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NB - article for demonews newsletter.

ÀÄÙ The Making of NAID / Apraxia   by:  William Le (The Veritech Knight)
 ³                                 and  Etienne Caron (Mr. Khan)

        Greetz, William here. Christopher G. asked me to write a little 
        article so that Everyone could know a bit more about the NAID 
        team and how the project got started.

Veritech Knight >  Okay, we are now live. Joining us now is Mr. Khan, 
                   the other Main organizer. Say hi to everyone.:)

Mr. Khan >         Hi everybody. Well, here it is, our first public 
                   address concerning the Naid / Apraxia demoparty. 
                   Hmm... Well, how'bout explaining to everyone how
                   we got the idea?

VK > 
      Good idea. One sunny afternoon, we were all talking about ASM 94, 
      and how we wanted oh so much to go. But, still, for students on a 
      budget, things don't always work that way. Mr. Khan was looking for 
      some sort of good administration project, the usual projects being 
      volleyball competitions, trivia games and the like, in other words, 
      boring stuff. And then inspiration came : "A demoparty! God! 
      With all the stuff we have access to in this college, it would be... 
      it would be... it WILL be Awesome!!!" 

      We sat down the whole lot of us (Me,Khan and Eric(Midnight Sun)), 
      and tried to think of a name. Well we finally took out the ole' 
      dictionnary, threw it on the ground, and looked at the page that was
      all crumpled up. We saw "Apraxia" (we were looking for something with 
      an X, but something non-killer like "X-terminator" :) ) , and the 
      definition is "State of total paralysis, where only the nervous 
      system keeps working.". 
MK >  Something like the perfect couch potato, if you will.

VK >  In other words, "You're senses are still there but the body don't 
      work no more".

MK >  So, VK, what should we add. I mean, was it all this simple? 

VK >  Hell no!

MK >  Hell is right! I remember we were allways walking around the
      school with the same question:

      "Yeah, it WILL be a resounding success... If we get the school to
      swallow it! Man! Think about it. We're gonna come up to them and 
      say : `Hi there Mr. Principal. Well, here's how it goes. We want 
      a place in your school for 1000 computer freaks, make 'em stay up 
      all night, play music and strange little computer programs on a 
      HUGE big screen, with a sound system that will be too loud, and 
      such other type of madness'.' 
      That'll take some heavy convincing man. Very heavy..."

      Thus started... The paper chase.

VK >  I'd like to point out, that to make this dream come true for all
      of us organizers, we worked and *are* working really really hard. 
      You know, the"hey,-don't-I-have-an-exam-tommorow" type of work. 
      So be at the party and enjoy the results with us!!

MK >  ..So after 2 months of parperwork, we had done it! They said yes. 
      Ok, we used every dirty trick in the book, but we even convinced 
      THEM that it would be hot!
VK >  BTW, the main administrators for student activities are now
      certified demo freaks. Thus answering an age old question. Yes, it 
      IS contagious. :) 

MK >  So, what else ya think people would like to know about? Hey! I 
      know, let's tell them about us. Imagine you're on the Tonight show. 
      I'm Dave, <But not as funny looking :) >. So tell us about yourself.

VK >  Well, My passion for demos and the demo scene started during the 
      '92 year, when I met Eric (Midnight Sun, aka "Med", as in "Club Med", 
      but without the Club). The first demo I ever saw was Cronologia by 
      Cascada, and I was hooked from that day on. A few months later we 
      saw Future Crew's Unreal for the first time and we both got bit by 
      the "We-HAVE-to-go-to-assembly" bug. We both carried the dream into 
      our CEGEP school years (that's the two years before University here 
      in Quebec). Well since then, many demo-viewing filled nights have 
      past, and I must tap myself on the shoulder for being smart enough 
      to open a demo oriented board (-> getting allll the wonderfull demos 
      on my own computer is fun :> ). 
      So there ya go. Two certified demo freaks. Which reminds me, when we 
      first saw the "Dolby Surround" logo in FC's 2nd reality, we went out
      and bought ourselves a dolby surround amp, and let me tell you folks 
      that we impressed quite a few people with it :>, plus, it'll be one
      of the amps driving the sound for the NAID...
      So, Dave :) , do tell us how you met your first demo :)

MK >  Well, my process of addiction to demos was kinda special. I got 
      addicted, got out of it for 6 years, got a life :) and then came 
      back to it when I saw that getting a life was not all that fun. :> 
      First demo : C-64, music text display explaining rules of a game. 
      Man, that was cool. Then I saw my first scrollys, and that was 
      also fascinating... and after my sabatical, my next computer was 
      an Atari ST. By that time I was done for life. Got my PC last year, 
      I still love it and always will. You have to understand, in our 
      neck of the woods, it was'nt always easy to get in touch with people
      who had a similar interest. But new technologies arose, the BBS 
      scene in Montreal got bigger, and the rest will go down in history :>

      Now, let's talk about NAID. Here goes : You all saw the text-file.
      You all know what is about to happen. Yup, a big demo-party, right 
      over here on our side of that big Atlantic puddle. You might 
      actually wonder how we get to pull it off, seing that everyone 
      this year seems to be talking about organizing something like this. 
      Well people, the recipe is kinda simple, but hard to implement : 
      Convince your school, find tallented, dedicated and a professional 
      kind of team, and you're off. 
      We got both. Our school's computer students association is in on the 
      Naid, teachers and administrators of the school find in it something 
      totally new and exciting, in short, karma is on our side for now, 
      and it's way to late to stop :>

      Well people, we sure hope we got your attention. This party is gonna
      happen on the 15th and 16th of April 95, demofreaks or not, come in
      great numbers and bask in the sheer glow of SUPPA DEMO MADNESS! :>

VK>   Well that's it for the both of us.. one last thing before the
      usual "too-many" greetz..

                   BE THERE AND DIE , OR BE NOWHERE AND CRY!

Don't forget to check the new infofile and contact us!

Da greetz:
 from Mr. Khan: Med, Spelljammer, Struk, Deverox, Boggart, 
Coluche, Francois dion, Robert Brien, Andree Bouchard, Francois Boucha, 
and my mom. Hi Mom :>
 from VK: MŠŠŠŠdd!!, Mr. Khan :), The Judge, Snibbule!, TEI, 
Mr. Brownstone, Black One, Malcolm X, Frugus Eggbeater(the Barney killer), 
Mr. Mister, Coluche, Apenis <g>, Struk, Deverox and the rest of the 
NAID team, all the users on my board, and Star (xx).
 Quick "Hi"'s to everyone who has allready showed an interest and emailed 
me <Jackie,Berky,Jason,etc.,and Lily -> You got ticket number 00001 :) > 
 Thanx go out to: CEM for making this possible, Christopher G. M., and 
the whole scene for over 2 years of fun and more to come...

See ya at Da Party !