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          T H E     P A R T Y     I I I     C O M P E T I T I O N

The votings are counted 3 points for first place, 2 points for second 
place, 1 point for third place. A total of 1612 Votings disks were entered.

Due to a screwup in the voting program, (you would vote for PC Demo 1 if 
you did not vote for it) the demo's were showed starting numbered from 2 up.
The results you see here may not resemble other Party review votings entirely, 
this is because the votes cast to this non-existing demo are not taken into 

A total of voting points were cast on this non-existing demo, this
gives us some interesting informations.  Out of the 1612 voters, ñ600 did 
not vote for the PC Demo's.  

In the Gfx Competitions, the pictures from Maestro/S!P and Pl/Imphobia 
haven't been taken in count due to some errors of the Amiga organiser..

Demo Competition Results

1. Dust         Untitled 
2. S!P          The Good, the bad and the ugly 
3. Infiny       Cardiac 

Intro Competition Results

1. Cyboman      Gazebo 
2. 8192         The Svilit two 
3. Black Zone   Masque 

Gfx Competition Results

1. Alex         Alex/Movement 
2. zebig        Razor1911
3. Windows      Gore/Future Crew

Modules Competition Results

1. Zodiak/Cascada 
2. Trap 
3. Lizardking/Triton