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                        ABDUCTION 1995 PARTY REPORT

                         - SPECIAL AMIGA EDITION -
                            by Karpow of Scoopex


Abduction'95 was held in 9-11 June in Rovaniemi the northern city of Finland.
The party place was not too big school called Korveavaara's High School.
The main party place are was a not so big hall inside the school. Anyway,
everything looked quite nice. Only bad think was that party place was bit too
far away from the city of Rovaniemi. Next Year organisers are maybe going
to held the party in much bigger town, Oulu.


As most of You may know, Abduction'95 was mostly Pc party. There was only
few Amiga freaks attend. The only Amiga groups which were presented at the
party were: Scoopex, Stellar, Insane, Zenon and Kinky. And as far as I know,
There was 5 Amigas at the party. Our (Scoopex) Amiga 4000/030 broken
while Clone I.D brought it to the party place. When We tried to turn it on,
A4000 refused to give any video signal. Shit... So there was only 4 Amigas
used at the party. Two A1200s with the party people and one A1200 and one
A4000/030 with the organiers. Anyway, There was about 200-300 visitors at
the party... But organisers waited for about 500 visitors. Maybe that's a
reason why They didn't payed the winning prices at the party place...


Amiga Music and Graphics competition:

Gfx and Music competitions were mixed with Pc and Amiga! Really lame.
I think that there was not any Amiga pics in the gfx compo. Most of the pics
were really pure low quality compo and picture by Akiro/Scoopex wasen't even
shown at the gfx compo. Lamee... About Music compo, I think that there was
only two Amiga tunes in the Music competition which were held with 19 tunes!!

Laxical of Scoopex compete with module "Rage against school" but it wasn't
even played in the competition!! Why hell?? I asked this from the organisers,
and They just answered that it wasn't good enuff!!! Laxical's module was
one of the best tunes. Really!! Most of the music competition tunes were
pure shit techno effect crap, composed on Pc. Laxical's tune beated least
most of the final tunes!! I don't have results of Gfx and Music competition.
Sorry. Would there be any sense to list them anyways when Gfx and Music were
mixed with Pc and Amiga?

Amiga Demo Competition:

We, Scoopex, heard that Nose/Stellar are going to take a part of the
demo competition. We waited some time and finally, I, Karpow, got a
look of Stellar's compo-demo. And Hahaha... The Assembly'94 winner coder,
Nose, had created a very lousy demo (read: intro) with sum nice effects in it
but two whole demo was total flop. Demo's backrounds looked like shit and
there was not any design in it. Hahah... Btw, Stellar's demo was totally
coded at the party place...

We, Scoopex, were sure that We will win the demo competition without any
problems. But what happend? Nose manipulated half of the party people to
vote for only Stellar and to not give any votes for other demos. Most of
the party people were from Nose's home city, Rovaniemi and ofcourse They
voted for Their "own son". Pc freaks in Rovaniemi knows Nose very well so
They gave their votes for Stellar only. Ofcourse that would have been great
shame if Assembly'94 winner coder have lost!! Very lame trick, Nose...
If Nose Fans have gave 2nd place votes for Us We could have easily won the
demo competition. But anyway, here is the results:

Amiga Demo Competition:

1. Stellar - Humanexcrement    1081 points

2. Scoopex - Alien             1050 points

3. Insane - K-Rauta             909 points

4. Kinky  - Nakki               541 points

So, Nose came, Nose coded and Nose won... Hehe...

Voting went like this:                   Stellar fans voted like this:
(If I remeber correct)

1. 10 points                             1. Stellar
2.  8 points                             2. -
3.  5 points                             3. -
4.  3 points                             4. -
5.  1 point                              5. -

So, is it wonder that Stellar won? I don't think so. Whole Amiga demo
competition was a joke!! Nose didn't even released Compo-version of His
"Demo" at the party. Final version should be out in one week... Anyway,
I heard that Humanexcrement got somehow spreaded at the party so it should
be available in most of the Finnish bbs. Get it for a good laugh. (No Hard
feelings Nose!) Anyway, I don't care anymore about the party results...
See You at the Assembly'95 party, Stellar... We will beat You there...

Oki! So in general, Abduction'95 was very well organised. But anyway, let's
list the bad things...

- Too less action!! No demo shows on the big screen exept the competitions
  (well, yeah, some Amiga demos were shown before Pc demo compo.)
- Gfx and Music cometition were very lame!!
- Nose's lame "Vote 4 Stellar only" trick...
- Too few Amiga users around... (4+1 Amigas at the party!!)
- Organisers didn't payed the competiton prices at the party.

   This for the organisers: Notice Amiga scene better in the next year!!

    I, Karpow, send My party greeting to the Amiga people at the party:

                       Abduction 1995 Amiga organisers
               Akiro, Dr.Poop, Mare, Carebear, Darkelf, DeeJay,
               Nose, Daeron, The funky ice-cream machine posse,
        Clone I.D, Credo, Zenon posse and all which I have forgetten.

            Special Greetings to the Pc group: ILLUMINATIVE 303!!