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Results from the Saturne Party (4 & 5 September 93) - Chelles (FRANCE)

- Music (49 modules in compo)

-1- Jazz/Experience
-2- Monty/Analog
-3- Psynomix/Intense

- Gfx on A1200 (9 pictures in compo)

-1- Troyan
-2- KSS/The End
-3- Elf/Intense

- Gfx on A500 (42 pictures in compo)

-1- Suny /Movement
-2- Ra/Sanity
-3- Elf/Intense
-4- Bad/Arkham
-5- Walt/Melon Dezign

- Intro on A500 (8 intros in compo)

-1- Angels - 'Destroy Fascim'
-2- Cryptoburners - 'Flan'
-3- Intense

- Demo on A1200 (3 demos in compo)

-1- Oops/Movement - 'Kid'

- Demo on A500 (10 demos in compo)

-1- Nova
-2- Syntex - 'Aluminium'
-3- Intense

People: 366, a lot of elite people as Sanity, Scoopex, Melon Dezign, Angels
        Movement, TSB, Digital, Majic 12, Trance, Stellar, Syntex, Intense,
        Outlaws, Analog, Cryptoburners, Dreamdealers, Eremation, Mentasm, Iris,
Food: Correct with Sandwiches, Pizzas and drinks at a very low prize !!!
Organization: Very Great !!! Some faults because it was the 1st time, but if
              Saturne will held another party next year, we could think that
              it will be excellent... Hope they 'll try to reorganize one !!!
One word about the music compo: they (12 guyz taken among the party) selected
              10 modules but not the best because the 12 guyz seems to not
              understand what was a good music so some guyz weren't selected
              as Baby/Union, Killerman/Majic12, Liszt/Majic12, Memorys/Ivory,
              Moby & Ra/Sanity, Chrylian/Dreamdealers and others...
Competition in general: the level was a bit low but some great release as
              'Kid' from Movement, 'Destroy Fascim' from Angels, 'Flan' from
               Cryptoburners, 'Aluminium' from Syntex... And some great gfx
               as usually some great french graphists: Ra/Sanity, Suny/Mvt,
               Walt/Melon Dezign...

All this infos are given by Napoleon (Swapper Independant)... You can use all
this infos for your mag or something else but don't forget me in the credits!

And please note that i didn't join Ivory as some guys think, because i don't
want, ok !!! So i'm still independant and proud to be it !!!

You can contact me at the following address: - Napoleon -
                                             -  BP  56  -
                                      - F.13153 TARASCON CEDEX -
                                             -  FRANCE  -
For all infos, stuffs about the Saturne party or simply for an elite swapping!
Coders can send me their own prods to spread them over the world !!!

Some hellos to some friends meet at the party: Shadow/Stellar & Tragedy,
Serval/Trance, Vodka/TSB, Ninja/Angels, Sniper & Bross/TSB, Chris/Iris,
Ether & Heinz/Saturne, all in Mentasm, all in Corpse,, all in Ivory,
Ra/Sanity, Killerman & Liszt/M12, Bad/Ex-Arkham, some guyz in Arkham,
Sync/Dreamdealers, Pib/Sanity, Nam/Movement, Spartakus, all in Eremation,
and a lot of others that i can't remember now !!!