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                      AGGRESSIVE PARTY II RESULTS


1st:  Dream by Slimy Devil/TDC    (220 points)
2nd:  Green Thing by Hitchy Hit     (165 points)
3rd:  FlowerField by Sage/Splat     (150 points)
4th:  Lego by Luma/IPS     (133 points)
5th:  Araknophobia 2 by Nitric/Trioxide		 	(52 points)
6th:  Koira by Hippo/Amen				(41 points)
7th:  Puu by Rectum/The Blues Boys			(30 points)
8th:  No Inspiration by Lance/Aggression		(26 points)
9th:  Think by Rainbow Rat				(9 points)
10th: Newship by Hyper-cube/IMPonance			(7 points)
11th: Kick-Ass Brite-Lite/NMP				(0 points)


1st:  Pumppaus by Longjam & Wildjam			(82 points)
2nd:  Poco by Grave/VLP					(76 points)
      Saturation Point by Mudpecker/Diesel		(76 points)
4th:  $00a3 by Teque/Aggression				(74 points)
5th:  Boogeyman by Lagers/Abuse				(71 points)
6th:  Bemehoth Steelmill by Cube/Aggression		(60 points)
7th:  Agressio by Slice/NerveAxis			(59 points)
8th:  Light in the space by Qbic/Glacier & FoV		(53 points)
9th:  Voice of the rice by Flex/TBB			(44 points)
10th: Rip my **** by TjM/Parallax			(36 points)
11th: Trance8 by 1in10/MFX				(29 points)
12th: Trumphet by Cuba					(28 points)
13th: Joyful2 by Mithrandir				(25 points)
14th: 2ilman3 by Manticore/Mewlers			(21 points)
15th: Megatrance by Excrement & Hexagon/Interamnia	(19 points)

Dropped: Binco by Droxal/VLP
Dropped: Start by Nosfe/VLP
Dropped: Peelo by Zelex
Dropped: Jvk by Savu-mulqvist
Dropped: KS-Tita by Tyyneys & Raivo/KS


1st: Power of 8Mhz by T.O.Y.S.			ST/STe	(144 points)
2nd: Life by Mace/Xtream			Falcon	(136 points)
3rd: NoCrew					Falcon	(131 points)
4th: JimB					ST/STe	(94 points)
5th: Lehma by Skraappa!Skruuppi   		PC	(85 points)
6th: Paska by Taxoblne				PC	(82 points)
7th: Kudzun by VLP				PC	(68 points)
8th: IMP					Falcon	(34 points)


1st: Positive by Coral				PC	(212 points)
2nd: Transgression by MFX			PC 	(202 points)
3rd: Preview by Aggression			Falcon	(119 points)
4th: Fortune by Fascination			PC	(98 points)
5th: Vittu, keta... by Skraappa!Skruuppi	PC	(63 points)
6th: Frill by Grunt				PC	(44 points)
7th: Tripfish by Mewlers			PC	(31 points)
7th: Oppenheimer by Interamnia			PC 	(31 points)
9th: Whirlpool by Xtream			Falcon	(22 points)


1st: Demolition by DHS & IMPonance		Falcon 	(268 points)
2nd: Seagull by NoCrew 				Falcon 	(230 points)
3rd: Pakistan by Traktor			PC	(117 points)
4th: Taxoblne					PC	(104 points)
5th: 115K Demo by Wildfire			ST/STe	(27 points)

The UTOPOS compo was won by Mikko Pervila (Pervert/-), with 4212 points.

Prizes will be announced shortly

Thanks to everyone at the party and our sponsors:

Kybersonik, McDonald's, Prisolo, Pro AV, Remedy Entertainment, Triosoft,
Viking Line, Xgateway Finland.