to the archives being corrupted as found
in the ftp upload directory on (formerly
- I bet the name change stuffed some people up), and about 5 songs were lost
by Manladas Zarich which were uploaded to Room IoI; because he deleted them!
(by accident of course...)

All of these entries will be available on in 
/demos/incoming/COV96 for a while, but after that the files will be seperated
into alphabetical order, so you will have to a search for specific files, or
use the HA4 search engine.