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 ______/\___________________________      __  ________________ ___  /\_______
 \____   \  ________ _   _ ______   \    /  \|  \  ________   |   \/  ______/
 /   |    \  _)   \   \_/   \   |    \  /    \   \  _)   \    |    \______  \
/    |     \       \   |     \  |     \/          \       \  /~\    \    /   \
\_____     /_______/___|     /________/\____\_____/_______/_________/________/
                              DemoNews Issue #81
                     January 29, 1995 - February 4, 1995
_____Survival Guide by GraveDigger
    +         .         /\
  .        + .      .  /  \    .    +
   _____ |\ __|____    \__/_______             Official Survival Guide
   \__  \| \  |\   \ +  __ \      \                    for the
  .  /   \  \  / _  \  /  \ \____  \  .   North American International Demo
    /  _     \/ /_   \/    \/    |  \                Competition
 . /    \____/    \__/   __/__       \           April 15 - 16, 1995
   \    /  . \____/  \__/  +  \______/ww
 Here is a practical(?!) guide to surviving NAID, the upcoming North American
 International Demoparty, which is to be held in Quebec on April 15th and
 16th. There's still a few months left to prepare yourself for this event,
 so I decided to provide this guide for anyone who intends to attend. I hope
 you find this guide helpful, and remember to pack light. If you plan to
 sleep at the school, there will be a lot of people in one big room, unless
 you've reserved a room for a group. Of course, feel free to donate me some
 space if you're getting a hotel room.
 By the way, the above NAID logo was borrowed from the FILE_ID.DIZ of the archive. I couldn't draw a logo of my own, and I liked that one
 a lot, so there it is.
 Personally, I have never attended a demoparty, though I have some ideas on
 how to prepare for it, as I'm more familiar with Canada than I am with

 Finland or Denmark. I'm hoping this guide can help everyone have the best
 possible time at NAID. This being the first party of this kind on this side
 of the puddle, I would like to see the date go down in history, and the
 party repeated in years to come. We need to show the Euros that we know how
 to party, too!
 Please keep in mind that this guide is intended merely as a complement to
 your regular luggage checklist. For your convenience, though, a small box
 has been placed next to each item so you can check it off as you pack it.
 Even though you now have this list, don't forget items like toothbrushes,
 toothpaste, deodorant or anti-perspirant... Oh, hell with it. I'll probably
 be the first to forget these items anyways. (Hope there's a drugstore in the
 |_| 1. First, you will need an English-French dictionary. As you know,
     Quebec is the French-speaking region of Canada. Comment vas-tu? Tu
     habites aux Etats-Unis? Parlez-vous francais? Hmm. You might need to
     work on your accent, too.

 |_| 2. Next, you might want to take a life-jacket. Considering that a large
     portion of you will be crossing the St. Lawrence River to get to the
     school where NAID is being held, you don't want to take your chances
     with those bridges.
 |_| 3. You will want to have a source of caffeine. Whether it be in the form
     of money for soda machines or coffee, or your own beverage supply, it
     will be required to stay up after hours and party, at which time you
     will probably consume more caffeine, and party some more... and hell
     who really wants to sleep anyways?
 |_| 4. Be sure to pack your teddy bear if you have one. Yeah, just look at
     that poor little guy sitting on your bed. How do you think he feels when
     you just leave him there?
 |_| 5. Bring along unfinished programs and songs and such, and maybe you can
     get together with someone else who has a pute and some knowledge, and
     work on it with them. In fact, here's a C program that I started which I
     need help with. If anyone can assist me, please let me know. (I just
     recently took up C as a hobby, so please bear with me.)

 #include <stdio.h>             /*    Blah v1.0.0  */
                                /*      1/04/95    */
 void main()
 { printf("The program is now running.");

 ----- cut.-----.blah.c.-----
 I'm not sure what this program is going to be used for, but I'm sure once
 it is completed it will be really cool. :)
 |_| 6. If you bring your own computer to NAID, be sure to lock it up, if at
     all possible. At other recent demoparties, especially The Party 94,
     equipment was stolen or damaged. This only applies if you're not bringing
     your kid brother's CoCo, in which case you should leave it out in plain
     sight, and hope it gets stolen. Then, when the culprit is caught,
     everyone can point and laugh, and this should prove to be a funny
     experience, for all except one person. Hey, win some, lose some, right?
 |_| 7. You might want your own roll of toilet paper. Hey, you never know...
     I can imagine that it sucks to get stuck on the can without toilet paper.
     Have you ever hobbled down the hall to your toilet paper supply with your
     pants down? Uhh.. not that I ever have, I just don't imagine it being
     something any of you would want to get stuck doing. Yeah, that's it.
 |_| 8. If you have a flashlight, bring it with you. This can be used for
     finding the bathroom in the middle of the night, or just for reading
     porno magazines in your sleeping bag. For the latter option, this will
     let everyone around you locate you, and you can then trade porno
     magazines with each other. However, please keep in mind that I do not
     read porno magazines, nor do I promote pornography. <cough>
 |_| 9. If you have a beeper or pager, leave it home if possible. It would be
     just plain annoying to be watching a demo when all of a sudden, someone's
     beeper goes off, half the crowd turns to find the source of the noise,
     and misses the best part of the demo. Though it would be funny to hear a
     tune with such a sound in it, or even a phone ringing, and watch everyone
     looking for it.
 |_| 10. Keep a calculator with you and keep track of the exchange rate for
     your currency. You don't want to get ripped off when buying stuff or
     exchanging your money. And in the event you want to sell something, you
     can rip them off if you do it right.
 |_| 11. You might want to bring some homework with you. You'll most likely
     be away from home all weekend, and you might have some extra time during
     which you can study. Or if you're really lucky, your books will get
     stolen and you won't bother going to class anymore.

 |_| 12. Bring a portable radio. If you live somewhat far from Quebec, you can
     occupy yourself by finding cool radio stations that you'll never be able
     to hear again after Sunday. You'll also have something to look forward to
     when NAID '96 is planned.
 |_| 13. Two words: breath mints. :)
 |_| 14. Grab a flat-head screwdriver to take with you. What for? I don't
     know. Wait, hmm. Looks like I have run out of ideas for this list.
 I hope this guide becomes a part of your trip to NAID. Print it out, have it
 translated into french, sign language, and braille. Share this guide with
 others planning to attend. Fax it, snail mail it, tape it to your forehead.
 Memorize it backwards. Also, If you have any additions to this above list,
 please contact me at the email address below. Anyways, hope to see you there!
 GraveDigger .uuDW/CoRE.