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                   assembly '92
 PC compo results 

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 70% of Future Crew


PSI and Pixel having
   a little shuteye


   Sonic PC and
               Was it all just wasted

               The original party was held in Kauniainen (a
               neighbouring city of Helsinki, the capital of
               Finland). The place was Karakallion koulu (a
               school that is). 

               The nick name "Was it all just WASTED
               TIME?" came from the Rebel's headquarters
               BBS, called Wasted Time and operated by
               Storm / Rebels.

               Back then, Amigas and C64s ruled the world
               and Atari ST was still a competent demo
               machine. But to make demos with a PC? That
               was still something new and definitely so
               akward that almost every amiga demoscener
               laughed their asses off when seeing PC

               ASSEMBLY '92 was the first attempt to create
               a big scale demoparty in Finland. Big scale
               means over few hundred visitors were in the
               plans. And ASM '92 was a hit with over 700

               To some ASM'92 remains as the raw essence
               of demoparties. A lot of screw ups, power
               failures, terrible cafeteria, no air conditioning
               etc. BUT there was more than a LOT of real
               spirit. The PC demo compo had four or five
               entries, among them Unreal from Future Crew,
               Hysteric Overload from Hysteria and a demo
               from Sonic PC. Unreal got about 30 votes and
               Hysteria's demo about 4. BTW, when Unreal
               was showed to the Amiga people, there were
               only two parts where people applauded: the
               wormhole and landscape parts.

               As for the Amiga part, the party was a
               success with good demos featuring
               completely new effects. But for the Amiga
               organizer who was supposed to code a voting
               system... Well, the bloke was too drunk to
               code anything but pink elephants. So the
               voting was done (as what become a tradition
               for a while) with paper.

               The main organizer back then was Meegosh /
               Movement (back then from Rebels), Rebels
               was the main organizing team and on the PC
               Future Crew did their best to hold the
               competitions (which naturally went as
               smoothly as you can imagine =)). After the
               party, Meegosh was some exhausted that he
               promised never to again organize a party. But
               we did see his return at ASM '93.