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29-31.05  The Computer Crossroads 93.
TCC93 was held at the Swedish Exhibition Center (Svenska Mässan) in
Gothenburg, Sweden by Light (c64), Horizon (c64), Digital Illusions/The
Silents (amiga), Phenomena (amiga), Cascada (pc), The CodeBlasters (pc),
Electra (atari) and Omega (atari). 1600 people showed up, making it the
biggest swedish meeting of its kind upto that time. There was plenty of
press present, and reports were shown on all major swedish television
channels (SVT1, TV3, TV4). There were also radio stations and newspapers
reporting from the party. A cafeteria operated around-the-clock to bring
food and drink to the partygoers. It was allowed to sleep inside the hall,
though a special sleeping area was also available. Kyd/Balle Productions
(from the danish section of The Silents) gave their second concert,
following the one at christmas last year in Denmark. The party was first
announced on paper flyers at The Party 92 in december the previous year.
  The pc compo machine was a 486-33. Extreme's pc demo was shown without
sound since it required a D/A at LPT1, and the arrangers could not find one
compatible with their sound system. These results are very incomplete, so
obviously - I'm looking for everything I don't have :) Thanks to Graham/
Oxyron for help with the c64 results.

· PC results from the Shock! Party Results Pack 5.0.
· Results and info from report in Imphobia's "Imphobia issue #6" (pc).
· Results from "Sky High #5" (c64), thanks to Graham/Oxyron.
· Information from article in Future Crew's "Worldcharts issue #1" (pc).
· Information from preinvitation published in Ozone's "Skyhigh #1" (c64).

invit   The Silents "CC93 Invitation" (amiga).
        Cascada "TCCIntro" (pc).
        The CodeBlasters "TCCIntro 2" (pc, updated).

amdemo  1.  Rage "Alchemy".
        2.  Virtual Dreams "Illusion".
        3.  Melon Dezign "How to Skin a Cat".
        4.  Vomit "World of Confusion".
        5.  Kefrens "D.A.N.E".
        6.  Nemol "Boundless World".
        7.  Circle "Sometimes I Wish I Was Famous".
        8.  Oxygen "We Believe".
        9.  Defiance "Shangri La".
        10. Equinox "The Beast of Prey".

amgfx   1.  Serpent/Carnage.
        2.  R.W.O/Kefrens.
        3.  Devilstar "Tommy._By_Devilstar".
        6.  MRK "Obelix".
        xx. Aggression "Pyha_Kolminaisuus".
        xx. Electron/Reflex "Electron_Twibill.iff".
        xx. Foxx "BiomechanicsOS_Foxx93.pic".
        xx. Icebyte/Equinox "Covergirl".
        xx. Jaco/Virtual Dreams "Be_My_Siren.IFF".
        xx. Jocke "Wizard.iff".
        xx. JTF/Exceed "Cyber-Mouse".
        xx. Midas "Ruler of the Seven Skies".
        xx. Phantom/Orbital "WASTELAND_BY_PHANTOM".
        xx. Solder Duce "Extend".
        xx. ??? "Siren Song".

ammusic 1.  Probe/Razor 1911 "Netherworld".
        2.  ALF/Virtual "No Mercy".
        3.  Misty and Daeron/Shining "Reverie of Truth".
        xx. Avenger/Equinox "Passage To Paradise".
        xx. Chorus & Sid/Quartz "Imaginations".
        xx. Slaze/Defiance "Total Eclipse".
        xx. Some1 & Prime/Circle.

pcdemo  1.  Triton "Crystal Dream 2".
        2.  Extreme "Lunatic".
        3.  Yodel "Mayday".
        4.  Surprise! Productions "Unleashed Power".
        xx. Binary Poets "Bip 4 the Future".
        xx. Keen Like Frogs "Greentro".
        xx. Noice "30 sek".

pcgfx   1.  Mistake/Darkzone.
        2.  Andreas Hejdenberg.
        3.  Skyhawk/Azazel-TGS.

64demo  1.  Censor Design "Wonderland X".
        2.  Booze Design "Totally Stoned 2".
        3.  Antic "Lunacy 7".
        4.  Noice "Imse Vimse Get".
        5.  Oxyron "Coma Light 10 - Vector Light".
        6.  Topaz Beerline "Graveyard Blues 3".
        7.  Illusion "Rashomon".
        8.  Fairlight "Runemania".
        9.  Digital Designs "Jerkland".

64gfx   1.  Joe/Antic.
        2.  Creeper/Antic.
        3.  Electric/Extend.
        4.  Dragon/Censor Design.
        5.  Death/Topaz Beerline/MSA.
        6.  Black Samurai/Camelot.
        7.  Dane/Twilight.
        8.  Ogami/Fairlight.
        9.  Tmt/Wrath Designs.
        10. Tgi/Paralyze.
        11. Jason/Twilight.
        12. Mehlhirn/Ultimate.
        13. Biz Kid/Oxyron.
        14. RRR/Oxyron.
        15. Luka/Excess.
        16. Stasi/Noice.

64music 1.  ED/Wrath Design
        2.  Ratpoison/Noice.
        3.  Fozzie/Gothic Design.
        4.  Zyron/Antic "HZ/Lightparty".
        5.  Matrix/NB.
        6.  Pri/The Imperium Arts (TIA).
        7.  2Flower/TWT.
        8.  Sandman/MU.
        9.  Thor/Extend.
        10. Decoder/Noice
        11. Chock/MNX.
        12. Argon/Extend.
        13. Zakk/Liquid
        14. Danko/Censor Design.
        15. Odysseus.
        16. Mrg & Age.

atdemo  1.  Inner Circuit Explorers (ICE) "Ecstasy".
        2.  Aggression "Braindamage".
        3.  Yoghurt "Stig 3".
        xx. Dead Hackers Society "The Computer Crossroad" (disq, crashed).

other   Anal Intruders "The Analist" (amiga demo).
        Anathema "Imbassile #3" (amiga musicdisk).
        GNU Design "Skizzo Demo II" (amiga demo).
        Nemesis-Spirit "Intro" (amiga 40k).
        Noxious "Chip'n'Dip" (amiga musicdisk).
        Orient "Intro" (amiga intro).
        Oxyron "Once Upon A Time" (c64 demo).
        Sagazity "Contrast" (amiga demo).
        Sceptic "Optical Illusions" (amiga demo).
        The Imperium Arts "Zakplayer 4.0" (c64 musicdisk).

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