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Here are pre-results from Bushparty 3. These are not all results, and results
are not guaranteed to be correct, but I guess they are. For all releases, and
probably an updated results-list lateron, call CountZero, +47 5512 2962.

PC demo-compo
  1. Yo am I, by rECTUM cAUDA
  2. Famous, by Maak
  3. Fademo, by Dr.Dyregod & Ko

PC intro-compo
  1. Evil killing toys, by Proxima
  2. Enigma, by Sublogic
  3. Braintrip/Dr. Dyregod & Ko
  4. Mainstream 2, by INF

Graphics compo
  1. Psykose, by Aqua/Dr. Dyregod & Ko
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. Fuggel, by HeiZahn/rECTUM cAUDA
  5. 160x100, by TMK/Inf

Multichannel music
  1. Moony/Maak
  2. Discman
  3. Kaiowa/Sorrox

4channel music
  1. Jisemdu & Silencer/SOTU
  2. Kaiowa/Sorrox
  3. Calvin/Proxima

  1. Vittu Magneetti, by rECTUM cAUDA
  2. ?

  1. Arbeidsledighet/rECTUM cAUDA

Ok, this is what I remember. I've heard most of these from other people,
and from what I saw during the prize-giving ceremony, because I was asleep
when they counted the votes on the bigscreen :).

This party was probably one of the best parties I've been to for quite a
while. Too bad people were fed up with my PC-scene-jeopardy (which was won
by an Amiga-dude!!) etc.. I met a lot of people, and a lot of people met me,
so we had a great deal of fun and stuff, and now we're looking forward to
next big event... Assembly!

 - Calvin